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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Fall For Me (The Rock Gods #1) by Ann Lister

Posted on 12 August, 2013 by in Ann Lister, Blog Tours, Giveaways / 3 comments


Today we welcome Ann Lister to our blog as she celebrates her new book Fall For Me!

Check out our dual review from Kim and Denise below. There is also a chance to win some amazing giveaways – good luck!!!


And if thats not all…..Enjoy an ENTIRE Chapter Teaser of Take What You Want, book 2 of The Rock Gods Series below!


Entertainment journalist, Ryan Pierce, meets the infamous bad-boy rocker, Dagger Drummond, and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music world on its ear. Exposing the story would boost Ryan’s career, but it would also come with the risk of ruining Dagger’s privacy – and possibly his Rock God status.

The unlikely friendship that develops between Dagger and Ryan brings Ryan to question more than just his journalistic oath to report the news. It also forces him to take a look at himself and newly discovered feelings – feelings that make Ryan blind to the risk of becoming front page news himself.

Will Ryan find the courage to make a life decision to give himself true happiness with Dagger or take the path that would likely lead to heartbreak and destroy his career forever?

*This novel is intended for Adult 18+ due to explicit language and sex scenes*


Kim’s 5 STAR Review
The author provided me an ARC of Fall For Me in exchange for an honest review ~ I knew a little bit about the book from the synopsis, of course, and I knew it was M/M romance which is a genre I read and enjoy! What I didn’t expect how quickly I would fall in love with both Ryan & Dagger I could’ve..

Ryan Pierce is a journalist for a music magazine in LA. His assignment was to interview Dagger Drummond the sexy lead singer for Black Ice ~ a chart topping, award winning rock band! Dagger is a sexy, sensual, playboy that women absolutely would KILL to be with. Can you imagine…

oh yes, nothing sexier than a man with a low slung guitar ~ What Ryan doesn’t expect when he arrives at Dagger’s tour bus is the scene that’s presented before him. I know I would’ve been…

but outside of that Dagger took one look at Ryan and felt a pull for him ~ a need for him ~ and Ryan well he took in EVERY and detail about Dagger and that just further made him think…

him. He couldn’t figure out why he was noticing thinks about Dagger that he never had paid attention to with another man before. Dagger’s sexual preferences are not public knowledge and he doesn’t trust easily and surely doesn’t trust the media. Ryan well he bats for the other team and Dagger knows this ~ Ryan’s last relationship with his ex-girlfriend and now best friend Beth had ended a couple years before after four years together ~ according to Beth something was missing and Ryan didn’t have a clue what that was. Dagger strikes up a friendship with Ryan via late night phone calls and texting and throughout this I had one big fat…

Ryan starts to question everything that he knew about himself and why he was attracted to Dagger. He tries to deny his feelings and the attraction and I just had to ….

the heart knows what it wants! It was painful to watch Ryan struggle to come to terms with what was going on. It was also funny to watch Dagger drop little innuendos from time to time I just had to..

but when that first …

happens ~ well that’s all she wrote folks! Not literally! I loved watching the friendship develop while at the same time watching Dagger & Ryan falling for each other. The hot steamy scenes were exactly that and so tastefully written. I loved that Ryan felt it was “right” to be with Dagger! I also adored Beth who Ryan confides everything in ~ well except WHO this man is, and the advise she provides him. See NO one knows Dagger is gay ~ He is known for the number of groupies he has been with that’s public knowledge ~ the men he’s been with NO ONE knows cause he’s afraid that it would ruin the image of the band. So Ryan & Dagger’s relationship is a “secret”.

A perceived betrayal had me…

so heart breaking when it all went down. The “secrets” that Dagger revealed to Ryan ~ the aftermath well I was freaking..

it just killed me all because of a certain person who I wanted to..

it was a highly emotional time for both men. It was a part of the book where I just had to..

A reconciliation had me totally…

it was AMAZING! Dagger’s emotionally damaged and to watch him come to terms with his past and forgive had me…

Dagger had it so right when he said ~

“You have to try,” Dagger said. “The only way this is going to work is if we communicate to each other.”

