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LAF Bonus Chapter / Dungeon

Wheland parked his Porsche outside the infamous Los Angeles dungeon and sex club, Black Star.  He cut the engine of his car and silenced the Metallica song blasting from the speakers.  He glanced at Rooster and watched him thoughtfully as he studied the building before them.  Wheland took a moment to appreciate Rooster, wearing soft leather pants, no shirt, and boots.  He looked delicious.  An overhead security light in the parking lot illuminated the front seat of Wheland’s car and cast beautiful shadows over the hard planes of muscle on Rooster’s bare chest.  Wheland released a breath.  He felt very blessed to have Rooster to share every aspect of his life… including the kink side of him that until Rooster, he hadn’t felt comfortable to show.

“So, this is the place?” Rooster asked Wheland.

Rooster’s question pulled Wheland out of his trance.   “Yeah, this is it,” Wheland said.

“You took lessons here?” Rooster asked.

“I was trained here for the types of play I was interested in,” Wheland said.

Wheland watched Rooster’s Adam’s apple working beneath the skin of his throat.  Rooster looked anxious and Wheland didn’t want him to be.  Having a nervous edge was one thing, but being fearful was a whole other beast.  They had talked for weeks about coming here and Rooster was all for making the trip.  Rooster genuinely seemed to want this experience with Wheland, but now that they were sitting outside the place, Wheland could see and feel Rooster’s hesitation.

“Second thoughts?” Wheland asked and reached for Rooster’s hand.

Rooster twined their fingers together and squeezed.  “No, I haven’t changed my mind, but there are a lot of cars here.”

Wheland nodded.  “It’s always busy on a Saturday night.”

He watched Rooster’s eyes look across the parking lot at the building again.  From the outside, the structure didn’t look like much.  It was ordinary in every way and appeared to be nothing more than an old, brick warehouse, but inside was anything but ordinary.

“I have something for you to wear,” Wheland said and reached into the pocket on his leather vest.  He pulled out a two-inch wide strip of leather with ties on each end and a silver loop attached at the center.  Wheland dropped Rooster’s hand and leaned closer to drape the leather strip around Rooster’s neck.

“Is this a collar?” Rooster asked.

“That’s exactly what it is,” Wheland said.  He tied the two ends of leather together and pulled it tight enough for Rooster to feel it, but not enough to restrict his breathing.  “You need to wear this while we’re in there.  It will show everyone you belong to me.  Once we get inside, we’ll be “in scene”, so unless you safe word, I’ll keep going.  Do you understand?”

Rooster nodded and his fingers ran the length of the collar.  “I’m ready.”

“Do you remember what to call me?” Wheland asked.

“Yes, sir.”

Wheland smiled, enormously proud of his man.  They had worked slowly toward this point over the last few weeks and Wheland had tested every last one of Rooster’s boundaries and triggers.  Wheland had become very keen at reading Rooster’s body language and especially his eyes.  The slightest arch of an eyebrow spoke volumes to Wheland and told him exactly what Rooster needed in that moment.  Wheland closed the distance between them in the car and gave Rooster a possessive kiss, mashing their lips and teeth together before soothing the sting with gentle swipes of his tongue.

“Trust me?” Wheland asked.


“Good to hear,” Wheland said.  “Let’s go.”

The interior was five thousand square feet of hedonistic play space sectioned off into various rooms of different sizes.  In the largest room the red brick walls were painted black and held numerous types of bondage equipment and furniture built for this type of play.

“Sir Lancelot,” the doorman greeted.  “It’s been a while.”

Wheland nodded at the shirtless, muscled man and ignored the quizzical look and half-smile from Rooster.  He probably should have warned Rooster of the play name he took during his training sessions.  It was too late for that now because they were “in scene” and he wouldn’t break it, unless absolutely necessary.

He directed Rooster deeper into the club, passing several couples dressed in leather gear and some hardly dressed at all.  Wheland glanced around the crowd of about forty plus people and noticed the majority of the guests tonight were men.  Some were submissive men looking for a Dom, and there were a few established couples like Wheland and Rooster there to play, too.  Wheland could also see the approving glances Rooster was getting from the other men and that made him feel good.  Fully clothed… or completely naked, Rooster was a gorgeous man.

