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Irish to Kat from Fighting for Irish by Gina L. Maxwell

Gina Maxwell
I don’t have much experience celebrating Valentine’s Day, but this being our first, I wanna do something to make it memorable. Only you know I’m not the best when it comes to the romantic stuff. So I asked advice from the one who knows you best. No, not Vanessa.
Now, being that he’s a cat–and a damn mischievous one at that–he started off with some pretty lousy suggestions. Like taking you to the local fish market and buying you the biggest Ahi Tuna you can carry home…so you can share it with your cat. Or making you a large ball of yarn “from the heart”…so you can spend quality time with your cat.
But eventually–with a little encouragement (and the promise of a trip to the vet for some needless vaccinations and backdoor temp-checking)–he quit screwin’ around and gave me some pretty good ideas that I put together for what I hope will be a nice night.
Here’s a gift certificate to go to the spa with your sister and get a bunch of girly stuff done to make you feel good while Jax and I try to beat the crap outta each other and the team at the gym. Then later tonight when the moon is out, head to “our spot” on the beach. I’ll have a fire started and dinner ready (I gave in and chose grilled Ahi so we can take leftovers back to Murph). After that, what we do under the moonlight is entirely up to you. (But I’m hoping it involves you being naked.)
I hope you already know how much I love you. How necessary you are to me. But just in case, I’m gonna try and show you again tonight. So whattya say…
You with me, kitten?
Happy Valentine’s Day,
~ Irish
P.S. Murphy was actually your smart-ass brother-in-law. Which was why he was sporting a fat lip last week. Heh.
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