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EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal, Teaser and ARC Giveaway: Double Full by Kindle Alexander

Posted on 17 September, 2013 by in Cover Reveal, Giveaways, Kindle Alexander / 56 comments

The Moms’s at Shh Moms Reading LOVE Kindle Alexander and can’t wait to read about sexy football hero Colton Michaels! Enjoy a teaser below and enter for a chance to win an ARC giveaway using Rafflecopter below ! Enjoy!!!

Double Full400x600Synopsis
Up and coming football hero, Colton Michaels, makes a Hail Mary pass one night in the college locker room that results in the hottest, sexiest five days of his young life. However, interference after the play has him hiding his past and burying his future in the bottom of a bottle. While Colt seems to have it all, looks can be deceiving, especially when you’re trapped so far in a closet that you can’t see your way out. When ten years of living his expected fast-lane lifestyle lands him engaged to his manipulative Russian supermodel girlfriend, he decides it’s time to call a new play.

Jace Montgomery single-handily built the largest all-star cheerleading gym in the world, driven by a need to forget a life-altering encounter with a handsome quarterback a decade ago. His reputation as an excellent coach, hard-nosed business man, and savvy entrepreneur earned him respect in the sometimes catty world of competitive cheerleading. When Jace learns of his ex-lover’s plans to marry, his heart executes a barrel roll and his carefully-placed resolve tumbles down without a mat to absorb the shock. Can his island escape help him to finally let go of the past and move his life forward?

Release Date: October 8, 2013


“Did you do all this?” Jace asked and realized Colt was already walking them up the steps to the back door. “Why are we going inside?”
“Well, maybe you don’t listen so well after all. I’ll have to remember that,” Colt deadpanned. “And to think I was so proud of our progress.” He pulled Jace into his arms, steps from the back door. “I made dinner for us. There’s some beer out there. You like Corona, right?”
“How do you know that?” Jace asked. His attention fully on Colt’s body pressed against his.
“I’ve traveled all over the world with you, cheer boy. I know what you drink. I know you eat almost no red-meats, but tons of seafood. You like fresh, raw foods as opposed to cooked. See?” Colt gave him a wink, clearly proud of his knowledge.
“How do you know that? You seriously keep shocking the hell out of me, Colt,” Jace said. Colt’s grin widened as he took Jace’s arms and wrapped them around his waist.
“Good. Now answer me? You ready to start this vacation, or are you tired or something?” Colt asked. His expression turned thoughtful as he studied Jace’s face.
“No, I’m definitely ready to start our vacation,” Jace said, holding Colt tighter in his arms.
“Let’s get you inside. I bought you a pair of island swim trunks. You don’t have to wear them, but I thought of you when I saw them. I thought we could share a room, but if you want your own space, I can bunk in the other one,” Colt said with another abrupt mood change; this time from fun and flirty to tour guide.
Colt stepped from the embrace and took Jace’s hand to pull him through the bungalow to a back bedroom. Jace barely had time to absorb any of the details, they were moving so fast, but he didn’t miss a beat in the bedroom. His heart picked up the pace at the thought of Colt spending so much time preparing for his arrival. Unlit candles were spread over every available surface. There was an open bottle of wine chilling in a stew pot by the bed. Wild orchids, plumeria, and hibiscus flowers that grew so freely over most of the island were handpicked and placed all around the room, adding to the tropical decor. Colt didn’t seem to notice his pause. He dumped Jace’s bag in the closet without much care. On the bed was a pair of brightly-colored swim trunks, handpicked and waiting for him. The sweet gesture didn’t escape him.
“Here are the swim trunks I was telling you about.” Colt motioned to the bed and turned back toward him, his smile faded and his brow narrowed as he looked over to Jace. “Why are you by the door? Do you want another room?” An expression of what must have been disappointment crossed Colt’s face, and there was another abrupt change in his posture. Jace was growing to love all the moods of Colt.
“Thank you for the trunks. Did you do all this?” Jace slowly stepped inside. Impressed with the visible effort and thought Colt obviously put into his arrival.
“Yeah?” he narrowed his brow again, clearly confused, and looked around the room. “You don’t like it?”
“Is it for me?” Jace asked, stopping when he stood directly in front of Colt.
“Yeah.” This time Colt really looked confused. “Who else?”
“Do you do this kind of stuff all the time?” Jace inquired as he turned to the bed, scooping up a bloom, bringing it to his nose. He shut his eyes, breathing in the sweet scent. For the first time since Jace arrived, chatty Colt went silent. He opened his eyes, watching Colt intently.
“Do you not want to answer that question? It’s okay if you’ve done this before. I’m just glad you did it for me,” Jace continued. He placed the flower back on one of the pillows and turned his full attention to Colt.
“I haven’t ever done this before. It’s probably dumb. I just wanted it special for you. You’ve made me happy. I always envisioned you laughing at me if I ever approached you. I can’t remember ever being this happy before. I just wanted to give that back to you,” Colt replied quietly. He dropped his hands to the nonexistent pockets of his swim trunks, and when the movement failed to achieve the desired result, he shoved them behind his back. “I want this to happen between us. More than you know.”
Jace stood in front of Colt, studying him, not missing the nervous fidget from the usually overconfident Colton Michaels. Was he worried? Surely not! Jace’s attention was immediately drawn to Colt’s mouth as his tongue darted out, leaving a wet trail across his lower lip, before he began to worry the lip with his teeth. God, he was gorgeous.
They were closer to the same height than Jace first thought. They fit well together, and Jace knew that for a fact. Colt’s long dark lashes brushed his cheek when he blinked. When he focused those ice blue eyes on him, Jace’s heart melted. Every bit of resistance he’d used to keep himself at even a small distance dissolved, and he reached up, taking Colt’s face between his hands.
“No one’s ever done anything like this for me before, Colt. Thank you,” Jace whispered as he leaned forward initiating a kiss between them for the first time. He slanted his mouth over Colt’s, trying to gain entrance.
The hours they’d spent on the phone together, the dozens and dozens of text messages, combined with the effort Colt had gone to for him was better than any foreplay Jace had ever received. Colt opened, and Jace manned up, making the move to tug Colt closer to him. Their hips met, and he groaned at the contact, sliding his tongue forward at the same moment Colt snaked his arms around his waist and fused their bodies together.
It was spontaneous combustion. Colt’s hips rolled into Jace. They were both hard and ready. The grinding of their cocks almost undid Jace. He thrust his tongue deeper into Colt’s sweet mouth, deepening the kiss as his hands slid down Colt’s perfect ass.
And then he was sucking air. A second passed before he realized Colt wasn’t still in the kiss. He blinked his eyes open. What?
Colt reached forward and gave him a peck on the lips one last time before he dropped his arms, releasing Jace from their embrace, and slowly backed away, completely severing all contact between them. This was not in Jace’s current game plan at all! Why was he gone? Jace looked around, completely confused. What the hell just happened? Why aren’t we in bed?
“I want to do this right this time. You change into the trunks, if you want, and come down to the beach,” Colt said, now standing by the bedroom door. Jace didn’t even have time to protest.

