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New Release: Train Wreck by Elise Faber

Posted on 31 May, 2017 by in Book Blast, Book Spotlight, Elise Faber / 1 comment

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train wreck

1. A chaotic or disastrous situation.
2. An utter catastrophe or mess.
3. A devastating calamity or source of trouble.
4. Pepper O’Brien.

As the daughter of a famed film producer, Pepper O’Brien is Hollywood royalty.

Also, her life sucks.

Because, unfortunately for her, the old adage is true: money can’t buy everything—including grace, true love, or the ability to not screw up every single opportunity her life has brought her.

After her latest disaster, Pepper moves across the country to start over but, as usual, her life has other plans, namely in the form of Derek Cashette, her former teenage crush and now ridiculously handsome friend of her older brother.

Derek is determined to salvage the train wreck of her life and Pepper’s determined not to let him. Her life is her problem and, dammit, why can’t she be her own hero?

But sometimes fate has other plans. Or maybe it’s hormones. Especially when her rescuer comes with a killer smile, a chest Thor would be jealous of, and a butt that any girl just wants to—

We are proud to present Train Wreck by Elise Faber! This is a standalone contemporary romance with a “happy ever after” ending. Be on the lookout for Christine’s review posting next month!

It was the lipstick that pushed him over the edge. Fire engine red. F*cking kissable.
He reeled her in, silky skin beneath his palms, soft curves against his chest, jasmine and vanilla in his nose.
He leaned down.
“Don’t.” A whisper. A plea.
His mouth was a centimeter from hers and those four letters painted his lips. Moist breath. Hot air. She might as well already be kissing him for how effectively that puff owned him.
“I shouldn’t,” he agreed.
“You shouldn’t.” Another breath, another chink in what was fast-becoming a non-existent resistance to Pepper.
“I want—”
Those emerald eyes were brimming with heat, her skin was flushed, her body pressing against his.
But she’d said no.
And so he released her.
Pepper’s eyes slid closed, shuttering that warmth, and she released a shaky breath. “I can’t, Derek.”
His body was on fire, but he nodded.
Eyes opened, sadness in place of desire. The swap was a punch to the gut. “I could never be what you need.”
Gripping the shoes in one hand, Pepper turned and ran barefoot down the beach.
She was gone so fast that she couldn’t have heard him when he said, “I just need you to be you.”


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