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Review: Collide (Blackcreek #1) by Riley Hart

Posted on 14 January, 2014 by in Giveaways, Review, Riley Hart / 4 comments


Enjoy the bonus scene below and enter for a chance to win an ebook copy of this book. Good luck!


SynopsisAt ten years old, Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw collided mid-air when they dove for the same football. For three years, they were inseparable…until one day when Noah and his parents disappeared in the middle of the night.

Noah and Cooper never knew what happened to each other. Now, seventeen years later, after finding his boyfriend in bed with another man, Noah returns to Blackcreek looking for a fresh start. And damned if he doesn’t find his old friend grew up to be sexy as sin. Coop can’t believe Noah—the only person he trusted with the guilt over his parents’ death—is back. And gay… Or that Cooper himself suddenly wants another man in his bed for the first time.

There’s no denying the attraction and emotion between them, but can they overcome the ghosts of their pasts to have a future together?

This title contains two strong, sexy men, and a passionate friendship that transforms into a sizzling hot romance.

ReviewDenise’s 4 STAR Review!

I thoroughly enjoyed this friends to lovers gay romance!

Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw are childhood friends who re-connect when Noah returns to town. Them running into each other again was too cute and made for some adorable banter. Actually throughout this whole book I really enjoyed the dialogue these two shared.

I truly adored Noah, his openness, his desire to re-connect with Cooper and then his patience with Cooper as Cooper slowly started to accept the connection the reader is feeling between these two. Yes, Ms. Hart did a wonderful job allowing the reader to feel the connection, you could feel the sexual tension growing and I found myself so waiting for them to take the next step. Oh P.S. the first kiss is epic and Noah’s ability to step back truly proved to me his desire to have Cooper grasp the magnitude of what he wanted.

Friendship, true friendship, everyone says your spouse should be your best friend…well these men prove that in spades.  It was wonderful to watch Noah and Cooper enjoy each other’s company, bond and yes when they finally connect it is off the charts HOT!!!
Cooper’s journey is more than just a sexual one; Cooper has never had a relationship, in the past he was a one-night stand kind of man with no need for relationships. Watching him see the power true companionship brings to your life, to the depth of your soul was powerful.

Cooper’s journey of self exploration, in the face of what he fears will be rejection both personally and professional will pull at your heart. Oh and it will show you other men hide too… yes, hi Braden I am talking to you, the use of him in this story was well done!
These events truly allow the reader to see that sadly for a gay man, love is often about more than just finding a soulmate.  It is about the courage of character it takes to accept who you are and then have to accept not everyone will be Ok with you.

I want to remember to say I love the twist with Cooper’s Uncle!  It was really well done and for me layered the story and explained behaviors and events earlier in the book.

When tragedy strikes, will Noah and Cooper’s love be enjoy to keep them together….. well, that I will not tell you, Go Read the book!

I will say I loved this book, I enjoyed the ending and I am honored Ms. Hart wrote us the bonus scene below, because yes I needed more Cooper and Noah!!

I am so looking forward to Stay (Blackcreek Series #2) Braden and Wes’ story.
These secondary characters were so well done and added to the story on many levels!

If you have never read a m/m book this one might be good one to start with as it a slow progression and Cooper’s struggle may just have you understudying things on a different level.



Welcome Home—A Noah and Cooper Extra




“Hold on a second. Let me help you get in the truck.” Noah put his arm around Cooper and he groaned.

“My arm’s in a sling, I’m not helpless. I can get in the damn truck by myself,” he grumbled, not sure why he was in such a bad mood.

Noah didn’t let go of him as a slow smile spread across his face. That effortlessly some of the tension eased from Cooper’s body. Damn, the man was sexy. A slow heat flared to life inside him. “What are you smiling at?” He steadied his voice, trying to sound annoyed.

“You. You’re sexy as hell when you’re being a big baby.”

And obviously their minds were traveling the same track since Coop had just been thinking the same thing about Noah. He leaned against the open truck door. “You’re one to talk. I seem to remember you trying to handle things by yourself when…” Shit. He hadn’t thought this out well enough.

“When you hit me with your truck?” Noah quirked a brow at him. Cooper had the urge to kiss the cocky grin off his face.

“Shut up.”

“I wasn’t this big a baby, was I?” Noah held onto him again, trying to help him into the seat.

“Ouch! Shit.” Cooper ground out, using the hand that wasn’t in the sling to grab onto himself.

Noah froze. “Fuck. I’m sorry. What happened, baby? You okay?” His voice held a slight, panicked edge to it, making Coop feel a little bad.

