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New and Upcoming Releases

Hard Hitter January 3rd Amazon
Satisfaction January 3rd Amazon
Real Good Man January 3rd iTunes
Vicious January 3rd Goodreads
Ray of Light January 3rd Amazon
Everything You Want Me to Be January 3rd Amazon
Lucian Divine January 9th iTunes
Full Package January 9th iTunes
No Bad Days January 9th Amazon
Break Point January 9th iTunes
Safe Bet January 10th Amazon
Worth the Wait January 10th Amazon
Back Check January 10th Amazon
I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions January 10th Amazon
Separation Games January 11th iTunes
Commander in Chief January 11th Amazon
Egomaniac January 16th iTunes
Love in Lingerie January 16th Goodreads
Next to Never January 17th Amazon
Real Good Love January 17th iTunes
Dirty Secret January 17th Amazon
The Neighborhood January 17th Goodreads
Friction January 18th Goodreads
Running Mate January 20th Goodreads
The Girl Before January 24th Amazon
Raw Deal January 24th Amazon
The Room Mate January 24th Amazon
Casanova January 24th iTunes
Royal Scandal January 24th Amazon
Shadows Seduction January 30th Amazon
Good Boy January 31st iTunes
Exploited January 31st Amazon
Long Way Home January 31st Amazon
Mists of the Serengeti January 31st Amazon
Distraction January 31st Amazon
Come Closer February 7th Amazon
Every Little Thing February 14th Amazon
Wardrobe Malfunction February 18th Amazon
Lost in Between February 20th Goodreads
Royally Matched February 21st Amazon
Roman February 21st Amazon
Cheater February 28th Amazon
Blackbird February 28th iTunes
Sweet Rivalry February 28th Amazon