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Release Day Review: Dear Professor by Blaire Drake

Posted on 14 December, 2015 by in Blaire Drake, Review / 0 comments

Release Day Review: Dear Professor by Blaire DrakeDear Professor by Blaire Drake
on December 14, 2015
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Dear Professor,

Does it bother you that you’re ten years older than me?
Have you ever thought it’s wrong that you watched me fuck another guy on camera for months?
What do you want from me, really? All I wanted was my letter of recommendation, but now I’m stuck, aren’t I? Stuck under your thumb… And your body.
From cam girl to personal whore, and all by the age of twenty-one. You’ve got me good, haven’t you?
But guess what? I can play too. Grab the polish, because I’ve found your skeleton, and it's time to dust.
I’ll see you in class.
Oh and, Sir? I’m not wearing any panties.

Love, Darcy

P.s. you’re an asshole.

WOW! What a debut! When you see quotes like this post on your feed from fellow blogger friends (ahem Angie!), you know are in for a hot, hot, hot read! And boy did I get it!

“I warned you not to push me,” he breathed in a husky voice that had all my nerve endings tingling. 
“I didn’t listen,” I whispered back, gasping as he pulled my hair tighter.
“And that was your mistake.” 

Truth be told, I love forbidden romance..not all the time but when I am in the mood. I just finished Eighteen by J.A. Huss (another forbidden romance that I will post a review for later this week) and just wanted…no scratch that..needed MORE!

Blaire Drake is a new author that I am very much looking forward to reading more of.

So what’s it about?

Darcy is a cam girl, performing for men on a web cam while making a lot of money to help fund her college education. But Darcy isn’t a dumb, she is a lawyer in the making, smart, sassy with dreams of going to Harvard. This job is a means to an end…to help her attain that better life.

She needs one more letter of recommendation and not just from any professor but her history professor, Mr. Asshole himself – Professor Jordan Keaton. But Professor Keaton is no normal teacher because he knows her secret and he will blackmail her to get what he wants in return for her letter of recommendation.

Both characters with pasts, who start off almost hating each other but as the many layers unfold, they challenge each other, they are scared to get close to one another and even more so, they are afraid to open their hearts again.

I have to say that this is probably one of the sexiest, hottest, steamiest books, I have read in such a long time. I am talking panty melting HOT! But what I loved even more about this book was the character development, the growth within the characters themselves and how there were parts that kept me on my toes to the very end because I wasn’t sure how everything would play out, I didn’t know if these characters would be able to break down their walls to something more than just the physical aspect that was just so undeniable between them.

In the end, I am so happy that I changed my reading schedule to add this book in. Dear Professor was completely unique when comparing to other student/teacher romances and left me with a completely satisfied smily on my face (hehe). Blaire Drake is an author to keep an eye out for…I am sure that will be taking this book world by storm! Solid debut! <3

dear professor1 dear professor2 dear professor3


Watch the HOT HOT HOT trailer HERE


About Blaire Drake

Blaire Drake is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author who wanted to think outside her box and write the kind of things that would shock even them. She loves taboo romance and pushing boundaries in her work. She also enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, as long as it’ll be follo
wed by a good, old-fashioned spanking right after.
DEAR PROFESSOR is her debut standalone novel, and her next book, PRETTY PORNSTAR, is also a standalone novel that promises to be equally as taboo and sexy.

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