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Happy Mother’s Day from the With Me In Seattle Characters and Kristen Proby

Posted on 12 May, 2013 by in Fun Stuff, Kristen Proby / 18 comments

mother3Happy Mother’s Day to all of you WONDERFUL moms!

Enjoy a special scene from the AMAZING Kristen Proby!

We hope you enjoyed this week of little snippets from some of our favorite authors and our beloved characters that we have come to know and love so much!

Enjoy this beautiful day and don’t forget to enter below for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card!
With love from,
Christine, Denise and Kim


“Thank you for this, darling.” My mom leans against my side and tucks her slender arm through mine.
“You’re welcome. I would have sent you and all the girls out for a fun brunch somewhere, you know.” I smile down at her and then raise my gaze to the party unfolding around us.
“This is so much better, Luke. Honestly, there’s nothing that we wanted more than to spend Mother’s Day with our family.” I bend so she can kiss my cheek and then she’s off to gossip and sip mimosas with Gail Montgomery.
I rented a large tent for the backyard of Will’s house, hired Alecia, our family’s official party planner, and gave her free reign to plan the Mother’s Day brunch of the century.
And she pulled it off without breaking a sweat.
The caterer brought in a large buffet spread, there are brightly colored flowers everywhere, and four large, round tables set up to accommodate our large family.
The whole gang is here.
I saunter over to my bride, Natalie, who is holding our daughter Olivia in her lap and laughing with Jules, Meg and Brynna.
“Can I get you anything, baby?”
She smiles up at me, and just as always, it’s a punch to my gut. This woman is the most beautiful I’ve ever laid eyes on. I push her hair behind her ear and smile back down at her.
“No thank you. We’re good.”
“You’re amazing.” I lean in and kiss her, lightly in just that way that I know she loves and she sighs against my lips and damned if my cock doesn’t stir.
“For the love of all that’s holy, Luke, there are children present!” Jules makes gagging noises, and I pull back and laugh down into Nat’s sweet face. It’s become necessary to kiss the hell out of my wife and freak Jules out at least once during every family gathering.
Meg and Brynna chuckle and Meg’s eyes light up as Will crosses the tent to join us.
“Hey, babe.” He lifts her and sits in her chair, cuddling her close in his lap.
“Hey yourself,” she grins and kisses his chin.
“This is awesome, man,” Will grins over at me and then motions toward our parents, all chatting and laughing at a table nearby. It’s funny, when I watch all of our parents together, it makes me think that that’s how we’ll be at that age, still hanging out together, laughing, enjoying our kids.
“My pleasure. The girls deserved something nice.”
“They do deserve something nice.” Matt agrees as he sits on the other side of Nat. “Ready?” He mumbles over at me and I nod, catching Will’s eye.
“Nate?” I call out, grabbing his attention, and he nods with a half smile and calls out to Leo and Isaac, who then nudges Caleb.
Will grabs his dad, Steven and my younger brother Mark murmurs to our dad, Neil, and Stacy and Brynna’s dads.
All of us, all of the men, stand and move to the front of the tent where all of the girls can see us. The tent has grown quiet. Even the little ones have stopped squealing and running about and our girls are staring at us, some with skeptical looks and some with just plain curiosity.
Damn, this is going to be fun.
“So,” Isaac begins with a smile. “First I want to thank Luke for thinking of this and Will for hosting. They don’t always suck ass.”
“Ha ha,” Will responds and punches him in the arm.
“And next,” Isaac continues, “I’ll turn it over to dad.”
Steven clears his throat and smiles lovingly at Gail. “We know that it’s not easy living with all of us men,” he begins and the girls smirk.
“You got that right!” Jules agrees.
God, they’re funny.
“But we wanted to let you know that we appreciate you and love you all very, very much.”
“We should show you every day,” my dad, Neil continues and laughs with a shake of his head. “But, we’re men and we just assume that you already know.”
“Of all the things we have, and let’s face it everyone, we have plenty,” Nate murmurs, garnering nods in agreement, “You are the best part of our lives.” His eyes are sober and sincere as they land on Jules, and I think I like him even better than I did before.
