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Colton to Rylee from The Driven Series by K. Bromberg


Hey Ry-

I’ve tried improving my poetry skills…but shit, I didn’t get very far because I just keep thinking of what happened the last time I texted you a Roses are Red poem…damn that stairwell holds fond memories for me…so here’s hoping we can find somewhere else adventurous to end up after you read this one.

Roses are red
Roses are thorny
I need you in my bed
Because you get me horny
Our bodies will twist
“Oh Gods” will be sworn
You’ll grab sheets in a fist
No doubt your panties will be torn
Pansies are pink
Lilies are white
You on the brink
Damn what a sight
Legs spread wide
Lips apart
When our eyes collide
You own my heart

Happy Valentine’s Day Ry. I race you.

xx Colton

driven fueled crashed

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