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Holiday Extravaganza and Giveaway Day 5: Play with Me (With Me in Seattle #3) by Kristen Proby

Posted on 20 December, 2013 by in Fun Stuff, Giveaways, Kristen Proby / 56 comments

holidayprobyShh Mom’s Reading is honored to bring you A Very Montgomery Christmas by Kristen Proby.  

We hope you enjoy this funny, heart pulling and sexy Exclusive Holiday bonus scene staring Will and Meg from Play with Me (With Me in Seattle #3).

A Very Montgomery Christmas
Kristen Proby

Copyright © 2013 by Kristen Proby


“Where are we going?” I wonder aloud for the third time since we left our North Seattle home. All I know for sure is that we’re heading east on I-90, and we’re in the Rover rather than the Mustang.
“You’ll see.” Will repeats, way more patiently than he usually would. He grips my hand in his and pulls it up to his lips, kissing me gently, sending sparks of awareness down my arm and through my body.
Even after all this time with him, I get butterflies and just a simple touch gets me all hot and bothered.
“It’s the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Will. We’re in the Rover. Our options are limited.”
“If you don’t stop harassing me,” he begins without sparing me a glance, “I’m going to turn this car around go back home and you’ll never know.”
“You’ve never been mean during holidays before,” I remark lightly and then giggle when he glares at me. “Okay, okay. I’ll be good.”
“You smell good,” he murmurs and kisses the inside of my wrist again. “Is this a new perfume?”
“I don’t wear perfume,” I reply with a grin. “But thank you.”
I turn up the radio and am content to sit beside my man, my hand clenched safely in his, and watch the world go from green and wet to white as we climb higher into the mountains. I love snow. Love it.
After a couple of hours on the road, Will turns off the freeway and pulls into a tiny town in the mountains of Washington called Leavenworth. The town is Bavarian, has a gorgeous German design and feel to it, and is also a hotspot during Oktoberfest.
“I’ve always wanted to come here!” I exclaim when he parks in front of a property management office.
“I know,” he replies with a grin. He leans over the console to kiss my lips quickly. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”
He hurries inside the office and then less than five minutes later returns with a key in his hand.
“We’re staying over night?” I ask with wonder.
“We are,” he confirms and throws the Rover into reverse.
“Are you sure?” I ask uncertainly.
Will shoves the car back into park and turns to face me. “I’m sure that I want to spend Christmas Eve with the woman I love in a cabin in the snow. Are you not okay with this?”
“I’m definitely okay with it, I guess I’m just surprised that you don’t want to spend Christmas with your family.”
“I am spending Christmas with my family, Megan.” He cups my face in his big hand and smiles gently at me, stealing my breath. “You are my family, sweetheart. Besides, we’ll head back tomorrow afternoon to have Christmas dinner with everyone else tomorrow evening.”
I’m still stuck like stupid on you are my family, sweetheart.
“Okay,” I croak.
He nods and drives the short distance to a small cabin surrounded by tall evergreen trees and lots of snow. “Home away from home,” he comments with a grin.
“It’s awesome,” I reply and jump out of the Rover, ready to play in the snow. Will treks around to the rear of the vehicle and pulls out two small overnight bags. “You packed me a bag?”
“I did,” he nods. “If I had my way, you’d spend the next twenty-four hours naked, but you can’t walk around town like that. They frown on it.”
“I think I’d frown on it too,” I agree and move to take one of the bags but he holds it out of my reach.
“I’ve got this. Here,” he hands me the key, “you go open the door.”
I lead him up a freshly shoveled path to the front door and gasp in surprise. The whole place has been decorated for Christmas. There is a tall, real tree in front of the large picture window of the living room, lit and covered in red and gold ribbons and bulbs. Fresh garland hangs around an open-hearth fireplace and other small Christmasy touches are sprinkled through out the whole place.
“This is beautiful!”
Will sets our bags down, shuts the door and wraps his arms around me, pulling me against him. “Do you really like it?”
I turn in his arms and gaze up into his stunning blue eyes, my love for this man overflowing my heart. “You did this because I said that I’d like to spend Christmas in the snow, didn’t you?”
“Yeah.” He nods and then rests his forehead on mine. “And because I wanted you to myself for Christmas, at least for a little while.”
“Thank you, babe.” I rise on my tiptoes and press my lips to his, and he takes over, plunging his hands in my hair, plundering my mouth with fervor. Like everything Will does, when he kisses, he gives it one hundred percent.
Finally, he brushes his lips to the corner of my mouth and nibbles gently before pulling back. He pushes a strand of my hair off my cheek and grins.
“Let’s go walk through the town,” he suggests. “It’ll be getting darker soon, and the whole place lights up.”
“Let’s go,” I agree and hold my hand out for him, which he happily takes and pulls me back through the front door and down the driveway. The main street of Leavenworth is only about five blocks from our cabin, so we walk into town and I’m immediately enchanted by the atmosphere. The whole town is draped in lights and garland, bells and bows. It’s busy, given that it’s Christmas Eve and perhaps the most famous town in the state to be in on the holiday, but we just wander down the snow-packed street, glancing in store windows, admiring Christmas artwork and even ducking into a wine store for a tasting.
Will isn’t recognized even once, or if he is, he’s left alone, which I’m thankful for.
When we make our way to the center of town, there is a gazebo with live music. The town has grown dark, as it’s prone to do this time of year, despite still being well before dinnertime.
There are three men, playing acoustic guitars, and a little girl of around nine is singing The First Noel, in her sweet, innocent little voice. A crowd has gathered to listen, swaying and holding onto their loved ones as she sings about the baby Jesus being born.
Suddenly, Will turns me in his arms and begins to dance with me, right here in the middle of the crowd, as snow falls softly around us.
“You have a habit of dancing with me in public streets,” I murmur as he plants his lips on my forehead.
“Just seems appropriate,” he replies softly. “I love you, Megan. Thank you for sharing Christmas with me.”
I grin up at him and push my hands up his arms and into his hair as the little girl begins to sing, Where Are You, Christmas?
“I love you too, football star.”
He brushes his cold lips over mine, once then again before tucking me under his chin and swaying us both back and forth as the little girl continues the sweet holiday song.
“I have another surprise for you,” he whispers in my ear and leads me away from the crowd at the gazebo.
“Is this a surprise for me, or a necessity for you?” I ask dryly, knowing my handsome fiancé’s love of food.
“Okay, it’s for both of us. We need to eat,” he insists, making me laugh. He leads me into a Bavarian restaurant, and when he gives the hostess his name, we’re immediately led to a private dining room on the second floor with a beautiful view of the town and all of the many lights. A horse-drawn sleigh glides by and we can see hot chocolate or cider stands, handing out hot drinks to people walking through town.
“Thank you for this,” I say to Will and take his hand in mine.
“Just wait until later,” he replies with a wide smile.


