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New and Upcoming Releases

Undeserving July 1st Amazon
After All July 2nd Amazon
Steal July 3rd Amazon
His Turn July 4th Amazon
The Red July 11th Amazon
Wicked Grind July 11th Amazon
Jilted July 11th Amazon
Wicked Intentions July 11th Amazon
Cocky Client July 13th Amazon
The Darkest Sunrise July 13th Goodreads
Hello Forever July 14th Amazon
Beautiful Mistake July 17th iTunes
Trust July 18th Amazon
Sin July 18th Amazon
Kiss My Boots July 18th Amazon
Lucky Charmed July 18th Amazon
Firefly July 18th iTunes
Flutter July 24th Amazon
Cross Check July 25th Amazon
All or Nothing July 25th Amazon
The Difference Between Us July 25th Amazon
Exploited July 25th Amazon
The Brightest Sunset July 27th Goodreads
Enrage July 31st iTunes
Devil’s Cut August 1st Amazon
The Regulars August 2nd Amazon
Porter August 4th Goodreads
Beneath the Truth August 8th Amazon
The Wright Mistake August 8th Amazon
Wicked Wish August 11th Amazon
Racer August 11th iTunes
Royally Endowed August 14th Amazon
The Soul Mate August 14th Amazon
Wish You Were Here August 15th Amazon
The Beauty of Us August 22nd Amazon
Thousands August 22nd Amazon
Fallen Heir August 28th Amazon
Rebel August 28th Amazon
Three-Piece Meal August 29th Amazon
On a Tuesday August 29th iTunes
Dr. Neuro August 29th Amazon