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Review: Barbed Wire Bandages by Catherine Black

Posted on 29 March, 2016 by in Catherine Black, Review / 0 comments

Review: Barbed Wire Bandages by Catherine BlackBarbed Wire Bandages by Catherine Black
on February 9, 2016
Pages: 216
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After ten years in uniform, Garrison Beckett is back in his hometown of Till Park where he was relentlessly bullied as a teen. With two weeks to spare, a single suitcase, and one tattered invitation to his high school reunion, he's ecstatic to show those who caused him the most pain just how far he's come.
But that all changes the second he crashes into the fence surrounding Till Park Animal Sanctuary.

Bridget Warner is a lot of things: Hermit. Artist. Animal savior... and rehabilitated bully.
Her most tortured victim?
Garrison Beckett.

When the two former foes meet again, it's clear that Bridget isn't the cruel, vindictive girl she used to be, and Garrison is more than capable of handling himself after years of serving his country.

Together, they have to decide what's more important:
Or a decade-long grudge that's defined most of their adult lives.

This book instantly pulled me in. I loved Garrison and I found myself sneaking in some reading time whenever possible.

Barbed Wire Bandages puts Marine Garrison Beckett back in his hometown of Till Park; he has been gone for 10 years fleeing right after high school. His high school life was torturous and his return home puts him square in the past of one of his major tormentors, Bridget Warner.

Bridget Warner is a lot of things: Hermit. Artist. Animal savior… and rehabilitated bully. Her most tortured victim? Garrison Beckett.

How Garrison comes face to face to Bridget was so well done as was the moment she realized who he is.

I so loved how this book allows the reader to think: wow who was I at 16, 17, 18 years old and do I want to be that person, do I want people to remember me at this person?

Ms. Black did a wonderful job connecting these two; I truly felt the pull between Garrison and Brigdet and yes I was instantly rooting for them!

I have not read a reformed bully story before.  I did enjoy it was the female who changed her ways. I also enjoyed the growth and strength Garrison showed!

So with such a positive review, you might ask why the 3.5 stars? Well I didn’t love the resolution here… I felt off for Garrison as a character.

But Thank you to Ms. Black for the love that these two found. I loved the look into these adults who decided who they want to be and moved forward from the past.


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