Dinner was spectacular, but damn if it didn’t drag. All I could think about was getting Meg back to the cabin.
Tonight is all about her.
“It got cold out,” she murmurs, hopping on the balls of her feet, as I unlock the front door.
“Come on, I need to warm you up. I won’t have you sick.” I peel both of our coats and boots off and lift her in my arms. She wraps her arms around me and buries her cold nose in my neck.
“You’re warm,” she mutters with a smile.
“I’m about to be a lot warmer if you keep that up,” I reply as she kisses a trail down my neck. “Let’s have a bath.”
“Oh my God, look at this master suite!” The king-sized bed dominates the room, and there is another lit red and gold Christmas tree standing in here. Just off the bedroom is a big master bath, with a sunken bathtub, big enough for two.
“It’s too cold to get naked,” she pouts, her lips pursed and brows pulled together. She’s the most beautiful fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
I sit her on the closed toilet seat and start the hot water then flip on the towel warmer so Meg won’t get chilled when we climb out.
She grins and watches me, her eyes happy and calm.
I tug my sweatshirt over my head and toss it aside, then lower my jeans and underwear, my eyes never leaving her face as she rakes her eyes up and down my body. She swallows hard and her breathing increases, making me harder.
“I’ll never get tired of the way you look at me,” I growl.
“I think I’m warming up,” she replies and raises her gaze to mine.
“You’re overdressed.” I cross to her and pull her to her feet than begin to slowly strip her, kissing her cool skin as I uncover it. “You have such beautiful skin,” I whisper, dragging my nose from her shoulder to the underside of her ear, in that spot I know makes her insane.
“Thank you,” she whispers.
When she’s naked, except for the diamond on her finger, I lift her and lower her into the water, then step in behind her and pull her back to lean against my chest.
“Is it too hot?” I ask in her ear, loving the way her body shivers at the feel of my lips against her skin.
“It feels good,” she replies with a sigh. “This whole day has been spectacular.”
“I’m glad, sweetheart.”
“What did you promise my boss for giving me the time off?”
I still my hands, which were gliding up and down her arms. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Ha! Right. No one gets holiday time off, Will. What did you promise her?”
“They know you work your ass off, Megan, and when I told her what I had planned she happily rearranged your schedule.”
“You’re good to me,” she whispers.
“You deserve everything,” I reply honestly. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. “You are everything,” I whisper and kiss her temple. I pick up the soap and a washrag and when it’s good and lathered, I run it up and down her lean body, washing every inch of her.
“You always have enjoyed water sports,” she remarks with a grin, wiggling against my hard cock.
“You turn me on, sweetheart. No matter what you’re doing or where we are.”
I quickly wash myself and when we’re both rinsed, I rise and quickly dry myself, then reach for the towel on the warming rack and pull Meg to her feet and out of the water, then set to work drying her.
“I can do this,” she reminds me softly.
“No need to,” I reply absently, loving the sight of the water beaded on her soft skin. “You are stunning.”
She reaches out and pulls her hands down my chest, over my abs and down to my cock and I narrow my eyes on her face. “Keep touching me like that, and we won’t make it to the bed.”
She just grins, slides her tongue along her bottom lip, and grips my cock in her fist, stroking it until I feel like I’m going to explode.
“Enough,” I grown and scoop her into my arms, my mouth claiming hers. I lay her on her back and kneel on floor, her bare pussy splayed out in front of me. The silver ring just above her clit winks at me and I can’t help but lean in and press my lips to it, sending her hips into a frantic dance.
“Yes, love.” I lick her, from her anus to her clit and back down again, glorying in her body’s reaction to me.
It’s the same thing, every fucking time, and it’s like a fist gripping my heart.
God, I love her so fucking much.
“Will, I can’t.”
Her head thrashes back and forth on the bed, her hands fisted in the linens and I grin.
She always says that.
“Yes, you can sweetheart.”
“Will,” she chokes out again as she comes against my face, pushing her pussy against me rhythmically.
Finally, I climb up her body and slip inside her, seating myself balls-deep, my elbows planted on either side of her head. My cock twitches, but I don’t move. Not yet.
“This is the best Christmas present ever,” she whispers.
