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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Fatalism (Life. Destiny. Fate #1) by LK Collins

Posted on 6 August, 2013 by in Blog Tours, Giveaways, LK Collins / 1 comment

Fatalism banner Fatalism

Today we welcome LK Collins to our blog as she celebrates her new book Fatalism which released on July 27th.

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4 STARS!!!
Alexa Schaefer has been through more pain and 
hurt in her life than your average twenty-eight year old.
She protects her heart by controlling everything around her
 and living her life according to a strict set of rules.
For years, she has lived behind a wall, not allowing 
anyone into her heart. That is, until she meets Vincent, a man 
she can’t get out of her head no matter what she tells herself.

On the outside, Vincent Mileski appears to be a 
confident, no nonsense attorney. A prodigy in the field of law, 
he has just won the biggest case of his career. Needing out of
 the spotlight, Vincent moves back to his home state of Colorado 
to get some time alone to heal from a previous betrayal.
He hasn’t had a woman turn his head in years, that is,
until he meets Alexa. After only knowing her name and the
 sweet taste of her kiss, she is torn from his arms.

Will fate bring these two back together,
or will they spend an eternity searching?


fatalism teaser2

Kim’s Review
When I started Fatalism I was totally ….

to find it is set in Denver ~ Yes I live in Colorado and I was familiar with the setting ~ Alexa doesn’t get close to anyone ~ she doesn’t trust ~ she grew up in a situation that left her with essentially doubts about her herself. But isn’t it easier to do the whole I don’t date then open your heart? Well, I had to …

I’m used to books where the “guy” has never been in a relationship or dated and I have to say Fatalism was a first for me where the girl hasn’t been in one! Alexa’s out on the town with her sister celebrating her sisters birthday when she literally….

and is caught by Vincent! One look and we KNOW that Vincent is GORGEOUS and a bold move by Alexa then she is swept away by her friends! She can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous guy and they only exchanged first names. Now here is where I started acting like a…

see they do see each other again. Oh yes! and Alexa is shocked when she see’s Vincent but more so when she finds out exactly WHO he is. At first I wanted to ….

that cray-cray Alexa and tell her jump the man ~ sure I like to speed things up ~ but the storyline evolved and come to find out Vincent is not only gorgeous but he is truly 100% into Alexa ~ this is the kind of guy if you saw on the street you would…

Alexa & Vincent both open themselves up to trusting one another. It’s not only Alexa that has something to lose by trusting or feeling like that do. When these two meet between the sheets and there is..

yes they are hot enough together to ..

the mattress! Oh yes this is quite the VERY steamy read but with the perfect amount of getting to know the two characters! There were plenty of times that I read what was going on and literally….

yes Vincent is that GOOD! I could feel something was going to happen and when it did I wanted to ..

the person who stirs the pots ass! I’m not saying who cause you can read and feel that one coming! Oh I certainly had quite a few..

Cami & Able ~ Able is Vincent’s hunky tattooed firefighter older brother ~ we get his story yet so a little time out for me to..

okay back to the story at hand those two cracked me up! They had quite an “interesting” approach to one another! I really started to get..

after someone tries to interfere thinking this was it and I was going to be left HANGING hard ~ There are emotional issues that both Vincent & Alexa (Lex to her friends) both have to deal with during the book that had me …

and both had a very sad story to tell! I was so happy that “fate” decided to play a part in both their lives and when I got to the glorious Epilogue I was totally..

Fatalism is LK’s first book and I have to commend her for a good read. She took the time to develop a real relationship between the characters and didn’t just throw them together without real life intervening. I liked that we learned a little about the supporting characters and I especially loved reading a book where I was familiar with the location!

A 4 star read for me that I enjoyed! I was able to gobble it up in one sitting and when I got done besides my usual dance I also was…..

cause it felt so good to have my questions answered in the book! I look forward to the next book in Fate Series and hopefully many more from this author. Although I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review I did purchase this one 🙂 So I recommend this to anyone looking for a story that won’t leave you hanging at the end but also gives you a continuing series about the other characters in the book!

About the Author
LK is, first and foremost, a wife and a mother. She has always had a mad passion for reading, and recently turned that passion into the love and talent of writing. She writes sexy and erotic adult romance. Fatalism is her debut novel, which is part of the Life. Destiny. Fate Series. The series will contain five books, all of which are their own stories and can be read in order or as stand-alones.

One Response to “Blog Tour and Giveaway: Fatalism (Life. Destiny. Fate #1) by LK Collins”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    Great review! I’m definitely going to pick up this one. It sounds really, really good. I like it when an author builds a real relationship between characters before they burn up the sheets. Plus, I live in Colorado too 🙂 and I love it when books are set here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Fatalism! 🙂

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