“So, we all got together,” I glance at each of the guys and they nod for me to continue. “All of us guys decided that you each needed a special gift this year, to celebrate what amazing women you are, and to always remember how much you mean to us.” We all reach in our pockets and pull out little blue Tiffany boxes, tied with white bows.
“Oh my God,” Brynna gasps and I smile over at her.
“These all match,” I inform them as we work our way to our girls and our mothers and make sure everyone has a box. “We wanted these to be the same, to remind us all that we are a family. Go ahead and open them.”
All of us guys nervously shuffle our feet and watch our women open their boxes. There are gasps and tears all around the tent when they see the sparkling diamond pendants on platinum necklaces inside.
“Oh my,” Nat breathes and catches my gaze in her own green one. “Thank you.”
“My pleasure, baby.” She offers me a sweet smile and I can’t wait to have her alone later, when Livie goes down for her nap and I can show her exactly how much I appreciate and love her.
We’re suddenly all caught up in hugs and kisses, our mothers are wiping tears from their cheeks.
I’ve never seen a group of women who love jewelry as much as our girls do.
“Thanks, ace,” Jules mutters to Nate with a grin.
“You’re welcome.”
Brynna has tears in her eyes as she hugs Caleb and murmurs in his ear. He pulls back with a soft smile and brushes her cheek with his thumb. “I know, sweetheart.”
I still wonder what’s going on there.
“You shouldn’t have,” Samantha tells Leo, but he just chuckles and kisses her forehead.
“You deserve that and much more for putting up with my shit, sunshine.”
Suddenly the tent is full of laughter and loud conversation as the girls pull the necklaces out of their boxes and immediately put them on, admiring them on each other, which garners rolls of the eyes from most of the guys.
“This is a total chick-fest,” Mark mumbles and nibbles on more bacon from the buffet.
“It’s Mother’s Day, dude.” Matt laughs and slaps him on the back. “Of course it is.”
“I feel like after this I should go shoot a gun or drive a car really fast. You know, something to remind myself I have balls.”
“I need another mimosa!” Stacy calls out and is immediately stopped by Isaac, who has a panicked look on his face.
“Our parents and kids are here, and we all know what you girls like to talk about when you’ve had too much to drink.”
“Killjoy,” Stacy pouts and drops back into her seat. “Can I at least have another piece of cake? It’s delish.”
“You can have all the cake you want, baby,” Isaac laughs and kisses her hard before fetching her cake for her. Stacy watches him walk away with a dreamy smile.
“He’s hot.” She props her chin in her palm and sighs happily.
“Luke?” Nat passes Liv to Gail and wraps her arms around my waist, leaning her belly against my pelvis, and I wrap my arms around his shoulders.
“Yes, baby.”
“Don’t expect diamond necklaces from us for Father’s Day.”
I laugh down at her and kiss her forehead. “I think we’re good.”
I have everything I’ll ever need right here in this tent. My gorgeous wife and amazing daughter. Our family.
“Happy Mother’s Day, baby.”

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18 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day from the With Me In Seattle Characters and Kristen Proby”

  1. Joy s

    That was fabulous! I love all the characters in this series? Thanks for that! It was beautiful!!!

  2. Deb Andreoli

    I loved this little peak into the lives of our favorite family! Luke and Nat are such a perfect couple, I’ved missed them.

  3. Michelle

    That was amazing and thank you for that lovely scene!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Nadine

    OMG!!! Kristen is the best! What a wonderful treat! Thank you ladies for pulling this together. You guys rock!

  5. Jennifer Hettrick

    My favorite series, I can’t get enough. I love the bits and pieces you give us.
    Thank You

  6. PAW

    This is one of the things I like bout this series. Kristen never fails to include family in her books. As much as I love the romantic side of the stories, I love that she emphasizes how important family is. 🙂

  7. tammy

    This is the second best Mother’s day gift for me. i love you Kristen Proby!!

  8. Evelyn

    After reading this I want to read all her books. There is so much emotion in what she writes and I like that about my books. I like when the authors draw you into their world.

  9. Sue Griffiths

    That was awesome!! I love these books and this tied them all together for Mother’s Day!!! Kristen, you ROCK!!!!!

  10. Debbie

    I have all of the book and they are great!!!! Can’t wait for the next one.

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