Boy truer words have never been spoken and maybe that’s why their relationship was strong because they weren’t “chicks” and they actually talked to one another! My favorite quote in the ENTIRE book is when the Author said:

“discover what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels ~ simply love.”

and that is exactly what Fall For Me is about. It’s powerful love story about accepting who you are and finding what you’ve been missing In your life sometimes in the most unsuspecting of places.

This emotional story is a journey of two beautiful, creative men finding the one thing they’ve always wanted and for one in the last place he thought!!!! Totally…

Ann you ROCK!

Fall For Me is 5++++ read for me. A love story that knows no bounds and has no labels. An emotional journey into lives of two beautiful creative men who find each other exactly when they were meant to do so!

I highly recommend Fall For Me which is the first book in the Rock God series ~ a series that will feature some of the characters seen in Fall For Me ~ each of them emotionally damaged and each of them looking for LOVE~


Denise’s 4 STAR Review
What is coming out? Is it admitting it to yourself or admitting it to your family or admitting it to the world?

Fall for Me tells the story of Ryan Pierce, an entertainment journalist, and bad-boy rocker Dagger Drummond.

When the book opens Ryan is a man, a straight man set to interview an infamous rocker, a womanizer, a partier, all the images you get in your head about a rocker Dagger appears to be all those things and more.

Well image is not always what is appears, Dagger is a man portraying what he thinks the world needs to see in order for him to make music for a living.

Ryan and Dagger develop a friendship, one that on the onset seems very unlikely given that Ryan could with one phone call or a few key strokes on his computer or with a single social media interaction ruin all that Dagger has created.

The force pulling these two together is believable to the reader and you can feel the attraction and likely even before Ryan is willing to admit you will be screaming hello you belong with Dagger.

Ms. Lister uses very real dialogue to bond these two, beyond the sexual banter, Dagger loving it and Ryan being uncomfortable, there is real use of back story and untold stories that truly connect these two to each other.

I really enjoyed the use of Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, her counsel and friendship to Ryan was wonderful and Dagger’s at first jealous response was wonderful.

Oh the sex….. experiencing Ryan open himself up to Dagger, allowing himself to just feel was wonderful…. the scenes are yes steamy but the author also layered in emotions and not just the connection these two feel but also the internal struggle Ryan is having with much of what is developing.

This was my first book by this author and I was impressed with her writing, I did find the story at least for me a bit predictable but that does not mean I did not enjoy it. Because I did, I have referenced it to our M/M readers and Ryan is a character that will stick with me.

I truly enjoyed that Ms. Lister did not go the traditional rocker route and built stories for the other band members, she used Zander a man in another band to connect Dagger to the music industry. Oh and Yes I am so excited for Zander’s story next.

If you enjoy M/M readers you will enjoy Ryan and Dagger journey to a happy that does not come easy for either of them.