Wheland walked into the center room.  There were three Saint Andrews crosses set up in the middle on a raised platform and several fuck benches and swings positioned nearby.  Two of the crosses were currently being used for scenes with blindfolded men spread out and harnessed on them.  One of the fuck benches was also occupied by two men; one was naked and bent over the edge of the cushioned top while the other man used a dildo on his ass.  The groans of the man could be heard above the pulsing music that played softly in the background.

Wheland’s intention was to watch for a bit and let Rooster settle in to the vibe of the room, but when he glanced at Rooster the body language Rooster displayed told Wheland his man was ready to go.  He could practically see Rooster’s body vibrating with energy.

Wheland took those cues from Rooster and led him to the empty cross.  A small crowd was gathering around the platform and several more men and a few women were filtering in from the adjoining rooms.  Some took seats while others chose to stand.  Wheland gripped Rooster’s chin and pulled Rooster’s focus to him.  He held Rooster’s gaze for a few seconds and took several deep breaths, which prompted Rooster to do the same.  He didn’t want Rooster to get nervous with all the eyes on him and the breathing always helped to put him in a good head space.

“Face the cross,” Wheland directed.  He watched Rooster take his place in front of the giant X, then stepped behind Rooster and pressed his chest to his bare back.  “You will listen to my voice and nothing else.  Understood?” Wheland said beside Rooster’s ear.  He waited for Rooster to nod and then gave his next instruction.  “Lift your arms.”  Rooster did what was asked of him and Wheland attached his wrists to the cross using the leather cuffs.  “Spread your legs,” Wheland ordered and then he used the leather straps on the cross to attach Rooster’s ankles.

Wheland’s hands traversed Rooster’s smooth back and shoulders, then out the length of his muscled arms before his fingers danced lightly over each vertebra down to the waistband of Rooster’s leather pants.  Wheland’s cock was at half-staff when they entered the club and now with the visual of Rooster spread and restrained for him against this cross, he was painfully hard.  He tipped his hips forward and ground his erection into the leather pants covering Rooster’s tight ass.

“I am going to fuck you so hard in front of all these people,” Wheland said and rubbed the ridge of his shaft into Rooster’s hip.  “That’s your fantasy, isn’t it, to be watched taking it deep by a room full of total strangers?”

“Yes, sir.”

Wheland nuzzled his face into the warm bend of Rooster’s neck and growled.  His hips continued to rock against Rooster’s body.  “I’m going to give you that fantasy tonight, but first we’re going to play.”

Wheland stepped away from the cross and collected a few things from a wall display to use on Rooster and set the items on a small wooden table at the base of the platform.  He selected a leather flogger and a blindfold first and moved back to Rooster.  Wheland slipped the black cloth over Rooster’s eyes and tied it at the back of his head.  Then he took the flogger and slapped it against his palm for Rooster to hear.  He saw Rooster shiver and stepped closer.  Using steady strokes, Wheland began to swish the leather tethers against Rooster’s bare skin and slowly increased the intensity until the swishing became more like lashes.  Up and down Wheland snapped the flogger at Rooster’s back.  Long red welts began to appear in crisscross patterns on Rooster’s flesh and Wheland took a break to rub the sting out of Rooster’s skin with his fingers.

Wheland moved away again and took the long, wooden spanking paddle from the table.  He offered Rooster a soothing caress to his ass cheeks with his hand before the crack of the paddle in the same spot could be heard.  Rooster groaned and Wheland used the paddle again and again, each strike with just enough force to leave a red mark but not to bruise.  Wheland began to alternate strikes using the flogger and the paddle and the level of Rooster’s moans became louder.  Every decibel Rooster’s voice rose, the more Wheland’s need became to be buried inside Rooster.

He pressed himself to Rooster’s backside again and felt the heat radiating from the inflamed skin.  The warmth felt nice against his own sweat slicked chest.  He pulled off his leather vest and dropped it onto the platform beside his feet and used the moisture on his chest to slide against Rooster.  Wheland’s arm looped around Rooster’s waist and dropped lower to cup the bulge that strained against the zipper of Rooster’s leather pants.

