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Release Day Review: Spend the Night III (The Hotel Collection #3) by Elizabeth Lee

Posted on 17 February, 2015 by in Elizabeth Lee, Review / 0 comments

Release Day Review:  Spend the Night III (The Hotel Collection #3) by Elizabeth LeeExclusive: Spend the Night III by Elizabeth Lee
on February 17, 2015
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All games must eventually come to an end…

Hannah's new reality is that someone is stalking her. Aggressively. The only question now is who. Fingers are pointed and accusations are made as every clue leads to her down another twisted path of questions without answers. Her feelings for both Carter and Trent cloud her judgment as the investigation delves deeper into her personal life and into her heart. Carter’s past is a mystery and Trent has every reason to try and make her seem crazy. Her loss would be his gain after all.

Hannah will have to choose, but making the wrong choice will cost much more than a broken heart.

Everyone has a motive.
But only one of them has a plan.

Expect the unexpected in the thrilling conclusion to the Spend the Night series.

Happy Release Day to Elizabeth Lee and the final volume in The Hotel Collection – Spend the Night 3!!

I enjoyed this final installment in the Spend the Night serial! As I may have mentioned before, this is my first time reading Elizabeth Lee and I truly enjoyed my experience. I have mentioned before that I don’t love serials only because once you get into the story, it ends and you have to wait until the next installment but thankfully with this one the wait was not too long in between and I was still interested to pick up the next volume to find out what what happened with the characters.

Lately I have been loving the element of suspense in brings something different to your reading experience. This final installment finally answers a lot of the questions behind who is stalking Hannah and who Hannah will finally end up being with. We can finally breathe with relief to know who she was meant to be with and who deserved her heart the entire time.

I adore epilogues that show us the future and Ms. Lee really did a great job with the ending to this one. It put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart for a couple who was always destined to be together.

I look forward to reading more from this author. I encourage those who love serials to give this one a try – you won’t regret it!


Part I

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Part III


About Elizabeth Lee

Born and raised in the middle of a Midwestern cornfield (not literally, that would be weird), I’ve spent my entire life imagining stories. Stories where the right guy always gets the right girl, first kisses are as magical as they are on the big screen and anything is completely possible if you believe.

Although this journey began years ago, it recently took on a whole new life. After years of devouring hundreds of Romance, YA and New Adult novels, I had an epiphany… I should write a book. And I did it!

If I’m not reading, writing, enjoying drinks with my amazing group of girlfriends or chasing around a sarcastically funny kid, I’m probably watching television shows that were created for teenagers, while my husband teases that I’m too old to watch them.

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