Chapter Teaser of Take What You Want, book 2 of The Rock Gods Series

Chapter Four

Chase opened the latch on the gate leading into the pool area and started walking across the lawn and then the patio stones as he made his way toward the back of the main house.  The sliding glass door was open into the kitchen.  Chase could hear Alex inside preparing something and climbed the stairs to the door.  He tapped on the glass door panel with his knuckle and saw Alex cutting up a cucumber, then tossing it into a large ceramic salad bowl filled with lettuce and tomatoes.
“Hey, right on time,” Alex said, waving him inside.  “I just made a pitcher of margaritas, or if you prefer, I have an assortment of beer in the refrigerator.”
“Margarita sounds good,” Chase said.  He watched Alex run a fresh lime around the rim of the glass and dip the wet edge into a small bowl of salt.  After setting the glass upright on the counter-top he poured the frozen cocktail mixture into it and handed it to Chase.
“Here’s to new friends,” Alex said, saluting him with his own drink.
Chase took a sip and regarded Alex over the rim of his glass.  Alex wore an untucked white, linen shirt, partially unbuttoned to show off his chest, and a pair of navy blue shorts that fell just above the knee.  He looked loose and relaxed; which was more than Chase could say about himself.
“How was your afternoon?” Alex asked.  He moved behind Chase to the stainless steel Sub-Zero refrigerator and pulled out a tray of fresh cut vegetables with a bowl of dip in the center of it.
Chase caught a nice whiff of Alex’s cologne as he passed.  It smelled like sandalwood or something else similarly exotic.  The scent swirled in Chase’s head and started to do funny things to his senses.  “I did a lot of driving around,” Chase said.  “But it looks like you’ve been stuck working in the kitchen.”
Alex laughed.  “I’m on the road a lot,” he said, “So, when I’m home, I like to cook, but I hate cooking for myself.”
“I hear you,” Chase said.  “When Danni’s away, I tend to eat in town or get take-out.  Cooking for one sucks.”
“This was easy and took very little time,” Alex said.  “Except for the last hour, I was writing most of the day.”
“Writing?” Chase asked.
“I write the music and lyrics for most of our songs,” Alex said.  “When the band goes on hiatus, I go into lock down to create new material.”  Alex handed his margarita glass to Chase.  “If you’ll take that for me, I’ll carry the tray,” he said, and started walking outside to the dining area beside the pool.
Alex set the tray onto the glass-topped table and sat down in a chair.  He motioned for Chase to take the chair next to him and loaded up a baby carrot with the dip before popping it into his mouth.
“This last tour was a real ball buster for us – especially me,” Alex said.  “It’s hard to focus on your job when your private life is cut open in the media for everyone to watch bleed.”
Chase shook his head.  “I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like.”
“I survived,” Alex said.  “Point is, after what we all went through we seriously needed this break to rejuvenate ourselves.  What Dagger went through was far worse.”
“Dagger Drummond?” Chase asked.
“He’s a friend of mine,” Alex said, dipping a cucumber wedge into the ranch dressing dip and plopping it into his mouth.  “Being forced out of the closet like that, nearly killed him.  He broke up with his boyfriend and went into hiding.  I was concerned he might not bounce back from it.”
“Did he?” Chase asked.
“Yeah, thankfully he came back stronger than before,” Alex said.  “He got his career back on track and worked things out with his man.  Last I heard, they were talking about getting married.”  Alex said.  “I’m hoping to get an invite to their nuptials, but considering the dude I was hooking up with was responsible for Dagger’s heartache, I’d understand if I didn’t.”
“That wasn’t your fault, was it?” Chase asked.
“Indirectly, it was,” Alex said.  “I put my man in the path of his and that enabled the story to be written.  I take responsibility for that part of it and I had a long talk with Dagger afterward.  It’s cool between us now.  I’m going to have them out here for a visit sometime this summer.”
“Dagger Drummond and his boyfriend, here?”
“Yeah, why not?  The lease agreement didn’t say anything about me not having guests.”
“I didn’t mean to make it sound like that.  Guests are fine,” Chase said, and then he smiled.  “Zander Metcalf and Dagger Drummond here is… pretty fucking cool.”
“I take it you’re a fan?” Alex chuckled.  “I’ll tell you what, if Dagger does visit I’ll be sure to introduce you.”
Alex was quiet for a long moment, almost as if he were reliving the media smearing he’d endured in his head.  His face took on a faraway reflective expression and Chase felt something tighten in his chest.
“I’m glad you were able to work things out with Dagger,” Chase finally said.
Alex looked up at Chase and smiled warmly.  “Lesson learned,” he said.  “I’ll be a lot more careful who I spend my time with from now on.”
