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Mother’s Day with Colton and Rylee from the Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg

Posted on 10 May, 2014 by in Book Spotlight, Fun Stuff, Giveaways, K. Bromberg / 38 comments

shhmothers4Day 4 of our Mother’s Day Event celebrating the wonderful women we love is a bonus scene from K. Bromberg’s Driven Trilogy.


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Mother’s Day Colton’s POV Post


Fucking Rylee.

I adjust myself some, morning wood flying full fucking staff, as I sit down on the foot of the bed and stare at her. Tanned skin against white sheets. She’s on her side, the fabric is resting across her abdomen and is pinned between her thighs – right where I desperately want to be. My eyes devour her perfect tits – nipples pink and tight – then make the logical descent down to that sweet fucking V of her legs. Fucking perfection.

Nothing but sheets? Not anymore…more like nothing but Rylee.

Skin, sweat, and hot fucking damn.

I shake my head and fight my grin. The one that says how in the fuck did I get to the point where one woman and a lack of designer-ass sheets would make me happy as fuck?

I don’t know and I don’t care because hell if I don’t want her right now. But having sex with her – waking her up by licking my way between her thighs until her hands are fisted in my hair and my name is a goddamn scream on her lips, would only take a little bit of the sting away of today’s significance. The question is, what exactly can I do, can I say to make it right for her? Ease the pain in her heart and soul?

And then I see her diamond glint from the sun’s rays. Sparkles of light around the room…of the one thing signifying the only thing that matters anymore, us. The one that says she’s mine. It still punches the air from my lungs when I think about it, about the vows I’ll be making in a few months. How this selfless saint can love an irredeemable sinner like me. But fuck if I’m going to question it anymore. I’m balls deep already, I might as well go all in.

I reach out to touch her, touch that spot on her hip, her mark telling me that we – us – are permanent. I don’t want to wake her up, but I can’t fight it anymore.

Never can when it comes to her.

I crawl my way up her body, and begin tugging on the sheet, sliding it softly from between her thighs. The friction just enough to draw that sigh from her that turns me rock hard faster than fuck.  A soft moan falls from those bee-stung lips of hers as I run the sheet back and forth until her eyes startle awake and her breath hitches.

She looks at me, sleep-drugged violet irises locked to mine and a sluggish smile tugs up one of the corners of her mouth. My God. Fucking Kryptonite.

“Hey,” she murmurs, her body stretching against mine. She turns onto her back, the sheet falling completely off of her now – her heat, my heaven and every fucking inch in between on display.

“Good morning.” And that’s all I can say. Tongue gets fucking tied in my mouth as I stare at her, the pang I wanted to ease from her, hitting me out of the blue. And fuck, the unexpected punch of emotion swamps me momentarily. I know she sees it, can see her eyes widen, register the look on my face, the occasion we’d planned on avoiding mentioning today.

I clench my jaw, my eyes unable to look away from her – my whole fucking alphabet – and  I do the only thing I can think of. I know she’ll be surprised later by the bonfire that the boys and I have planned…but right now, I need to tell her. Need to show her. Need to ease the fucking ache just beneath the surface.

Over what we lost.

For the unknown of if we’ll ever get it back.

I hold her eyes as they narrow and try to ask questions I can’t fucking put into words. I lean down and press a kiss to her bare abdomen. The smooth skin with the faint and jagged scars there reminding us both about how quick fate can change lives. For the worse. For the better. For us.

I keep my lips there, her stomach stills as she holds her breath. I look up to her, see the tears filling the eyes that hold my heart like a goddamn vice, and say, “It may not be today. It may not happen the old fashioned way…but fuck Ry, it’s going to happen someday. If we can’t have any, then we get a surrogate, or we adopt…I’ll do anything to give you that dream of yours. Anything.”

“Colton…” her voice drifts off, a sad smile on her lips, but her eyes never leave mine.

“When it happens…I know you’ll be incredible. I know our child will be the luckiest kid in the world…” I press another kiss to just above her navel, my dick telling me to hurry the fuck up because the scent of her vanilla, the taste of her skin is dragging me under its addictive haze. “… and I think one day a year will never be enough to tell you how great you’ll be…so I’ll start now…and every year after…”

I slide up her body, her taut nipples dragging against my skin, scarring lines of straight up lust into me. I hold her chin still, my whole fucking world in my hands, and smile. “Happy Mother’s Day, Ry.”

