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New and Upcoming Releases

Bombshell May 1st Amazon
Pipe Dreams May 2nd Amazon
A Court of Wings and Ruin May 2nd Amazon
Sex in the Sticks May 2nd Amazon
The Light We Lost May 9th Amazon
Real Dirty May 9th Amazon
The Queen and the Cure May 9th Amazon
Worship Me May 9th Amazon
Tinged May 15th iTunes
Sex God May 16th iTunes
The Girl Who Knew Too Much May 16th Amazon
The Wright Boss May 16th Amazon
Dating-ish May 16th Amazon
Plus One May 16th Amazon
God-Shaped Hole May 16th Amazon
Hot Shot May 16th Amazon
Stand May 22nd iTunes
Buns May 23rd Amazon
Cheater’s Regret May 23rd Amazon
Real Sexy May 23rd Amazon
Cheaters Regret May 23rd Amazon
Sexy Stranger May 23rd Amazon
When It’s Real May 30th Amazon
Found Underneath May 30th Amazon
Only With Me May 30th iTunes
The Good Widow June 1st Amazon
Wicked Favor June 5th Amazon
The Farthest Edge June 6th Amazon
Hearts on Air June 6th iTunes
Dating You/Hating You June 6th Amazon
The Story of Us June 13th Amazon
Sugar & Gold June 13th Amazon
Hot Cop June 13th Amazon
Trusting You and Other Lies June 20th Amazon
Tycoon June 20th Amazon
Stay June 20th Amazon
Revenge June 20th Amazon
Raw Need June 27th Amazon
The Impossible Vastness of Us June 27th Amazon
Easy Nights June 27th Amazon
Until it Fades June 27th Amazon
Exploited June 27th Amazon
Midnight Jewel June 27th Amazon
Dr. ER June 27th Amazon