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New and Upcoming Releases

Raw Heat September 5th Amazon
Secrets in Death September 5th Amazon
One Night September 5th Amazon
We Own Tonight September 7th iTunes
Dirty Filthy Rich Love September 11th Amazon
Fraternize September 12th Amazon
Autoboyography September 12th Amazon
Play On September 12th Amazon
Delirious September 12th iTunes
Lust September 12th Amazon
Misadventures of a City Girl September 12th Amazon
Dirty Little Secret September 14th Amazon
Wild for You September 14th iTunes
In Too Deep September 15th Amazon
Dear Bridget, I Want You September 18th iTunes
King of Code September 18th Amazon
Exes with Benefits September 18th Amazon
Lucas September 19th Amazon
Five September 19th Amazon
Love Profound September 19th Amazon
My Image of You September 19th Amazon
Arrogant Stranger September 21st Goodreads
The Learning Hours September 26th Amazon
The Heiress September 26th Amazon
Forget you, Ethan September 26th iTunes
Racer September 28th Amazon
Battle Scars October 1st Amazon
The Ghostwriter October 2nd iTunes
Show Me the Way October 2nd Goodreads
Breaking Hollywood October 3rd Amazon
Without Merit October 3rd Amazon
The Indigo Girl October 3rd Amazon
Bad Reputation October 3rd Amazon
Sick Fux October 9th Goodreads
Tempt the Playboy October 9th iTunes
Turtles All the Way Down October 10th Amazon
The Dirty Book Club October 10th Amazon
From this Moment October 10th Amazon
Sure Thing October 10th Amazon
Maverick October 10th iTunes
Sweet Time October 10th iTunes
Most of You October 17th Amazon
Once a Charmer October 17th Amazon
Burn for You October 17th Amazon
Ruthless King October 17th Amazon
The Company October 17th Amazon
Sweet Little Lies October 19th iTunes
Unintended October 20th Amazon
Bountiful October 20th Amazon
Cuffed October 23rd iTunes
Hard Wood October 23rd iTunes
Acquisition October 24th Amazon
Alpha Mail October 24th Amazon
Kevin & Chelsea October 24th Amazon
Wicked Envy October 27th iTunes
Forget You, Ethan October 30th iTunes
Dirty Little Promise October 30th Amazon
Fault Lines October 30th iTunes
Mr. & Mrs. October 31st Goodreads
Miss Fix-It October 31st Amazon
American King October 31st Amazon