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New and Upcoming Releases

Singe February 6th Goodreads
Fake Fiance February 6th Goodreads
Come Closer February 7th Amazon
My Not So Perfect Life February 7th iTunes
Mack Daddy February 13th iTunes
The Cad and the Co-Ed February 13th iTunes
Every Little Thing February 14th Amazon
Like a Memory February 14th Goodreads
In the Moment February 14th Amazon
Preston’s Honor February 17th Goodreads
Wardrobe Malfunction February 18th Amazon
Lost in Between February 20th Goodreads
Nova February 20th Amazon
Paint the Stars February 20th Amazon
Royally Matched February 21st Amazon
Roman February 21st Amazon
Sex Says February 21st iTunes
Meant to Be February 24th Amazon
Cole February 27th iTunes
Mister Wrong February 27th iTunes
Undeclared February 27th Amazon
Cheater February 28th Amazon
Blackbird February 28th iTunes
Sweet Rivalry February 28th Amazon
If You Were Mine February 28th Amazon
For His Eyes Only February 28th Amazon
Running Mate March 1st Goodreads
Dear Agony March 1st Amazon
Grip March 2nd Goodreads
A Boy Like You March 3rd Amazon
Close Enough to Touch March 7th Amazon
The Deep End March 7th Amazon
Blush for Me March 7th Amazon
Every Little Thing March 7th Amazon
Below Deck March 7th Goodreads
Catching Carly March 7th Amazon
Riot March 7th Amazon
Figure Eight March 12th Goodreads
The Play Mate March 13th iTunes
Drunk on You March 14th Amazon
Madly March 14th Amazon
Never Let Go March 14th Amazon
The Cutaway March 21st Amazon
Dirty Filthy Rich Men March 27th Amazon
It Happens All the Time March 28th Amazon
The Night Mark March 28th Amazon
The Hard Truth About Sunshine March 28th Amazon
The Opposite of You March 30th Amazon