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About Us

Shh Mom’s Reading is a book blog run by two Moms who find their sanity in books. We love to share our reviews and passion for wonderful stories and engaging characters with others. We truly enjoy helping authors and publishers spread the word.

About Christine

I have been an avid reader since early childhood.  My fondest memories are of my cousins and I sun bathing on the roof of my Aunt’s house in San Jose, CA reading books throughout the summer.  I have been reviewing books actively online since 2012.  I love to talk about what I am reading and promote the books I fall in love with.  I review each book that I read honestly and write about my feelings and thoughts on each book.  A number of friends have read books they normally would not have based solely on my reviews.  I am a stay at home mother of three wonderful children.  When I am not reading, you can find me at the ice hockey rink or gymnastics class or with a glass of wine hiding from the endless calling of “MOM!” while reading a book. I have been doing PR for authors since 2012. I have also recently completed a Copy Editing Certificate Program with UCSD Extension and am currently taking on proofreading projects. Please contact me for quotes and more information.

About Denise

I am small business owner, wife and mom to two active boys who both play travel ice hockey. Reading brings an escape from the crazy and pressures of life and provides time to re-energize. Too often we all get tied up in what must get done and don’t take “me” time, or worse, carry guilt for the “me” time. As Moms, we should keep in mind that our kids see us enjoying and engaged in a book, albeit an e-book, which sets a wonderful example to them. So read, read whatever keeps you compelled and engaged; even if the storyline can’t always be shared with everyone…. if anyone asks you’re reading “a love story”.

Unfortunately, it has recently come to our attention that other bloggers have chosen to use a name or logo that is the same or very similar to our name and logo.  Shh, Mom’s Reading is not affiliated with in any way, nor does it endorse, any blogs using a confusingly similar name, logo or likeness to our blog. While we support our fellow book bloggers, we also believe in the protection of our intellectual property and work product, and intend to protect our name and logo to fullest extent of the law.

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