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Mal to Anne from Play by Kylie Scott


Dear Pumpkin,

I got you nothing for Valentine’s Day. No, wait…let me explain. I was gonna get a masseuse out to rub you down and make you all relaxed. But I don’t want no one touching you except me. (Plus, the only masseuse Ben had a number for is some busty chick who wears a bikini. I told him that wasn’t your thing. He said to double check and if you said yes he wants to watch. But I’m pretty damn sure you’re not gonna go for that one.)

Then I thought, maybe I’d get you some sex toys. You know, some plugs and vibes and stuff. Only, you’ve already got me and everyone knows I am the ultimate sex toy. I’m perfectly happy to stick whatever bit of me you want into whatever part of yours you like. Wanting more would just be greedy, right? Right.

Then Davie was all like ‘you have to buy her chocolates and flowers and shit’. Honestly, how boring is that? Done to death. Jimmy didn’t even remember it was Valentine’s Day, the useless douche.

So, I got you nothing…

Just me.

Lying on our bed.

Bare ass naked.

You might want to get home soon. It’s kinda boring here without you.

Love you,



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