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Review and EXCLUSIVE Deleted Scene: Captivated (Club Destiny #4.5) by Nicole Edwards

Posted on 24 March, 2013 by in Nicole Edwards / 6 comments

captivatedMs. Edwards has been kind enough to provide readers with a deleted scene.  Please read this scene AFTER the book as it has spoilers.  The scene is a conversation you don’t see in the book but it helps put things in perspective and yes readers – it will make you love Luke even more!












4.5 STARS!!!


Captivated is a glimpse into the lives of Lucie Werner and Kane Steele after Temptation (Club Destiny, #2)

Lucie Werner’s life has never followed the path she envisioned for herself and five years ago, it veered off course yet again. This time after one erotic night of passion with the man she’d been captivated by since the first day she met him. Only Kane doesn’t remember that night, and until recently, he didn’t know that what they shared resulted in pregnancy and the birth of a beautiful little girl. Now that he knows, Lucie fears he’ll never want anything to do with her again because she kept his daughter a secret from him for so long. The sad truth is, she doesn’t blame him.

Kane Steele had never known the type of rage he was consumed by when Lucie told him he was a father – and that she had kept his daughter a secret from him for nearly five years. Although he can’t remember the events of that one fateful night, Kane can’t ignore the feelings he’s had for Lucie all this time. Now, with the secret out, and his relationship with his daughter on the mend, he finds he still can’t fight what he feels for her. Since his memories of that one night are out of reach, Kane’s ready to make some new memories.

Can the two of them overcome Lucie’s deceit and give in to the maelstrom of heat that’s generated when the two of them are close together? Will Lucie be able to overcome the guilt she feels for holding onto this monumental secret for so long? And will Kane be able to forgive her?

**This book contains a sneak peek of the Prologue from Zane (Alluring Indulgence, #2)

Erotic Romance
Mature Audiences


Denise’s Review

Please read this novella in the order intended for Nicole Edward’s Club Destiny series; if you like your reads hot, with great story lines go start the series NOW. (Reading order provided below).

Ms. Edwards continues to improve with each book and with each book continues to develop characters the reader feel more and more connected to.

Captivated is a short novella about Kane and Lucie. Kane and Lucie’s story was touched on a bit in prior books.  Lucie has Kane’s daughter though he was unaware until Cole, yes we all adore Cole, counsels and supports her decision to tell Kane about Haley their daughter.

Captivated is the story of these two one time lovers now parents to a 5 year old finding their way in this new life they are faced with.

Kane is not what you except based on the prior books. All we really know about Kane is that he was too drunk during his one encounter with Lucie to even remember.

Well, Kane is quickly endearing in readers hearts as readers see his devotion to his daughter, working to find any possible way to connect with her including wanting to include a family counselor to ensure the little girl’s best interests.

Ms. Edwards makes you feel so deeply for her characters; her description of Kane’s reaction the first time his daughter calls him Daddy will melt your heart and likely bring a tear to your eye.

Well now for the hot part – in true Nicole Edwards fashion, the connection between these two is tangible.  Both have things they feel the need to be remorseful for and both feel unworthy of the others love.

The journey that brings these two together left me with a huge smile on my face!

Oh and the end, the end is so heartwarming, and it brings you face to face with many of the prior characters and left me excited for more to come from this wonderful series.

Club Destiny Reading Order

Conviction (#1)

Temptation (#2)

Addiction (#2.5)

Seduction (#3)

Infatuation (#4)

Captivated (#4.5)


EXCLUSIVE Deleted Scene

Wonder how the conversation went between Luke and Cole after Lucie asked Cole to walk her down the aisle? Well, here you go:

Sitting on the couch, his laptop propped in front of him, Luke stared down at the screen, but he wasn’t seeing much of anything. Across from him on the adjacent couch, Cole was mirroring his position with his own laptop, which was the main reason why Luke wasn’t paying much attention to the computer. He kept sneaking glances of Cole – shirtless, of course – admiring every line and ridge of the man’s massive chest. Fuck! Was the air conditioner working?

The ringing of Cole’s cell phone interrupted Luke’s eye fucking moment and he glanced up to look at Cole’s face as he answered. The smirk he received said Cole had been watching him too. That phone conversation was going to have to move along because all of a sudden, Luke had other ideas in mind on how to pass the time rather than pretend interest in his laptop.

“Congratulations!” Cole’s voice boomed with excitement. There was a long pause, followed by Cole’s, “Of course, I will. I’d be honored, honey. Absolutely. I’ll let them know.” Cole hung up the phone and grinned stupidly back at Luke.


Luke couldn’t hide his own smile. That’s what happened these days when Cole or Sierra smiled at him. His love for those two had encompassed his entire being and they managed to eliminate a number of those shadows Luke had felt lingering in his soul for so many years. “Who’re you congratulating?”

