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Interview (Trailer and Giveaway!) with Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett from Naked and All In by Raine Miller

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We are so HAPPY to welcome to our blog today the gorgeous Ethan Blackstone and beautiful Brynne Bennett!  Enjoy a favorite scene of ours from Naked below!


Watch an AMAZING trailer from the very talented Becca Manuel (Becca the Bibliophile) below – you will not want to miss this!


And if that’s not ALL – Enter below for GREAT PRIZES from Raine Miller!



“Like you.”  He whispered the rest.  “I want the real thing.  I want you underneath me.  I want to get off with you.”  His blue eyes never left mine.  He did not let go of my chin either.  He held me firm and made me acknowledge his words.

“Why, Ethan?”

His thumb flicked out and brushed my jaw.  “Why does anyone want anything?  It’s just how I react to you.”  His eyes rolled over me and got that smoky look in them.  “Come home with me.  Be with me tonight, Brynne.  Let me show you.”


Conversation Key
ShhMomsReading – bold font
Byrnne – response in red font
Ethan – response in blue font
Narrative – standard font


Hi Brynne and Ethan!  Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today!  We are so excited to meet you in person after everything we have heard about you from Raine!

“Thank you for having us,”  Brynne says with a friendly smileEthan has a hold of her hand and doesn’t look nearly as comfortable as she does but when she smiles up at him, his expression softens a little.


Ethan – we had heard that your first interview ever was with Becca the Bibliophile and we wanted to do a follow up as we were so surprised that it was your first interview!  Thank you for bringing Brynne along

Ethan gives me a nod and that half smile/smirk he’s so good at.  “Not at all.  In fact, you can ask Brynne most of the questions if you want.”  He winks at her and she shakes her head at him.  *They are really cute with each other*


We will start with the tough ones first…we hope you don’t mind…

Ethan – after accepting the job from Brynne’s dad to protect her and then meeting her and falling for her, did it ever come to mind that you should tell her the truth from the start?  Your letter said you didn’t want to hurt her but didn’t you think that keeping the truth would hurt her more?

“Oh, many times it came to mind that I should tell her.”  He looks a little pained.  “What can I say but I fucked up.  I knew it, Brynne knew it.  It’s a huge regret and I don’t know why I did it except I couldn’t bear for her to be scared.  There was this lovely girl, unaware of the ugliness surrounding her and I just didn’t want to bring it into her world…”  He shrugs and shifts a bit closer to Brynne.  “I wanted her to be able to just go on with her life and be happy.”


Brynne – how did it make you feel after you found out?  Why did you run away so quickly rather than staying to hear Ethan out?

Brynne takes a deep breath and purses her lips together before she speaks.  “Well, it’s hard for me to talk about.  I only share with a very few people working on it but I guess, for me it was finding out that Ethan knew what happened to me back in high school.  He didn’t know of course, but I thought he did and it was the ultimate betrayal for me.”  She looks down at their hands and Ethan’s thumb caressing slowly over her wrist.  “I don’t do secrets…”


Ethan – being an expert in security do you have any ideas as to who sent the video to Brynne?  What do you think you will do when you find out who it is?

Ethan’s jaw tightens and his eyes get very, very cold.  Brynne stiffens in her seat and looks around the room.  “I’m digging into it and no avenue will be overlooked.”  His eyes flare.  “I’ll find them and let’s just say whoever sent it, will have a reckoning day with me.” 

Brynne looks over at Ethan and then back to me.  “I don’t like to think about it, so I focus on other things now,” she says with a shrug.


Why do you think that the physical aspect is always SO good for you both?  What is it about each other that makes it so solid?

Brynne blushes red and looks down at her lap.

Ethan looks uncomfortable and just shakes his head.  “Seriously?  Umm…no comment on that one.”


Brynne – I know for some women, it’s hard to be with a possessive, jealous, dominating guy while other women just love it – what do you think it works for you?  Does it ever bother you?  What do you do to calm him down?

She laughs and grins at Ethan who strokes a hand over his goatee in a nervous gesture.  “Oh I don’t know.  Ethan just works for me and has from the first night we met.  And yes, sometimes he is bossy and a huge handful,” she says lightheartedly with a nudge into his shoulder, “but I can tame the beast most of the time.”  She winks at me.  “I have my ways.”

Ethan just shakes his head and keeps quiet.


In 5 years, where do you see yourselves?