Wheland squeezed Rooster’s cock and both of them growled.  “You like that?”

“Yes, sir.  Very much.”

Wheland nipped at Rooster’s earlobe.  “I’m releasing the restraints at your wrists and ankles and then you’re going to drop to your knees and take me into your mouth.”  Wheland undid the buckles at Rooster’s ankles first, then went to work on his wrists.  He rubbed the muscles in Rooster’s shoulders and arms then spun him around and crossed his wrists at the small of his back before he used a short piece of rope to wrap around them.  Wheland applied pressure to the top of Rooster’s head and his beautiful sub dropped to his knees before him.  Rooster adjusted his arms by rolling his shoulders and steadied himself on his haunches.

Wheland began to unbutton the waistband of his leather pants and tugged down the zipper.  Rooster was still blindfolded and kept his face level and pointed forward.  Wheland separated the flaps of leather and watched as his cock sprang free from its confines and then he took a step closer to Rooster.

“Open your mouth,” Wheland commanded and gripped the side of Rooster’s neck.  He used his thumb to tilt Rooster’s chin up.  The angle elongated Rooster’s throat and displayed the leather collar wrapped around his man.  The meaning behind that collar hit Wheland right in the heart and made his breath hitch.  He watched Rooster’s Adam’s apple bob once and Rooster’s lips parted and his jaw went slack to open for Wheland.

Wheland pressed down on his shaft and guided the tip of his cock to Rooster’s extended tongue.  He set the head on the flat width, then slowly slid inside the wet heat of Rooster’s mouth.  Wheland sucked in a breath and placed his hand on the back of Rooster’s head and started thrusting.  Pleasure raced through his veins and made him stagger.  He regained his footing and pushed into the back of Rooster’s throat.  His cock pulsed and Rooster moaned around Wheland’s shaft.

Wheland glanced out at the gathered spectators in front of the platform.  His eyes bounced from person to person and the hungry gazes staring back at them.  A few of the men openly palmed themselves as they watched Rooster sucking on him.  Seeing their reaction had Wheland thickening even more inside Rooster’s mouth.  His eyes continued to roam the crowd and then froze on one face that looked familiar.


Wheland’s hips stilled.  He twined his fingers in the soft hair at the back of Rooster’s head and tugged.  “Enough,” he demanded.  “Stand for me.”  He gave Rooster a minute to rise to his full six-foot plus height, then pulled him tight to his chest for a possessive kiss that had Rooster swaying in his arms.  Wheland pulled back from the kiss and drew in a deep breath.  He set his forehead to Rooster’s and thought about what he should do about the new twist in their night.  Wheland had two choices.  He could either tell Rooster who was in the audience or keep it to himself.  Simple as that.

A few seconds passed and then Wheland finally spoke, “We know someone in the audience,” he said.  “Do you wanna use your safe word?”

Wheland felt Rooster’s body tighten and heard the sharp intake of air filling his lungs.  He didn’t have to wait long for Rooster’s answer.

“I’m good,” Rooster said.  “Keep going.”

Wheland made a growling sound and took Rooster’s mouth again.  Rooster’s fantasy of being watched was about to take on a whole new meaning with a friend in the audience.  Wheland reached behind Rooster and untied the rope that bound his wrists together.  For now he’d keep the blindfold covering Rooster’s eyes in place.  Wheland turned Rooster around and guided him off the platform and over to one of the empty fuck benches.  He dropped to his knees and began to untie Rooster’s boots and removed them from his feet along with the socks.  Next he released the button at the waistband of the leather pants and pulled down the zipper.  Wheland stood up in front of Rooster and pushed his hands down the back of Rooster’s open pants and cupped his firm cheeks.

“Your ass is mine,” Wheland hissed and Rooster made a humming sound.  “Do you want me to show everyone here how much your ass belongs to me?”

Rooster’s head fell back over his shoulders.  “Yessss,” he said.