Placing his laptop on the coffee table, Luke sat up and faced Cole.

“Lucie. Kane asked her to marry him.”

The news hit him like a two ton piano had been dropped from seven stories up, landing right on his chest. He was happy for his bartenders, but why the hell didn’t they call him to let him know? Glancing down at his cell phone, he noticed that he had definitely not missed a call.

“What the hell’s wrong with you? You’re supposed to be happy for them.” Cole growled, apparently mistaking Luke’s frown for something else.

“I am happy for them. “

What was he supposed to say, “Why did Lucie call you first? Why hasn’t Kane called me?” No, that would make him sound way too needy. As it was, Luke felt like he’d risked losing his man card more than enough times in the last few months. Cole and Sierra brought out the softer side of him that he absolutely didn’t like owning up to.

“She asked if I would walk her down the aisle,” Cole added as he stood, stretching that magnificent body and catching Luke’s eye yet again.

What?” Ok, hell, he hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Well, not like that anyway.


Cole watched Luke, the confusion on his face reflecting his own. “Do you have a problem with me walking her down the aisle?” He couldn’t understand what could possibly be the issue. Cole and Lucie had been friends for a very long time. Even Sierra didn’t have a problem with their friendship. In fact, Sierra had become equally as protective of Lucie, and Lucie’s little girl, Haley, as Cole was.

Luke didn’t answer him directly. He shook his head and stared down at the ground as though searching for something.

“Her father passed away when she was young, Luke. He isn’t around to do the honors,” Cole explained, suddenly feeling the need to defend his own actions.

Luke looked up at him, a sad gleam in his eye that Cole couldn’t decipher. What was bothering him? That Lucie asked him? Or…? No, way. Holy shit. Cole grinned and Luke’s frown deepened. “Did you expect Lucie to ask you?”

Not that the idea was ludicrous or anything. Luke had become much more defensive and protective of Lucie after she had been caught stealing from him. Most people didn’t know Luke the way Cole did, so they didn’t understand the man’s sincere feelings for his employees. Luke had hated that Lucie had been forced to steal liquor and sell it in order to come up with the money for Haley’s medical bills. He’d even set up an account in Haley’s name that he was putting the money Lucie was paying him to replace what she had stolen.

“You did.” Cole laughed incredulously. Hmmm… Maybe he should’ve thought before he acted.

Luke flew up off the couch and eliminated the short distance between them in two steps. Cole stood his ground, coming nose to nose with the sexiest man he had ever known. Luke’s intoxicating scent hit him first, followed by his intensely determined gaze.

“I’m not laughing at you, Luke.” Cole felt the explanation was necessary, although Luke’s anger and frustration only sparked the heat that was a constant between them. Cole wanted to pull Luke against him, to crush his mouth against his until they were too breathless to think.

“I’m going to walk her down the aisle,” Luke stated in that dark, rich voice that told Cole he wasn’t supposed to argue. If he were anyone else, Cole might’ve heeded Luke’s warning. But he wasn’t anyone else and no one had ever inspired these intense sensations inside of him that Luke did. Pushing Luke was one of the best forms of foreplay he’d ever known. There was something to be said about all of those emotions being unleashed when they were together.

“She didn’t ask you, in case you didn’t notice,” Cole taunted.

“I don’t give a shit. I want to walk her down the aisle.” Luke said, heat sparking in his beautiful hazel eyes.

Cole knew Luke probably better than Luke knew himself. Cole wasn’t going to win this one. Even if Lucie begged and pleaded, which he doubted she would, Cole wasn’t going to be the one to walk her down the aisle. The funny thing was, he was all right with that. Seeing any sort of emotion at all within Luke did something to him. For so long, both him and Sierra had been working to get Luke to open up, to share his feelings with them and this was another instance where he could see their hard work had paid off. Not that Cole was necessarily happy about it. Lucie was his friend and Cole had nearly risked his relationship with both Sierra and Luke because of her. Not because he had any feelings for Lucie, but as far as friendships went, Cole didn’t betray his friends and Lucie’s secret had been one that he hadn’t been able to share. No matter how much he had disagreed with her plan to keep Kane from knowing that he was Haley’s father.

“And if I say no?” Cole asked the question, just to taunt Luke a little more.

Much to his surprise, and absolute enjoyment, Luke grabbed the front waistband of Cole’s jeans, pulling him closer until the evidence of Luke’s arousal was pressed intimately against him. His breath caught in his throat as he stared deep into Luke’s eyes, their bodies practically molded together. Without further hesitation, Cole gripped the back of Luke’s neck and crushed his mouth to his, taking everything Luke was offering.

“You won’t say no,” Luke grumbled as he pulled back slightly. “You can never say no to me.”