Alex moved to the outside grilling station and ignited the burners, then reached below to the mini refrigerator unit and pulled out a platter with two huge porterhouse steaks marinating in a sauce that made Chase hum his appreciation.
“Smell good from over there?” Alex asked with a smile in his voice.
Chase nervously stood up and approached Alex at the grill.  He watched him setting things up; making sure the spices he’d need were handy and the utensils ready, too.
“Can I do anything to help?” Chase asked.
“Nope,” Alex said.  “You’re my guest and you’re supposed to relax.”  Alex ran an appreciative eye over Chase from head to toe.  “Although, you don’t look relaxed.  Do you need another drink?”
“I’m already feeling the first one,” Chase said.  “Are you trying to get me drunk?”
“Would being drunk relax you?” Alex asked.
Chase turned away.  “I don’t know.”
Alex stretched around Chase’s waist to grab the long-handled tongs to set the steaks onto the hot grill.  The back of his hand dragged across Chase’s hip and Chase flinched.  Alex steadied him by touching both his hips; sinking the pads of his fingers into him.
“Sorry about that,” Alex said into the bend of Chase’s neck.
Chase rubbed at his forehead and grinned.  The spark of heat he felt from Alex’s touch had him coming unglued.  He was sweating and Alex looked annoyingly composed, like this was nothing for him.  In truth, it probably wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for Alex.  He probably hit on men all the time and watching Chase squirm from his overt flirting was most likely nothing more than entertainment for him.
This was flirting, wasn’t it?  Chase shook off the thought and saw Alex lay the steaks across the hot grates.  The sizzling sound coming from the searing meat and the aromas of herbs and spices that followed were wonderful.  It made his mouth water.  Chase watched the steaks cooking for a long moment until Alex broke his trance.
“Does your girlfriend know about you?” Alex asked.
“She knows I’m having dinner with you,” Chase said.
Alex ran a hand over the neatly trimmed hair on his chin.  He seemed to be wrestling with his words and now he was the one who seemed uncomfortable.  He used the tongs to flip the steaks, then glanced at Chase.  “I think you know what I mean, Chase.  My gaydar certainly isn’t a hundred percent, but it’s usually pretty damn accurate.”
Chase walked back to the table and reached for his drink.  He emptied the glass in one long swallow, then took the pitcher and refilled it.
“So, does she know?” Alex asked again, looking over his shoulder at Chase.
Another awkward silence settled between them.  Chase kept his back to Alex, as he swirled the slushy cocktail around in his glass.
“Am I crossing a line by asking, Chase?  If so, then, tell me to mind my own fucking business and I’ll let it go.”
Chase gave Alex a weak nod.  “We’ve talked a little bit about it.”  My God, had he just admitted the biggest secret of his life – out loud, and to a man he hardly knew?  He felt dizzy and knew the alcohol couldn’t be blamed for it.
Alex came back to the table.  He refilled his own glass and stood next to Chase, close enough their arms almost touched.  Chase could feel the heat of the man seeping into him; igniting tiny fires beneath his skin.
“Have you ever acted on it?” Alex asked in a soft voice.
“No,” Chase said.  He answered the question much quicker and louder than he probably should have because it came off sounding more like he was downplaying the idea of it, as if it repulsed him.
“Hey, I’m certainly not judging,” Alex said.  “I’d be congratulating you if you’d said yes.”
“It’ll never happen,” Chase said, and shook his head.
“But, you’re curious about it, aren’t you?” Alex asked.
Chase looked at him; frustration furrowed the space between his eyebrows.  He was beginning to think his decision to have dinner with Alex was a very bad idea.  He started pondering different ways he could politely bow out of their evening and go back to his cottage where it was quiet – and safe.  Maybe if Danni called he could use that excuse to go home?  But, what would he be going home to, he asked himself, to spend the next several hours alone with his thoughts?  That was a hell he really didn’t need.
“Hey, I don’t mean to pry into your private shit, Chase,” Alex said.  “But, I’ve been where you are.  I know all about the inner struggles and the sleepless nights; the boners that won’t go away no matter how many times you fuck your girlfriend.”  Alex chuckled at his last comment, then got serious again.  “I’ve often wondered if it might’ve been easier for me to acknowledge my bi-side if I’d had someone to talk to back then, you know, someone to help me figure things out.”  Alex looked at Chase and waited for Chase’s eyes to lift.  “If you need to talk, I’m happy to listen,” Alex said with sincerity.  He walked to the grill carrying his drink with him and set it on the counter-top.  He adjusted the steaks again and looked back at Chase, still staring at his drink.
