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Happy Release Day to Whitney Garcia Williams and Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3!

Posted on 26 August, 2014 by in Review, Whitney Gracia Williams / 2 comments

Happy Release Day to Whitney Garcia Williams and Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3!Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 by Whitney Garcia Williams
on August 26, 2014

I hate him...

I hate that I fell in love with him, I hate that he didn't love me back, and I hate the fact that I just made a life-altering decision just so I could get the hell away from him.

He'd always said that he was unchangeable, heartless, and cold...

I really should've believed him...

**Final book in the Reasonable Doubt series...**

People who know me know that I am not totally fond of serials. For me, the little volumes/installments are not enough to make me feel complete often times when an installment gets good to find out then I have to wait for the next installment to come….grrrrr…..

I will be honest and say that Reasonable Doubt is the ONLY serial that has never made me feel this way. Maybe it’s because it is so well written, the characters I fell for and HARD, the story itself so captivating…all of this combined made Reasonable Doubt my FAVORITE serial of 2014.

When Volume 3 showed up on my kindle and despite having read the first 2 volumes previously, I went back and started again. I had to immerse myself into the story from the beginning and read the series in its full glory to get the full effect, to feel the emotions, to get so wrapped up in Andrew and Aubrey’s complete story and boy did it not disappoint!

Volume 3 was everything I wanted and SO much more.

We finally get all of the answers to all the hidden questions and secrets about Andrew, finally seeing a whole other side of him that we, as readers and Aubrey herself never experienced. It was heartbreaking and completely touched my soul. Often times when Andrew hurt Aubrey, he hurt me too. It’s not too often that an author can do that to a reader and I commend Ms. Garcia Williams for being able to draw out emotions out of me for someone who I didn’t think deserved any of my compassion. Yes, Andrew was a HUGE jerk and so untrusting but I fell in love with him anyways. Something that Aubrey (or I!) wasn’t supposed to do was fall in love with him. But Andrew had so many layers and as we got under those layers, we saw him for who he really was.

I adored Aubrey throughout this whole series. She is a strong woman knowing what she wants out of life and love. And she fought hard for both. In this volume, Aubrey finally stands up to her parents and lives HER dreams, no one elses. She tested Andrew’s comfort zone time and time again, tested his beliefs and fought for his love.

So how will it end? I can’t say…other than READ IT! I promise you won’t regret it – this is one serial that you must not miss out on!!! I am a total sucker for epilogues and this one had me smiling from ear to ear when I closed my kindle.

Deliciously sexy, suspenseful and intriguing….the banter between Andrew and Aubrey will have you smiling, the story will capture your heart and the epilogue will solidify your love for a new author who I look forward to reading many more stories from in the future. Job well done! <3


Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3


About Whitney Garcia Williams

A self diagnosed candy addict, travel junkie, and hypochondriac, Whitney Gracia Williams LOVES to write about characters that make you laugh, cry, and want to (in the case of Selena Ross) reach through your Kindle and slap them.

She is the “imaginary bestselling” author of the Jilted Bride Series, Mid Life Love, Wasted Love, and Captain of My Soul.

When she’s not locked inside her room, feverishly typing away on her laptop, she can be found here:

She also loves getting emails from her readers, so if you want to tell her how much you loved (or hated) her stories, email her at!

2 Responses to “Happy Release Day to Whitney Garcia Williams and Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3!”

  1. Jamie Jeffries

    I’ve avoided serials for all the reasons you state, but it looks like this one may be one I have to read. Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed review.

  2. Mary Oliver

    I’ve read this series and LOVE the strong/no holds bar female character. She has a spine and a witty mouth. I read a lot (2-3 books a week) and I’m having difficulty finding another book with a strong female character. Can you suggest some?
    The “woe is me…does he or doesn’t he like me…I like you but I’m afraid to show it” just isn’t my style. Where is another “Aubrey”?

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