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Release Day Review and Giveaway: Sincerely, Carter by Whitney Gracia Williams

Posted on 30 April, 2015 by in Book Blast, Book Spotlight, Giveaways, Review, Whitney Gracia Williams / 0 comments

Release Day Review and Giveaway: Sincerely, Carter by Whitney Gracia WilliamsSincerely, Carter by Whitney Garcia Williams
on April 30, 2015

Just friends.
We’re just friends.
No, really. She’s just my best friend...

Arizona Turner has been my best friend since fourth grade, even when we “hated” each other. We’ve been there for one another through first kisses, first “times,” and we’ve been each other’s constant when good relationships turned bad. (We even went to colleges that were minutes away from each other…)

Throughout the years, and despite what anyone says, we’ve never crossed the line.

Never thought about it.
Never wanted to.

Until one night changed everything.
At least, it should’ve ...

Just friends.
We’re just friends.
I’m only saying this until I figure out if she’s still “just” my best friend…

Happy Release Day to one of our favorite authors Whitney Garcia Williams! We love friends to lovers books and you will enjoy this one too! Enter for a chance to win an ebook copy of this book below! Good luck!

I absolutely LOVE Whitney G’s Reasonable Doubt series so when I heard she was writing a secret book, I was DYING to read Sincerely, Carter. Whitney has proven again why she is on my MUST CLICK author list.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE second chance romance stories especially ones where the main characters have known each other as children.

So no joke but Carter and Arizona could not STAND each other as kids. Until the day they decided that they would be best friends forever in fourth (or was it fifth?) grade.

And as in real life, people often times question can a man and woman really be best friends and nothing more???

Time and time again, Carter and Arizona put a smile on my face. Because to me, their friendship was so heartwarming and true.

Sincerely, Carter is one of those feel good books that makes you smile the entire time you are reading it and makes your heart happy. It’s not something that hasn’t been done before and is simply a fun read about an epic love. I laughed, I cried and my heart skipped a beat. I loved their letters, I loved their friendship, I loved this book…PERIOD.

Written in both Carter and Arizona’s POV, I adored experiencing the moment that they looked at each other and really SAW each other for the first time as more than just a friend. Witty, well written, fun and captivating, anyone looking for their next heart happy book should look no further than Sincerely, Carter…you will love it – I promise!




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About Whitney Garcia Williams

A self diagnosed candy addict, travel junkie, and hypochondriac, Whitney Gracia Williams LOVES to write about characters that make you laugh, cry, and want to (in the case of Selena Ross) reach through your Kindle and slap them.

She is the “imaginary bestselling” author of the Jilted Bride Series, Mid Life Love, Wasted Love, and Captain of My Soul.

When she’s not locked inside her room, feverishly typing away on her laptop, she can be found here:

She also loves getting emails from her readers, so if you want to tell her how much you loved (or hated) her stories, email her at!

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