True. But, God how he loved to tease this man.


Cole had the ability to make Luke’s skin heat up from the inside out. Staring back at him now, Luke knew where this was headed. The same place their misplaced aggression usually took them. And Luke might’ve taken the bait, but he was also aware that Cole liked to push him. He fought the urge to smile at the thought. He didn’t mind because truthfully, Luke enjoyed it. Immensely. Especially when it ended up where he knew this was going.

And Luke fully intended to get to that, but he was going to settle this first. “I want to walk her down the aisle,” he repeated, looking into Cole’s cobalt blue eyes. Cole didn’t bat an eyelash at him. He just stared, probably waiting for Luke to elaborate. That was the fun part. Luke didn’t elaborate unless he absolutely had to.

He wanted to walk Lucie down the aisle, plain and simple. She worked for him and as far he was concerned, Luke considered the two of them to be friends. Although she was still a little skittish around him, Luke still admired her. At first, he’d been reluctant to admit that, considering Lucie had stolen from him, but after hearing her reasoning, he’d had a soft spot for her.

Considering Luke hadn’t yet had the chance to talk to Kane since he’d come back from his vacation, maybe he’d be able to work out a more lucrative position within the company considering the man’s loyalty to the club. He’d have to think that one over a little more.

“Why would you think she’d want you to walk her down the aisle?” Cole asked, obviously tired of waiting for him to answer.

“I’m her boss,” Luke replied, his mouth hovering just a breath away from Cole’s.

“And I’m her friend,” Cole answered, their eyes locked together, their lips almost touching, and the ache in Luke’s chest was growing significantly. He wanted Cole with a passion that still shocked him.

“So am I,” Luke assured his lover, ready to give in to the heat pulsing between them. “How about I ask her and we’ll let her choose?”

The uncertainty that flashed in Cole’s eyes told Luke that he would likely win this argument. He had to admit, Cole’s vulnerability still confused him considering how well he knew the man. Cole was so damned strong in all the ways that mattered – mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. He’d endured a lot, yet he still stood tall and his heart was as big as any Luke had ever known. Another reason he was grateful that Cole hadn’t allowed Luke to push him away despite the number of times he tried.

“We’ll let her choose,” Cole’s voice lowered, his hand roughly pulling Luke even closer, but he still didn’t eliminate all the space between them. “But right now, I choose you. I choose this.”

With that, Cole pressed his lips to Luke’s and obliterated all thoughts with the firm press of his mouth, the sweet, hot taste of his tongue. Yeah, Luke chose this as well. There’d be plenty of time to worry about everything else later. Returning the kiss, Luke growled deep in his chest as he forcefully pushed Cole up against the wall.

He definitely chose this.



About the Author

Nicole lives in Central Texas with her husband, kids and her two dogs. Although she has been writing since a very young age, she has recently ventured into the full time world of writing and is loving every second of it.

She is the author of the Club Destiny series and working on more projects at this time.

6 Responses to “Review and EXCLUSIVE Deleted Scene: Captivated (Club Destiny #4.5) by Nicole Edwards”

  1. Cathy Lasky

    Love this deleted scene. This is the best series I have read. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. marcey

    I’m am so in love with this series. Started with club destiny. Love how the are integrated with another. eachother Great idea. There are so many characters between the two that this story could go on for a long while. I love it. And hot hot hot. You know how to write a sex scene for sure. Love how the characters from one series come into the other series and back. I can’t wait to find out about zane and the undoubted retribution the walker brothers will instill upon the culprits. I have no doubt that you will do justice for him. Thanks so much for introducing me into their lives. I’m there until you decide to end it. Thanks again. Marcey

  3. marcey

    By the way thanks for the deleted scene I was wondering how that came about that Cole was asked and then it changed to Luke walking her down the aisle. Not sure why it was deleted by but nice to have the details. Thanks

  4. sandi

    Absolutely love this series of books. I cannot decide which character or story I like better. You have captured me and I am committed till the end which I hope never happens. I want to see what is going on with Travis too. There are so many possibilities with all the characters. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  5. Carolyn

    i love this scene and i love Cole and Luke together. i was not into FMM until i started reading the Club Destiny series and now i think it is so hot. Thank you Nicole

  6. Nancyb

    I HAVE READ EVERY ONE OF YOUR BOOKS, AND STILL LOOking fore more. I cannot say enough abour your books because they are all fanatic. I give them all a five star rating. I can’t. Stop reading once I get started. You are a terrific writer, and can’t wait to read more books. I read the complete Club Destiny series and boy did I love those sexy scenes. Keep them coming. I have read more of your books than those but they are on the top of my list. Thanks again for writing such explicit books with all those sex scenes. Love ITLOVE IT LOVE IT,!!!!! Avid reader.

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