“Oh sweetheart, you haven’t even seen your present yet,” I whisper back, kissing and nibbling on her neck, her ear.
“I don’t have your present with me,” she protests. “I didn’t know that I should bring it.”
“Megan, don’t you realize?” I pull back to look down into her beautiful hazel eyes, my fingers buried in her amazing auburn hair. “You already gave me the best present anyone ever has. You said yes.”
Tears fill her eyes as I begin to move, slowly, in long measured strokes. She bites her lip and squeezes her eyes shut, the tears falling out of her eyes and down into her temples.
She clenches her hot pussy around me and I know I’m not going to last long. I rub my pubic bone against her clit, and that sexy as hell piercing, and send her over into another orgasm.
As she bears down on me, clenching and milking my cock with her muscles, I curse, feeling the heat pool in my low back, my cock stretched so fucking tight my teeth are numb, and cry out her name as I come, pushing into her and finding her hand with mine and twining our fingers.
Finally, after our breath returns, I pull away and walk into the bathroom to wet a washcloth and clean my girl up.
“You like taking care of me,” she murmurs with a sigh.
“I’ll spend the rest of my life making sure you’re taken care of, sweetheart.”
Her eyes go wide as she watches me. “You always say the sweetest things.”
“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” I reply. When she’s clean, I toss the washrag in the bathtub and then cross to the tree in the corner of the bedroom, pulling a package wrapped in gold paper with a big red bow out from under it.
“How did that get there?” she asks with a gleeful smile.
“I’m a good friend of Santa’s,” I reply with a laugh and set the box on the bed as she sits up, pulling her legs under her, eyeing the box and then me.
“What is it?”
“Well, how it works is, you unwrap it to find out.”
“You’re a smart ass. You know that, right?” She laughs and swats me on the arm, but then leans in and plants a lingering kiss on me, nuzzles my nose and then pulls away, leaving me sporting a semi and a wide grin.
“You’d better open that before I tackle you to the bed and have my way with you again.”
“Promises, promises,” she replies and then giggles when I grab her face in my hands and kiss her senseless.
“Okay, no more playing around.” I clear my throat and pin her in a serious gaze. “This is serious business.”
“Okay,” she agrees with a nod, but can’t keep the smirk off her lips. She begins to carefully pull the tape, not wanting to tear the actual paper.
“You’re killing me,” I groan.
Finally, she tosses the paper aside, lifts the lid off the little blue box nestled inside and then gapes at me, her mouth dropped open and eyes wide.
Holy fuck, I’ve finally stunned her speechless!
“So, it’s obviously a bracelet,” I begin and pull it out of the box, unclasp it and place it around her small wrist. The silver shines in the glow of the lit tree, and each small hand-picked charm dangles from the chain. “Each charm means something special to you. This,” I brush my finger over a treble cleft, “is of course because of your love of music.” My heart stills as she smiles softly and tears gather in her eyes again. I can’t stand it when she cries. My strong girl hardly ever cries.
“This one,” I continue, holding a medical symbol on my fingertip, “is for your nursing. And this one,” I smirk, “is for the mustang.” She laughs, brushing her finger over the running horse. “It seemed appropriate.”
“Totally appropriate,” she agrees. “What is the angel for?”
“For Nick,” I reply softly. Her head snaps up in surprise at the mention of the young boy’s name. He was her patient, and losing him was horrible on her. “He’s stayed with you, sweetheart, and now you have something to remind you of him too.”
She wipes at the tears on her face and watches me with all the love in the world.
“What about this?” she asks.
“It’s the Chinese symbol for strength. Because you’re the strongest person I’ve ever met in my life.” I rub her bare back soothingly, from the nape of her neck to the two dimples above her ass. “And I know you don’t love football,” I chuckle as I point out the silver football, and last charm, on the bracelet. “But I didn’t know what else to put on there for me.”
“I love football because you love it,” she murmurs and then turns her big, wet eyes up to mine. “I love you so much. I didn’t know I could love anyone the way I love you.”
“Sweetheart,” I whisper and wrap my arms around her slender shoulders, pulling her against me for a big hug. I bury my lips in her hair and breathe her in. “Merry Christmas my love.”

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