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Review: A Roll of the Dice (Suncoast Society #9) by Tymber Dalton

Posted on 8 December, 2014 by in Review, Tymber Dalton / 1 comment

Review: A Roll of the Dice (Suncoast Society #9) by Tymber DaltonA Roll of the Dice by Tymber Dalton
on September 12, 2014
Pages: 161
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After twenty-five years of marriage, Jenny wants to try something new with her husband, Mike. Her book club’s been reading BDSM fiction. It’s piqued her curiosity enough to make her want to brave a local munch and try things with her husband.

Mike loves Jenny and would do anything for her. But memories of the abuse his mom suffered haunt him, and he refuses to be “that” man. When Jenny tells Mike she wants them to try BDSM, he attempts to keep an open mind despite his personal issues about it.

While meeting people from the local community, Mike makes an effort to give Jenny what she needs despite his desires warring with his conscience. Once his shock and surprise wear off over who he discovers is involved in the alternative lifestyle, Jenny and Mike start forging a new path. But will that journey lead them apart, or bring them closer together?

This book is a stand alone. The Suncoast Society series revolves around people who attend the same BDSM club; though you may see a character from another book, the stories are not connected so feel free to 1-click.

I love this look at Jenny and Mike’s life. When the readers  meet this couple, they have been married for 25 years and are sending their son off to college.

So Jenny and Mike now have their home to themselves and the struggle to be a couple again feels so real. I truly think this is something many readers can relate to, oh and I love reading about a mature couple!

Jenny has read a few kinky books with BDSM themes (another thing  I think many readers can relate to) and is working up the courage to tell Mike she wants to try something new.

I truly felt the tension build between this couple and it felt so real that despite being together for so many years, wanting to explore something new in the bedroom could cause for some miscommunication and on some level fear of rejection.

I adored how Jenny and Mike sought out expert information. Jenny’s fear of pushing her husband away or upsetting him was so well done; the concern that the man you have spent your adult life with might feel like he is not satisfying you.

Experiencing these two slowly develop a Dom and Sub relationship, one that works inside of their marriage, made for a reading experience I think many readers will enjoy; I know I did!

In the end, the balance Jenny and Mike find and their journey to their new happy was truly well done!

I personally loved the use of Tony from The Denim Dom!


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About Tymber Dalton

Tymber Dalton lives in southwest Florida with her husband (aka “The World’s Best Husband™”) and too many animals. The two-time EPIC award winner is the author of over 65 books and active in the BDSM lifestyle she frequently writes about.

When she’s not writing or out shooting skeet with friends, she can be found doing line edits or reading or thinking up something else to write. You can drop her a line through her website/blog and keep abreast of the latest news, views, snarkage, and general ramblings she feels like posting when the mood strikes her.

(Also published writing as Lesli Richardson, Macy Largo, and Tessa Monroe.)

I like to write my stories around the characters. I don’t “plot” my stories, I “pants” them. My characters are rarely perfect (and the perfect ones are usually first fodder for the bad nasties anyway). I like real characters, no matter how fantastic the story, that you can relate to and yet still escape with for a while. This means they’ll have warts and all.

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