About the Author
Best Selling, and newly award winning Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica. It’s always a surprise to see what’s coming next! Happily married, with too many children, and dogs, living in the suburbs of Dallas.

56 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal, Teaser and ARC Giveaway: Double Full by Kindle Alexander”

  1. Stacy Itzkowitz - Gragg

    Love Kindle’s books, looking forward to Double Full! October can’t come soon enough!

  2. Jennifer Smith

    Soo can’t wait to read this!!! I would love to help review and promote anyway I can!!!

  3. Jen Robbins

    Its gonna blow right to the top of the charts! Can’t wait to read this! That cover is yummy yum! Thanks Denise and Kindle get ready for another best selling book!!

  4. Kathy McFarland

    Kindle is a very talented author. I have read all her books and am very excited for this new release. Awesome cover!!

  5. Greg M

    Not to be bias because I love you and all that you’ve written so far, but I am going to say it. I LOVE THIS COVER. Ooops, sorry for screaming. Here’s more noise; The Cover alone tells me its going to be a winner. The blurb proves it it. I am super happy and excited to read this from front to back. Yaaaaay!!! Can’t wait.

  6. Give A Rush

    What a HOT cover, Kindle!! The short blurb/synopsis was excellent and one can’t help but anticipate the excitement of getting our hands on the book.
    Good luck and Congrats!!!


  7. Teresa Stirewalt (Tess)

    Oh, This is a very lovely book cover. Heheh, I wouldnt mind tackling that for a few hours 😉

  8. Kathy McFarland

    Kindle is one of my most favorite authors. I have read all her books and am very excited about this new release. The cover is awesome. So HOT!!

  9. Kathy McFarland

    Kindle is one of my most favorite authors. I have read all her books and am excited for this new release. The cover is awesome. So HOT!!

  10. Cathie

    After reading “The Current Between Us”, Kindle Alexander is on my automatic buy list. After seeing the cover and reading the excerpt, it has moved up on my list.

  11. Jackie Fiorentini

    looking forward to reading book can’t wait for it to come out would love to do an arc and review for you

  12. Beth

    Gaaaah what a teaser!! CanNOT wait to meet Colt and Jace – they sound amazing!!! I have entered the contest and my fingers are crossed!! Yay!

  13. Angi Johnston

    So looking forward to this, Kindle Alexander popped my m/m genre cherry lol. loving the cover.

  14. Darcy "Pomma"

    Congrats on this newest upcoming release! I’ve loved both of your last 2 books, and they are on my forever keeper collection. Your characters just steal my heart everytime….*S*
    Thank you for the wonderful chance to win an ARC of Double Full.


  15. Birte

    Whew, both cover and teaser are great, I’m SO gonna get that book. Only recently I read Texas Pride and The Current Between Us and if this book is only half as good as those two it’s going to be awesome 🙂


  16. Susan Haase

    I love a manly man (who loves another man!) Looking so forward to reading this. Thanks for the post and give-a-way!

  17. Urbanista

    Such a sweet and sexy excerpt–thank you! I love this couple! I live cheer boys! I usually don’t like muscled torso covers, but this one WORKS!

  18. Kim Turner

    Awesome cover. Really looking forward to this story. I just recently started reading Kindle’s story and they are just fan freakin tastic !

  19. Paul Berry

    Double Full is the most amazing book I have come across in a very long time! The Characters Colt an Jace move me beyond words! Where the Kindle takes us in Double Full is the most amazing place and I never want too leave! This is a must read! All I can say is buy Double Full or you will be missing out on an amazing book! Trust Me people!

    Paul Berry

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