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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: Falling for Jillian (Love Under the Big Sky #3) by Kristen Proby

Posted on 30 January, 2015 by in Blog Tours, Giveaways, Kristen Proby, Review / 2 comments

Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: Falling for Jillian (Love Under the Big Sky #3) by Kristen Proby

Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: Falling for Jillian (Love Under the Big Sky #3) by Kristen ProbyFalling for Jillian by Kristen Proby
on January 27, 2015
Pages: 384
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From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes the third romance in the Love Under the Big Sky series, featuring a veteran struggling with PTSD and the one woman who can help him recover—and learn to love again.

Jillian thought she was a city girl through and through; the fast cars, high fashion, and glamour—she loves it all. But when her ex tells her he’s having a baby with his new wife (after Jillian struggled for years to get pregnant), she hightails it back to Montana to cry on the shoulder of her best friend, Cara.

But in truth, Jillian would rather be comforted by someone else…specifically Zach, Cara’s brother-in-law. Zach is a veteran of the Iraq War who came back to the family ranch to raise his preteen son after the boy’s mother took off. He’s struggling to re-establish a relationship with his son, and warding off the demons of PTSD, which still haunt him. The last thing he needs is bold, brassy Jillian…but why can’t he keep his hands off her?

In my review of Loving Cara, book 1 in the Love Under the Big Sky series, I commented that the book contained one of the best scenes ever for a secondary character; well that 4th of July scene with Zack King so had me wanting his happy and Ms. Proby did not disappoint. I was lost in this book and now THIS is my new favorite Kristen Proby book!

Falling for Jillian tells the story of Zack King, the twin brother we met in Loving Cara (book 1) when he returns from war. This book pairs Zack with Jillian Sullivan, Cara’s best friend (book 1) and Tyler’s sister (Seducing Lauren book 2).

This book is masterfully written; the reader gets character growth from Zack and Jillian but also from Seth, Zack’s son who has such a heart wrenching past. This boy’s evolution through the series is truly a testament to Ms. Proby’s talent.

That is why I want to say I strongly recommend these books be read in order as the tension between Jillian and Zack along with their one night stand that leads to a misunderstanding is in book 1 and the escalating sexual tension continues in book 2.

Also Seth in the opening of book 1 and his character development is so well done, this young boy truly grows and develops as he goes from hating his dad, to understanding his dad to worshiping his dad. Ms. Proby hit the ball out of the park with this part of the series and again I think it is truly experienced best read straight through.

As Zack and Jillian give into their sexual tension and allow themselves to feel for each other, I was so captivated by the man under the thick skin. Zack and Jillian build an easy comfort with each other that so had me rooting for them

Both come to the relationship with a past and yes it is this past that comes back to cause issues; for me the unfolding of these events felt so true to the characters created.

Zack and Jill prove that sometimes you pick the wrong person first, sometimes the heartache of lives leads you to the right place at the right time. Both Zack and Jilly were wounded but in the end the person they become made them stronger as a couple.

The end of the book was truly a wonderful completion to a fabulous 3 book series.

Having said that, I do hope at a later date we get a 3 book Hull family series, as I would love to get to know Brad, Max and Jenna better!

“Zack, answer the phone,” Jill mumbles and nudges my arm. I yawn and turn toward the soft, sleepy woman, wrapping myself around her.
“I can think of better things to do.”
“It could be important.” She chuckles and climbs onto my chest as I check the time and answer the phone.
“Hey, Dad.” Seth’s voice is happy and he’s clearly chewing on something crunchy.
“It’s seven in the morning, Seth.”
“I know. You’re awake, right? It’s, like, super late for you.”
“Actually, I was asleep, but you’re right, I should go check on some things. So what’s up?” Jill kisses my chest and her hand is roaming over my stomach, and my morning semi-wood is no longer a semi.
“Josiah’s dad says the roads are too icy to take me home today, so he said I should just stay here until tomorrow afternoon. Isn’t that cool? Please say yes.”
“That’s fine with me if it’s okay with Josiah’s dad.”
“It is. Cool. Thanks, Dad. How’s Thor?”
“Thor misses you, but he’s fine. Be good and call me if you need anything.”
“Okay. Bye!”
I throw the phone onto the floor and roll Jill beneath me and run into a wall of warm fur.
“Thor jumped up here about an hour ago,” Jill informs me with a laugh. I glance over at the dog’s face. His chin is resting on his paws, his eyebrows shooting up and down as he looks about innocently.
“You’re not innocent, you little mutt.”
“Be nice to him,” Jill insists and brushes her fingers through my hair. “He’s just a baby.”
“He’s got you wrapped around his paw.”
She grins and watches me with a sassy expression on her gorgeous face.
“It seems he’s not the only male around here under your spell. I have to let him outside, but I don’t want you to move from this exact spot. Understand?”
“Maybe I need to use the bathroom too.”
“You have thirty seconds.”
I run downstairs with the dog, let him out back, and set on a pot of coffee before returning to my bedroom. Jill is perched on the edge of the bed, the sheet wrapped around her. Her brown hair is tussled and falls around her face and shoulders and her eyes are still sleepy.
She offers me a shy grin and my gut clenches in lust and something else I’m not quite ready to recognize. “Hi.”
“Hi yourself.” I lean my shoulder on the doorjamb and cross my arms over my chest, watching her.
“Everything okay downstairs?”
“Fine,” I confirm. “I started some coffee.”
“Oh good, thanks.” She stands to pull on her clothes, but I move quickly, grab her hand, and pull her behind me to the master bathroom.
“What are you doing?”
“We’re going to take a shower.”
“I thought we were going to have coffee.”
“We will. After our shower. I owe you a few more orgasms.” Her jaw drops and she watches as I tug my boxers down and step out of them. “Like what you see?”
To my surprise she reaches out and runs just the tip of her finger down the length of my cock to the tip and back again. “I love this.”
I back away before I explode like a teenager and turn on the shower. “Stay with me this weekend.”
“I have things to do . . .”
I pull her to me and tilt her chin back. “Stay.”
“First things first.” I pick her up and carry her into the shower. “I have to dirty you up before we get clean again.”
“Oh good. I like getting dirty.”

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Book 1 – Loving Cara

Book 2 – Seducing Lauren

Book 3 – Falling for Jillian


About Kristen Proby

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of the bestselling With Me In Seattle and Love Under the Big Sky series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong, humorous characters with a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Kristen lives in Montana, where she enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.

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  1. Dolores Haynor

    I love all of Kristen’s books, and the Montana series just added to my must read again & again books. I agree with everything you wrote including a series about the three Hulls. Looking forward to Kristen’s NOLA series as a change of location for her — no NW, more SE. Kristen is a superb storyteller.

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