Ethan answers right away before Brynne can speak a word.  “We’ll be together.”  He picks up her hand and kisses it.



Ok now some easy fun questions!  If you could both give your responses, that would be great!


Quirky habit?  “Ethan talks to Simba.”  Brynne giggles.

“She never has an umbrella.”  Ethan looks annoyed.  “I mean, she lives in London.  It rains a lot.”


Favorite position?  Brynne’s eyes widen.  Ethan shakes his head at me.  “Nope.”


Favorite part of the body and why?   “I like hands because they can make sense of the world through touch.  Hands also create things from art to poetry to making ideas into form,” Brynne says.

“I am a leg man and Brynne has a magnificent pair.”

“Thank you,” Brynne says to him.

“Welcome, baby,” Ethan shoots back.


Coffee or Tea?  “Coffee,” they both respond at the same time.


Favorite book?  “Mine is, ‘Mansfield Park’ by Jane Austen,” Brynne answers immediately.

‘Positively Fifth Street,’ by James McManus is mine.  It’s a memoir about his life as a poker player.”


Favorite song that reminds you of each other?  “That’s easy for me,” Ethan says.  Butterfly’ by Crazy Town reminds me of Brynne.  She is definitely a sexy, sexy little thing…”  Ethan looks pretty smug after that answer.  Brynne gives him a playful punch in the shoulder.

“My song is ‘Honey and the Moon’ by Joseph Arthur.  It reminds me of myself and how I feel about Ethan.”  She seems to get shy and looks down at their hands again.  Ethan goes back to stroking hers with his thumb.


Brynne – Ethan calls you his “beautiful American girl”, do you have a nickname for him too?  She shakes her head softly.  “Sometimes I call him ‘baby’ and he likes that.”


Thank you so much for participating in your first interview together!  We are honored to have met you and look forward to reading and hearing more about you from Raine!

Ethan is up almost instantly and shaking our hands.  He’s ready to go.  Brynne is very gracious and thanks us for the invitation.  She waves goodbye as Ethan guides her out of the room, his hand pressed solidly to her back. 


Gosh they make a stunning couple.  He always has his hands on her.  We noticed he never let go of her for the entire time they were here.  Wow…to have someone love you like that…sigh……



Trailer created by the VERY talented Becca Manuel (Becca the Bibliophile)


One lucky Grandprize Winner will win the Blackstone Affair Charm Bracelet. One lucky runner-up will win ebook copies of Naked and All In. Enter below using Rafflecopter. Winner will be selected January 31st! Good luck!




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25 Responses to “Interview (Trailer and Giveaway!) with Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett from Naked and All In by Raine Miller”

  1. Becca M

    Fabulous Job! Didn’t Ethan and Brynne take your breath away – they are so beautiful 😉 Thanks for sharing the Trailer too! XO

  2. Kimberly Creamer

    They are simply and AMAZING couple – soul mates from the words “It’s a very bad idea, Brynne” Ethan will look after her FOREVER!

  3. Alyssa @ Hesperia Loves Books

    Loved the interview!! I’ve been wanting to read this series for awhile now, unfortunately I just haven’t had the chance. It’s now moving to the top of my TBR list because any book that I picture David Gandy as the lead, is one that I HAVE to read!

    The trailer is fantastic, Becca did an amazing job bringing the book to life!

  4. Clezzy28

    Thanks for this interview!! I’m actually waiting for their interview after reading both Naked and All In!! I’m so excited for the 3rd book.. ^_____^

  5. Anel Lucia Gavin

    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing there comments. Trying to PATIENTLY wait for the next book

  6. Neva

    Such fun! I adored Naked, so this is a lovely reminder that I’ve gotta move All In up my TBR list pronto. And wow, that charm bracelet is brilliant!

  7. Jill Fischer

    What an amazing series! Im definately hooked!! I cant stop thinking about where the story will go next! LOVE RAINE MILLER!!

  8. Jen Gerschick

    That was FUN! I can’t wait for the next book, enjoy reading Raine Miller books 🙂

  9. Maggie K.

    I loved the interview – they are an adorable couple. I admit to having the hots for Ethan but I am sure Brynne doesn’t mind 🙂

  10. Krystal

    This is a nice giveaway and an awesome interview of one of my fave couple. I hope I can win this time :>

  11. lorraine m

    Nice interview, I liked when Ethan picked up Brynne’s hand to kiss it after your where do you see youeself in five years, question so sweet!

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