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Blog Tour and Giveaway:Beautifully Twisted by Jennifer Domenico

Posted on 23 May, 2013 by in Blog Tours, Giveaways, Jennifer Domenico / 1 comment

Beautifully Twisted

Beautifully Twisted cover
Today we welcome Jennifer Domenico to our blog as she celebrates her new book Beautifully Twisted which released on May 9th.

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5 STARS!!!

Alexa Drake is at the top of her game. Heading up the London office for Patrick Collins Media, she’s done what it takes to get to the top and have the career and independence she’s always wanted. Her life in London is everything she’s worked hard to achieve, and she revels in her newfound control. If only she could forget the one man who brings her to her knees. Literally.

Scott Patrick is successful, commanding, and the kind of man women dream about. He’s also responsible for Alexa’s career success and her twisted view of love. Scott is a master at avoiding commitment and emotions and always thought of himself as the kind of guy who would never settle down. So why can’t he get Alexa out of his head?

When Scott suddenly turns up in London, Alexa has to decide if she can open herself up to the same man that broke her heart or if she’s ready to give someone new a chance.

Beautifully Twisted is an intense power struggle between two people who have a hard time being together but an even harder time staying apart.


“I’m not like that anymore.”
“Yes you are. Remember, your office today. You let me touch you like that because you need me to touch you like that. No one else knows how. No one else can do to you what I do.”
“I know,” she whispers. She’s certainly tried to find someone who could. “I don’t want to be submissive anymore.”
“Are you sure about that?” His hands slide up her back, stopping behind her neck, gripping it tightly. He pulls her head back slightly and sucks her bottom lip into his mouth, nibbling softly.
“I’m sure,” Alexa murmurs, but her body is betraying her words. She knows it’s a matter of minutes before she completely gives in.

Kim’s Review
Beautifully Twisted was a beautiful example of what one think, Scott Patrick, they can control and have on their terms but oh did the tables turn on this handsome, dynamic, drop your panties HUNK of a DOM. Scott Patrick had hired Alexa Drake as his Assistant but little did Lexie know Scott couldn’t keep from wanting her and what Scott wanted Scott had gotten. An illicit invitation into a world Lexie knew nothing about along with a promise to help Lexie with her career turns into spending all her time in Scotty’s bed and “The Garden” and when time comes for Lexie to move forward with her career Scotty drops her like yesterday’s news and Lexie is absolutely devastated. She is offered a job to head the London Branch of the Scotty and his best friend, Bret’s Company and off she goes ~ but Lexie is not the same girl she was before no she is closed off and the walls to her heart are protected with a steel fortress.

See the agreement with Scotty was she wouldn’t fall in love with him and Lexie thought that wouldn’t be a problem but you know how that goes. Well, I guess it went both ways cause Scotty was bitten by his own game and figures out that his in love with Lexie but is it too late? Has she closed her heart off? Will Scotty have competition when his best buddy gets a look at the beautifully cold Lexie? Well you have to read this one to find out!

There were times when I was reading this that I literally fanned myself talk about HOT~ There were times when I found myself teary-eyed for the drama that played out and for the idiotic actions of Scotty but ultimately I found myself smiling and wanting MORE after I finished this one.

This was a 5 star read for me for sure ~ I loved every minute of it, from the hot domination that was Scott “f’ing” Patrick to the sweet side of Bret to watching Lexie’s walls fall and even when she was utterly devastated and I wanted to kick Scott’s every loving arse! I highly recommend this read it will grab you from the start and be sure you are prepared for some hot sex scenes, pure male domination and heartbreak that will have you praying that the RIGHT outcome happens~

About the Author

Jennifer Domenico
Jennifer Domenico lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and pets. She’s always enjoyed reading but likes writing even more. She is the author of Turn Towards the Sun 1 & 2 (The Sunflower Trilogy) and Have My Heart, a novella. Her third book in the Sunflower Trilogy is expected Summer 2013.

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