“Can I ask how long you’ve been…curious?” Alex asked.
Chase raised the glass to his lips and took another gulp from it.  “Long as I can remember.”
“Is your girl okay with it?”
“I don’t know,” Chase said.  “The one conversation we had was brief and then she flew to Colorado.”
“This just happened?” Alex asked.
“Yeah, she caught me on the computer last week,” Chase said.  He winced after the words left his mouth.
Alex smiled.  “Ahhh, watching gay porn,” he said.  “The internet is a wonderful playground for the curious – and for those of us that are well beyond the curious stage, too.”
Chase laughed, and for the first time since he arrived, he began to relax.
“Steaks are done,” Alex said.  “I’ll go get the salad and we can eat.”
Alex disappeared into the house and returned with the salad bowl and two baked potatoes.  Chase helped him arrange the food on the table and the two of them began eating.  Chase cut into his steak and moaned his appreciation.
“This is absolute perfection,” Chase said, slowly chewing the bite he had in his mouth.
“I wasn’t lying when I said I could grill a decent steak,” Alex said.  He finished his salad and spooned more onto his plate, drizzling dressing over the greens.  He took a few bites and swallowed, then slid back in his chair; folding his hands in his lap.  “I should have acted on the fantasy sooner than I did, but I was scared of getting caught,” Alex said.  “I wasted a lot of time and needlessly stressed myself out.”
“How old were you?” Chase asked in a low voice.
“I kissed a guy when I was a junior in high school and thought it was pretty cool, but then I ignored the urge to do it again for years.  Repression like that isn’t healthy.”
“Is that your best advice?” Chase asked.  He tried to smile, but the emotion didn’t reach his eyes.
Alex nodded.  “I’ve got all kinds of wisdom for you, if you’re interested.”
“What made you finally… act on it?” Chase asked.
“Really wanna to know?” Alex asked, his lips lifting in a playful grin.
“Yeah, I think I do,” Chase said.
“I was too drunk to worry about what anyone thought,” Alex said.  “It was early on in the band history and one night after a show we all went back to our hotel suite to party.  There must have been about twenty of us, guys and girls, and everyone is getting shitfaced, and I mean shitfaced.  Then the girls started taking off their clothes and that’s when things took a nose dive on the debauchery scale.  It turned into an orgy, with one large, tangled mass of flesh writhing on the floor, the couches, any surface you could fuck on, and it was being used.  After a while, I passed out on the floor and woke up later when I felt a hand stroking my cock.  I opened my eyes and realized it was a guy that worked on our road crew – a guy I sort of had a thing for, so this turn of events didn’t upset me too much.  It took me a minute to realize he wasn’t jerking me by mistake and so I happily went with it.  We stayed on the floor for a while and then found an empty bedroom in the back of the suite to finish what we started.  After that, I never looked back.  I liked what I liked and I made no apologies for it, but I’ve always done my best to live my life in private, until recently.  My close friends knew I was bi and others like Dagger did, too, because he’s also into dudes, but other than that, I kept that part of my life behind closed doors.”
“That’s a good story,” Chase said.  He cut another piece of steak and put it into his mouth.
“How long have you been with Danni?” Alex asked.
“Over four years.”
“There’s a lot of history between you, two,” Alex said.  “Do you love her?”
“Of course,” Chase said.  “She has everything I ever wanted.”
“Except a dick,” Alex said.
Chase nearly choked on his food, managed to swallow it, then washed it down with more of his margarita.  “I’m glad you find humor in this,” he said.
“Just so we’re clear, I’m not laughing at you,” Alex said.  “Our lives are very similar, Chase.  I’m proof you can figure out a way to make it work and survive.”
“How do you see our lives being similar?” Chase laughed.  “Is it because Danni and I host regular weekend orgies?”
“If you do, I want an invite to the next one,” Alex said.  “I’ll even bring the lube.”
“How generous of you,” Chase said, his face starting to ache from all the smiling.  He finished his steak and potato and pushed the plate in front of him.  He rubbed his over-stuffed stomach.  The feeling of fullness went beyond the food.  It was Alex and the warmth of camaraderie that hung between them, like they shared something no one else could possibly understand.  It wasn’t until Alex asked the question that he realized he was staring at him.
“Do any of your friend’s know?” Alex asked.
The sound of Alex’s voice drew Chase out of his trance.  He drew in a long breath.  “That sort of information doesn’t sit well with most men,” Chase said.  “My friends would probably run me off the island if they knew.”