Wheland jerked Rooster firmly to his body and warmth spread through him.  Rooster lifted his head at the sudden movement and the heat of his breath bathed Wheland’s face.  Wheland leaned forward and licked at Rooster’s bottom lip before taking a nip of the plump flesh.  Using both hands, Wheland pushed the tight pants over Rooster’s gorgeous ass revealing it to the gathered guests in the room.

“Can you feel the heat of their gazes?” Wheland asked.

“Mmmm, yes,” Rooster said.

“Are you ready to give me your safe word?”

“No, sir.”

“Good,” Wheland responded and pushed Rooster’s pants down his legs all the way to his ankles.  “Step out of them.”  Rooster held on to Wheland’s shoulders and did what he was told.  Wheland tossed the pants off to the side and pulled Rooster against him again.  “Take off my boots.”

Rooster went back to his knees and began undoing the laces to Wheland’s boots.  He worked the first boot off Wheland’s heel and then the second.  He kept his face pointed forward waiting for his next directive from Wheland.

“Stand up,” Wheland ordered.  “Take two steps forward.”

Wheland waited until Rooster was directly in front of him before he ran his fingers down the center of Rooster’s chest.  His hands moved around Rooster’s waist and roamed his back, down to his narrow hips and settled on his butt.  Wheland gripped Rooster’s flesh harshly.  His fingers dug in to the muscles and pulled the cheeks apart to expose the crease and the hole hidden inside.  Rooster swayed in his arms and Wheland smiled against the shell of Rooster’s ear.

“You like being exposed like this for everyone to see?” Wheland whispered.

Rooster nodded and gasped when Wheland’s fingers trailed the depth of his warm crease.  Between their bodies, Wheland’s cock was still poking out of his pants and rubbed against Rooster’s.  Both their tips were sticky with pre-come.  Wheland’s middle finger probed lower and found the indent to Rooster’s hole and Rooster’s cock flexed between them.

“Fuck, baby!” Wheland said.  “You are so responsive to my touch.”  Wheland spun Rooster around again.  “Step forward.”  Wheland moved with him until Rooster was a few inches from the hip-high bench table.  “There’s a fuck bench in front of you,” Wheland said and placed his hand between Rooster’s shoulder blades and pressed.  “Chest down.”  Rooster folded at the waist and shivered when the cold vinyl covering of the table touched his chest.  “Arms in front of you on the table.”

Rooster did as instructed and, one at a time, Wheland attached Rooster’s wrists to the leather cuffs bolted at the sides of the table.  Wheland used his booted foot to tap against the inside of Rooster’s ankle.  “Spread for me.”  Once Rooster’s legs were shoulder width apart on the floor, Wheland used the leather straps on the wooden legs of the bench to bind Rooster’s ankles.

Wheland took a moment to soak in the sight of Rooster’s naked body harnessed to the table and smiled at his handiwork.  He tucked his erection back into the open fly of his pants and walked over to the table to gather the toys he had selected for Rooster and returned to the fuck bench.  With the flogger in hand, Wheland approached Rooster and delivered a firm lash against Rooster’s back.

An elongated moan rumbled from Rooster’s mouth and Wheland bent over beside Rooster’s face.  “You ready to use your safe word?” Wheland asked.

“I’m good,” Rooster said.

Wheland snapped the flogger again and watched the long leather strips slap against Rooster’s smooth back.  The next slap of the leather hit Rooster’s ass.  Over and over, Wheland alternated his strikes to land on Rooster’s back, ass, and hamstrings.  After a couple of minutes, Rooster’s skin was a nice shade of pink and red.

Wheland stood between Rooster’s spread legs and folded his body over Rooster’s.  The heat radiating from Rooster’s reddened flesh was intense.  Wheland rubbed his chest against Rooster’s back.  His hands ran the length of Rooster’s stretched arms and massaged the muscles.  He pressed his face into the bend of Rooster’s shoulder.

“Still good?” Wheland asked.

