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Austin to Kitt from Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander


Austin sat back, his legs kicked up, his booted feet crossed on the porch banister as he watched Kitt worked Hooch in the corral a few hundred feet away. A cold snap in mid February had Austin huddled inside his Carthartt jacket. The dark Stetson cowboy hat Kitt had given Austin for Christmas rested snuggly on his head. The crisp breeze was all but forgotten, much like the latest script he had promised to read that now rested untouched in his lap. He stared openly, lost in Kitt’s world, acting like the man he was – a man deeply in love. On impulse, he flipped the pages back until he found a clean piece of paper. He’d never written a love letter before, but tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and he needed to try to convey the depth of emotion pouring through him.

My Love,

Here’s my most sincere attempt at a love letter.

From the first moment I saw you, you changed my life forever. Everything inside me had to have you and nothing has changed after all this time. It’s not only the small fortune I’ve spent supplying you with Andrew Christian underwear, but also in the fact I’m lazing here on this porch – our porch – with the cold winter breeze blowing, all because I can’t seem to keep my eyes off you.

You’re everything to me, Kitt. You carry my heart and hold my soul. Even now, as you have your head bent forward talking quietly to Hooch, all bundled up from head to toe, all I can think about is how I want you to whisper those loving words in my ear. How I want you to gently put your hands on me. Just like Hooch, I wait for you to turn your attention my way. I always have.

I can’t imagine my life without you. Just your touch sets my world right. Every time I see your silly, crooked grin, my heart still skips a beat. I love you, Kitt. I love everything about you and I pray every day nothing ever takes me away from you. I want us growing old together. You and me, right here on this land, forever. I never want to know a day without you.

I think I took this for granted and I shouldn’t have. Be my Valentine? And I’m claiming my right to be your Valentine for the rest of our lives.

All my love,


The sounds of booted steps crossing the porch had Austin looking up, surprised to see Kitt coming toward him. Austin smiled, letting the top pages of the clipboard fall over his letter. Kitt’s eyes were on him as he pulled his battered work gloves off and tucked them in his pockets. That was when Austin noticed the bulge in Kitt’s wranglers. All that hot, cowboy strut was coming straight for him.


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