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Blog Tour: Skin Deep (Skin Deep #1) by J.M. Stone

Posted on 28 July, 2013 by in Blog Tours, J.M. Stone / 0 comments

Skin Deep ButtonToday we welcome J.M Stone to our blog as she celebrates her new book Skin Deep which released on April 25th.


5 STARS!!!
Oh, who was she kidding? Emma knew that going to the tattoo shop with her best friend, Allie, would result in getting badgered until she ended up with some sort of needle piercing her flesh in one way or another. What she didn’t plan on was ending up face-first on the floor of the shop with a busted lip. Or doing it in front of the hottest guy she’d seen since…well, ever.

Mortified, Emma never thought she’d ever step foot back in Skin Deep again. But fate, with a little help from Emma’s flighty best friend and a chance encounter with a fudge bar, steps in. Now Emma’s torn between taking a chance on getting her heart broken by the enigmatic, gorgeous Lucas, and playing it safe with good ol’ trusty B.O.B.

Lucas lets Emma know that he gets what he wants, and what he wants is her. When Emma gives in and quits pushing him away, she’s surprised at how quickly the walls around her heart crumble. She’s even more surprised that her unconventional, zany family just endears her even more to him.

But no one knows there’s someone that wants her more, and they’ll stop at nothing to get her.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to HOT sexual encounters, adult situations, and language.

Kim’s Review
Skin Deep caught my eye when I first read the synopsis and then once I started reading the book I was literally….

right off the bat! Although I had the ARC I purchased this book cause it cracked me up! Emma accompanies her best friend, Allie, to Skin Deep to get her tongue pierced ~ I have to slip this in now just you wait when you read about that piercing later on I swear you will…

Anyways, Emma the poor dear takes one look at Luke and she…

literally! Seriously, I was tickled throughout most the book I was laughing when I was introduced to Emma’s wacky ass family who I came to adore while reading and then Emma’s interactions with Allie were the BEST! Emma & Luke definitely have that chemistry and the book is certainly filled with….

and damn those parts are HOT!!! Just wait until Jackson is introduced ~ Momma Mia ~ Poor Emma doesn’t see herself the way Luke does or others for that fact and there were times I wanted to ….

but then again when it comes to her past relationships I can see why she feels that way but Luke he just bulldozes his way in and won’t allow Emma to ..

It was fun to go day to day with Emma! The things that happen to her and around her are hysterical and really kept the book flowing. There is a part of the book that made me …

but Emma proves how strong she is and for that I was totally…

I liked that the book included the other characters and not just Luke & Emma you got to see the dynamics of how everyone played a part in their lives and I can’t wait for the next book which appears to be about some of the other characters ~ I’m hoping for Brandon, Allie & Jackson. Brandon is Luke’s brother and ladies I would so…

if I saw that tattooed pierced hottie coming my way and then I think I would spend a majority of the time …

When I got to the end of the book I was totally…..

yes Skin Deep wraps up Luke & Emma’s story and I loved how it ended!

This was a 5 star read for me ~ it was very fun read with a barrel of laughs, some freaking crazy stuff going on and a dash of angst that kept me turning the pages. I totally recommend this to everyone looking for a not so ordinary love story that will keep you smiling throughout the book!

I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion and I also purchased the book so needless to say I obviously LOVED it 🙂

About the Author
J.M. Stone is a legal assistant by day, and a writer by night. She started writing at a young age, mostly poetry and song lyrics, some of which were published. She currently lives in Ohio where she’s lived for most of her life, and enjoys spending time with her other-half, their mouthy daughter, two spoiled and crazy dogs, and the rest of her abnormal family. (Don’t worry, abnormal is good!) In her spare time, she loves to read, write, sing, and make people laugh, which usually happens at her own expense! Skin Deep is her first novel, and is the first in the Skin Deep series.

She loves to hear from her readers, so drop her line at

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