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Father’s Day Week Special and Giveaway: A Table for Three by Lainey Reese

Posted on 13 June, 2014 by in Fun Stuff, Giveaways, Lainey Reese / 2 comments

Day 2 of our Father’s Day Weekend celebration in honor of the wonderful men we love, is a scene from A Table for Three by Lainey Reese!


lainey fathers da

Sunrise, Sunday June fifteenth.

Riley Wellington-Marshall snuggled deeper into the cushions of the porch swing and used the pink tipped toes of one dainty foot to keep the slow sway going as she looked out over the lake and mountains spread before her. A soft smile curved her full lips even as she sipped at her morning coffee. Some would say the smile was smug; and they’d be right. She’d pulled it off. Pulled it off magnificently in fact.
Being married to not one, but two insanely rich and dazzling men had too many blessings to count. Unfortunately, it also came with one very big drawback. Not that she’d ever complain in a million years, never! No, she chose to see it as more of a challenge, a very difficult challenge instead.
How do you gift men who have everything they want? It was a daunting task, but she found that she enjoyed the test of her imagination and creativity and so far, she hadn’t come up empty yet. And Riley knew that this was her best gift to date.
For father’s day she had conspired with the women in her family and theirs and arranged for them to spend the entire weekend in the sprawling cabin behind her on the most beautiful lake she had ever seen. As the sun turned the clear sparkling water a rich burnished gold and the sky a blaze of fire, she sighed in contented joy and allowed herself a victory fist pump.
“That proud of yourself are you, little one?” Trevor’s chuckle rumbled with affection as his warm hands settled on her shoulders.
“Well deserved, too.” Cade added as he sat beside her and pulled her feet into his lap. “This is amazing, Ry, thank you again.”
Warmth and loved filled her heart so that her eyes pricked with tears she didn’t even try to stem. “I know how hard it’s been on you both that we haven’t made it to the last couple family gatherings. I thought bringing all the dads together was the best Father’s day gift you could get.”
“You thought right.” Trevor kissed her temple and stole her coffee. “And, I don’t know how you found this place, but first thing I’m doing when we get home is putting an offer in on it.”
“Is it for sale?” Riley cranked her head back to look at him hopefully. She loved it here.
“It will be if I have my way.” His smirk was so charming and cocky, Riley gave a dreamy sigh. She loved that face.
“I love you so much.” As she watched his easy smile melt to something deeper and needy, Riley felt her heart skip a beat. His kiss, soft and gentle, tasted of her coffee but it wasn’t the caffeine that sped up her pulse. His tongue delved deeper into her mouth to tangle with hers and Riley reached one hand to grip him behind his corded neck and the other she stretched out to Cade.
Trevor made that hungry growly sound that he always did when they’d passed the point of no return. In the past she would have been concerned about the fact that the house behind them was filled with family, but it was barely five a.m. and her two little ones were sound asleep-she knew because the monitor sitting next to her showed them as such-and none of the others in the house got up this early. So, she let herself slide into the moment and the desire without restraint.
These two men were her heart and soul, and as long as there was breath in her lungs, she would love them and give them everything she was. Without restraint and without thought. It was easy to do because they offered her the same of themselves. It was a miracle that never failed to leave her awed and humbled.
Cade kissed the fingers of the hand he held and she felt him slide to his knees in front of her. Without prompting, she spread her thighs for him and groaned into Trevor’s kiss when Cade lifted her night gown and sucked at the bare folds he’d revealed. His deep, hungry growl vibrated the sensitive tissues and had her hips arching into his mouth even as Trevor palmed her breasts and brought the tips to aching arousal.
“God, Ry.” Cade said against her flesh. “God, how can you taste better and better every time? Love you, baby. Fucking love you.” Then he thrust two fingers deep into her as he sucked hard on her swollen clit and Riley came with shudders that shook her whole body.
With mumbled curses, Cade shoved into the seat and drug Riley onto his lap to straddle him. His sweats were yanked out of the way with a snarl and then Riley was impaled. With arms and legs she clung to him, still shuddering from her climax. “God. I love you, Cade. I love you so so much. Oh God! So much.” She kissed him then. Hard. Desperately. After a moment she pulled back from the lips and stretched her neck to take Trevor’s hard flesh into her mouth.
This was perfection. This was her Nirvana. When they both took her there was nothing in this world that compared to it. Nothing.
“Oh, Riley.” Trevor panted as he held her face in his palms while his cock slid like silk along her tongue. “Fuck, little one, never get enough of you. Never.”
Her body sang with sensations she couldn’t name as they both tunneled in and out of her with growing force. Between her thighs Cade seemed to swell with each thrust and Trevor tasted of salt and spice that told her he was close. So close.
Riley tried to hang on, tried to hold back until they’d released, but Cade foiled that plan. With the next flex of his hips he changed his angle at the same time he tilted her and nailed that spot deep inside that demolished her control. Riley’s body locked instantly, and that was it, she knew she was going to explode. Cade’s dark chuckle said he knew it too and with rapid fire precision he pounded just there again and again. She was lost. Lights burst in a riot of colors that rivaled the sunrise behind her as her body flew into a million pieces.
Trevor followed right on her heels, his cock turned to iron seconds before his growls filled the air while his cum filled her mouth. Cade joined them last, banding his arms across her waist and anchoring her there while fire erupted within her and he set his teeth to her shoulder in an effort to muffle his groans of release.
They were all still panting and quaking with aftershocks when the first cry came through the baby monitor. Cade chuckled, Riley sighed and Trevor grouched. “Why does he have to take after you in this? A swear you made him a morning person on purpose just to fuck with me.” He took the sting out of his teasing with a kiss on her temple. “I’ll get the little tyrant.”
“Oh, no!” Riley protested and tried to push off Cade’s lap. “Let me. It’s Father’s Day.”
“Exactly.” He told her as he fastened his slacks and headed for the door. “It’s my day. I’m getting my son and I think him and I should try our luck with a little early morning fishing.”
“Aww.” Riley sighed sappily.
“That’s a great idea. Let me grab Kylee and we’ll join you.”
“Are you sure?” Riley asked with true concern.
“Yes, Ry.” Cade laughed at the expression on her face. “I know she hates to be woken up, but once we get her in the boat she’ll be fine.”
“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you if her screaming scares all the fish away.” With another chuckle and a final kiss he sat her aside and followed after Trevor.
Riley wondered briefly what happened to her coffee as she wrapped her discarded blanket back around her shoulders and took in the rest of the sunset. Yup, she thought to herself, best Father’s Day gift ever.

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