Her breath catches and her eyes widen, surprised by my comment but when I press my lips to hers, when I take what’s mine, fuck if I don’t doubt we’ll get there someday.



Shit, she deserves nothing less, she’s my checkered flag.


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38 Responses to “Mother’s Day with Colton and Rylee from the Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg”

  1. Michele Ficht

    K. Bromberg thank you for sharing part of the story that was not in the books. I cannot wait for more. I love this trilogy. Best ever written. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day. <3

  2. Judith Lattin

    Aww, I miss Colton and Rylee so much! This made me cry. Kristy Bromberg you are a STAR!!!


    This just made me cry! I just finished the books two days ago so everything is still fresh in my mind and omg this would of been great to have in the books!!! Love ya K

  4. Dana Digsby

    Awww this was wonderful!!!! Thank you for writing another piece of the Colton & Rylee story! It is more appreciated than you will ever know! Thanks for the giveaway SSShhh mom is reading 🙂

  5. KereCB

    OMG I just love Colton more and more every day… He is so sweet and perfect and love that couple Ry and him are perfect… Thanks For this POV

  6. Clare Flack

    Thank you for the giveaway and this clip from Colton and Rylee <3 cant get enough of them

  7. wendy greer

    I love these books. Thank you so much for sharing this… lol it makes me want more!!

  8. Gennie-Leigh

    Damn Kristy making my emotions go all stupid again! (In a good obv) I love reading anything you write but Colton and Rylee.. I can never get enough!

  9. Michelle

    Colton’s POV made me teary. I loved hearing more from Colton and Rylee. For me it hits close to home since I’ve never been able to get pregnant. I was lucky enough to become a Mom through adoption. After seven years I still am not used to hearing Happy Mother’s Day directed my way and my heart melts every time I hear Mama.

  10. keisha

    Loved it ill take whatever is giving when it comes to colton and rylee but I really wanna see what happens when she actually is pregnant it would be amazing to no their reaction when it actually happened.

  11. Mary Mooney

    I miss Colton & Rylee, thanks for sharing this. Happy Mothers Day and thanks for a great giveaway!

  12. Rolanda Legg

    Thank you Kristy for taking the time and sharing! Happy Happy Mother’s Day xoxoxox

  13. Melinda Allen

    Perfect so f’n perfect! Colton is so sweet! Brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing Colton and Rylee! Much love and Happy Morher’s Day to you!

  14. Melissa G.

    Wow! Just Wow! Mrs. Bromberg, you have the most amazing imagination. Colton and Rylee’s story has touched me in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

  15. Terry Bradford

    Kristy – Thank you sooooooo very much for Colton’s Mother’s Day message to Rylee!!!! I hope you have a Wonderful Mother’s Day! You deserve it for keeping all of your fans HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!

  16. Deborah Bertrand

    Happy mothers day!!!! What a wonderful present from you!!! Rylee snd colton are incredible!!!!

  17. Penny

    Thanks for the give-a-way…..such a sweet story….Happy Mother’s Day

  18. Karen Drummond

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! Hope your family is doing well. Thanks for a little more of Colton and Rylee. Love that you can still add fresh new things to the story. Love this series!

  19. jennifer s

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for more Colton and Rylee I think I could read about them forever!!

  20. Shawna J.

    Thank you this – I miss Colton & Rylee! Favorite trilogy of all! Happy Mothers Day!

  21. Crystal

    By far Colton, is my favorite book boyfriend. Driven series is fantastic. Thank you, for this Mother’s Day from Colton’s POV. Hope this means there will be a continue to the story, would love Rylee and Colton to have a family

  22. J. Razor

    Awww damn… you did it again. Your so awesome!!! I have no words, this little piece is so much thank you!

  23. Barbara Danks

    Thank You! I love Colton & Rylee! Can never get enough of their love story!

  24. Tina Kyle

    Of course I didn’t want it to end! Amazing! Thank you! Needed some Colton & Ry!

  25. Deborah Carlisle

    Oh thanks for this extra read. I love those two and I just finished rereading the trilogy . Question, did the motherhood come the old fashion. Way ???

  26. debbie fornols

    Thanks for sharing. Miss these two. Time for the gap book.

  27. Carla G

    Thank you so much for giving us another glimpse into Colton and rylee happily ever after. I just love these two

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