“It’s disturbing to think opinions like that still exist in this day and age,” Alex said.  “I’m sorry you’ve had no one to confide in before now.  I know from experience what a difficult secret this is to live with.”
Chase shrugged.  “It doesn’t bother me.”
“I think it does,” Alex said.  “I think it bothers you a lot, and that’s why you don’t want anyone to know.”  Alex drained his drink and set the glass down on the table in front of his empty plate.  “Fear can suffocate you, Chase, and prevent you from living.”
“I am living life,” Chase said.  “Danni and I are getting married next year and I’m happy.  What more is there?”
“The other half of yourself,” Alex said.  “You’re only allowing half of yourself to live and the other half – the half you think you need to hide, is clawing at your insides to get out.”
“It’s not as easy as you make it sound.”
“I never said it was easy, Chase.  Life isn’t meant to be easy, but you should live it honestly – at least be honest with yourself and Danni.”  Alex stood up and started collecting their empty plates from the table.  Chase stood up with him to help and Alex pressed his shoulder to the firm muscle of Chase’s arm.  He waited until Chase met his gaze before he spoke.  “This isn’t a life choice, like suddenly waking up one day and deciding you want to be a vegetarian.  This is part of who you are; who you were born to be.  It’s only a negative if you allow it to be one.”
Chase carried an armload of the dishes inside with Alex and set them on the granite counter-top beside the sink  “Want me to rinse them before they go into the dishwasher?”
“No, I want you to leave them where they are and do a shot with me,” Alex said.  He removed a bottle of Petron from a cabinet and two shot glasses and started walking back out by the pool.  Chase followed Alex and stood beside him at the table where they’d eaten their dinner.
“You drank the margaritas, so I guess it’s safe to say you like tequila,” Alex said.
Chase’s head was already fuzzy from what he’d consumed before and during dinner; couldn’t even remember the exact number of times he’d refilled his glass.  The idea of doing shots with Alex on top of everything else made him nervous.
“I’m getting pretty drunk,” Chase said.  “I should probably head home before I get stupid.”
“Stupid how?” Alex asked, arching one eyebrow.  He filled both shot glasses and lifted one to his mouth, tossed the liquid into the back of his throat, and set the empty glass onto the table.
Chase didn’t say anything.  He stood there mindlessly staring at Alex with glassy-eyed wonder.  He watched Alex throw his head back and do the shot, wipe his lips off with the back of his hand, then Alex met his gaze and stepped closer.  They were almost the same height, putting them eye to eye; Alex’s chest a few sparse inches from pressing into Chase’s.  Chase had never let a man stand this close to him, so why was he allowing Alex into his personal space like this?
Chase felt the warmth of Alex’s fingers fan over the soft hairs of his forearm, then slide up to curl around the tight muscle of his bicep.  A burst of heat shot through him, like a blast of adrenaline that went straight to his cock.  He tried to get his feet to move backward and they wouldn’t.  He needed space between them.  His lungs ached from the breath he just now realized he was holding.
“I think it’s obvious I want you, Chase,” Alex said, his voice was a whisper that fluttered over Chase’s face like a soft caress. “And, I’m pretty sure you want me, too, but I won’t cross that line with you until I know Danni is cool with it.”
Alex stepped away and Chase staggered from the sudden loss of him.  His hands went to his head, as if preventing it from falling off his neck and shoulders.
“Fuucck,” Chase said in a breathy sigh, his gaze dropped to the patio stones beneath his feet.
“I know, right?”  Alex tossed the shot meant for Chase into his throat and shook his head.  “The chemistry between us is intense, bordering on combustible.  I felt it the first time you looked at me.”
“I gotta go,” Chase said.
“Do us both a favor and talk to Danni,” Alex said.
“Thanks for dinner,” Chase said.
“Let’s do it again – soon,” Alex said.



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    I’m not quite used to reviews with a lot of animated gifs in them, but both reviews were great non-the-less. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway too.

  2. Jen Robbins

    What two fantastic reviews! Denise and Kim you both are fab!! I had never read a Ann Lister book and so glad I listen to Denise’s recommendation. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and Dagger made me swoon!! I can’t wait for Zander’s story!!

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    Thanks for sharing your review and the giveaway. Love the teaser. Sounds like a great book. evamillien at gmail dot com

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