Rooster nodded and Wheland’s hands moved lower, skimmed over his ribs and rested on his narrow hips.  The pads of his fingers pressed in to the flesh, then his large hands caressed Rooster’s ass before his fingers ran the length of Rooster’s crease.  Wheland’s thumb paused on Rooster’s indent and he heard the harsh intake of air from Rooster.  It sounded like a hiss and Wheland smiled.            Wheland reached into his back pocket and took out a small packet of lube and a condom.  He slicked his fingers and slid one, then two, inside Rooster and spun them.  Rooster’s back stiffened and lifted off the table; his arms strained in the wrist restraints.  Wheland pressed a hand between his shoulder blades and soothed him with a kiss to the nape of his neck.

“Relax for me, babe,” Wheland said beside Rooster’s ear and Wheland felt Rooster’s muscles go slack.  Wheland spun his fingers again and scissored them inside Rooster’s tight channel and Rooster moaned.  Wheland turned his head and glanced at their audience.  It seemed the entire club had gathered to watch them and that aroused the fuck out of Wheland.  In the very front of the crowd he saw Dante standing there, his face flushed with need, and his hand stroking his cock.  Seeing that spiked his own arousal.

Wheland used his teeth to open the condom packet, rolled it down the length of his shaft, and coated his cock with lube.  Holding on to Rooster’s hips, he pressed his tip to Rooster’s opening and glanced over his shoulder at Dante.  He held Dante’s gaze as he eased inside Rooster and Dante’s hand moved faster on his cock.  Wheland saw Dante sway on his feet and the man beside Dante reached to steady him.

Wheland pushed his pants below his ass and pushed all the way inside Rooster.  He stretched out over Rooster’s back and his hand rubbed Rooster’s head.  “Do you want to see who’s watching me fuck you?” he asked.

Rooster nodded and Wheland untied the blindfold.  He tossed it beside the table and grabbed the back of Rooster’s head and pulled him in for a possessive kiss.  Wheland’s hips began a slow glide in and out of Rooster and their kiss deepened.  By the time Wheland let go of Rooster’s head he felt like they were flying.

“Mine,” Wheland whispered.  “Forever.”

Wheland lifted up and snapped his hips forward.  He watched Rooster’s eyes open and the recognition that floated across them.  Wheland followed Rooster’s line of vision and spotted Dante, closer now, and still stroking his cock and he wasn’t the only one.  Wheland’s hips moved in time to Dante’s strokes, punishing thrusts deep into Rooster, until everyone around them was moaning.

Wheland’s grip on Rooster’s hips was so harsh now he knew he’d be leaving bruises.  Still he kept up the relentless pace of his thrusts and maintained eye contact with Dante.  Dante stumbled again and his head fell back over his shoulders as he came.  One hand collected his release, while his other continued to palm his cock through the obvious aftershocks of euphoria.

Watching Dante explode like that tipped Rooster over the edge. Wheland felt Rooster’s channel clamp down around his cock and he came with a roar.  Wheland wasn’t far behind Rooster.  One last snap of his hips and Wheland groaned along with Rooster as he released.

Dante grabbed a box of tissues at the side of the room and cleaned himself up.  He caught Wheland and Rooster’s eyes and smiled broadly before he tucked himself back into his pants and moved through the crowd to leave.

Wheland collapsed over Rooster’s back again and kissed him through the aftershocks.  Once their breathing slowed, Wheland pulled out of Rooster and cleaned him before undoing the restraints at his wrists and ankles.  He massaged each limb before pulling Rooster into him for a tight embrace.  Wheland held Rooster in his arms, silent for several moments before he spoke.

“You okay?” Wheland asked.

“Never better,” Rooster said, his voice a breathy whisper.

“I love you so much,” Wheland said.

“Love you, too,” Rooster said.

“It looks like Dante enjoyed the show,” Wheland said.

“He finally got his wish to watch us,” Rooster said.

“You cool with that?” Wheland asked.

“Total turn-on to see him lose it like that,” Rooster said.

Wheland chuckled and lightly kissed Rooster.  He led them from the room and toward a place for them to finish cleaning up and get dressed.  “You’re okay with everything else?”

“I can’t wait to come back,” Rooster said.

Wheland’s smile was so big his cheeks were cramping.  One more thing for him to love about Sonny Roostarelli… they both shared the same kink for restraints and being watched.

Life was good… very good, for both of them.