Only a little. He caught Noah’s eye and winked at him. “Gottcha.”


“But you love me.”

Noah hefted him into the truck as though they weren’t of equal size. Coop sat sideways, with his legs hanging out the door.

Finally, Noah replied, “I do love you,” and then he leaned forward, resting his forehead against Cooper’s. Any remaining tension that had been inside him just…drifted away. This was what he needed right here. Noah, and knowing he was really going back home with him.

“I can’t wait to get you back home where you belong,” Noah muttered against his lips before kissing him. Coop opened his mouth, letting Noah taste him, their tongues moving together, their movements so familiar by now.

He’d thought it might be a little weird kissing Noah in public, in Blackcreek for the first time. Sure they’d done it when they left for the cabin or in his hospital room but anyone could see them out here. Anyone could walk up or drive by at any second and he found that he didn’t really give a shit. Noah and the way he made him feel was all that mattered.

“Move your legs.” Noah stepped back so he could face the right way in the seat, which he did.

When his lover closed the door, Coop said, “Hey,” before Noah had the chance to walk away.


“Love you too.”

Noah grinned at him. “Sap.”

Coop just chuckled and shook his head while he waited for Noah to get them the hell out of here. To get them home.

The ride didn’t take long at all and Cooper didn’t complain this time when Noah wrapped an arm around him to walk into the house. He didn’t need it. Noah knew he didn’t need it but on the drive home, he realized how stupid it was to fight it anyway. Noah wanted to touch him. Cooper wanted Noah to touch him and that’s all that mattered.

“Upstairs,” Noah said as soon as he closed the front door. Cooper’s pulse spiked immediately. He’d never in his life given up control the way he did with Noah, yet just one order like that coming from him got Cooper’s dick hard.

This frenzied sort of need started clawing its way through him, propelling him to jog up the stairs two at a time. Noah was right behind him, both of them breathing heavy by the time they got to their room, but Coop knew it wasn’t because either was really out of breath. No, it was desire…want…need…hunger battling it out inside them.

Noah stepped toward him, his hand on the side of Cooper’s neck. “I don’t think I really believed I’d get to have you home with me again. Or that I’d be able to come home with you again.”

Cooper either. “I’m right here, and I would have dragged your ass back home with me if I had to, Noah. Nothing’s getting in our way anymore.”

Noah’s other hand came up and touched the other side of his face before his lips came down hard on Cooper’s. It was a battle for dominance and each of their mouths tried to take control. As their tongues wrestled, teeth nipped and clashed.

“Christ, I need you naked, Coop. Need to feel you.”

Cooper tried reach for the strap on his sling but Noah shook his head. “No. I’m doing it.”

So Cooper let him. Let him take the strap off before easing the sling off his arm. His skin burned, when Noah’s hands ran up his sides, lifting his shirt and gently pulling it over his head too. Leaning forward, Noah’s lips came down softly on Cooper’s bandage. “Never again. I won’t let anyone keep me from you again, baby.”

“Hell no. Me either.” He dropped his head back, loving the feel of Noah’s facial hair against his neck.

He automatically smiled when he felt Noah grin against his flesh. Desire tied him up, waiting, wanting whatever Noah had in store for him.

“Do we need to put the sling back on?” Noah asked.

Coop shook his head. “It’s okay for a while.”

“Mmm. Now that the shirt’s out of the way, I don’t have to be as gentle with the lower half.”

No, he really fucking didn’t. “I’d kick your ass if you were.”

Noah went down to his knees, fingers pulling at the button on his jeans, ripping his zipper open and then shoving Cooper’s jeans and boxer-briefs down. They were still tangled around Cooper’s feet when Noah sucked him deep, his dick hitting the back of Noah’s throat. “Oh fuck.” His hands shook, his body already wanting to jump over the edge and lose himself. When Noah pulled off, Coop stumbled backward, falling to the bed, and kicking out of his jeans. He hardly got free of them before Noah was there again.

“Need to touch you…to taste you everywhere, so I know you’re really here.” Noah sucked Cooper’s balls into his mouth. Cooper spread his legs for him.

“Me too.” He ran his hand through Noah’s hair, tightening his grip. “Me, fucking too.”

Noah’s nuzzled his sac, licking at him before, running his tongue over the head of his cock again. Coop’s hand tightened more, knowing Noah wouldn’t care. That he probably savored the sting because he knew that meant a blissed-out Cooper. And he was blissed-out, the pain in his shoulder had nothing on the pleasure Noah gave him.

Cooper pushed Noah’s head forward and his guy went easily, sucking Cooper off again.

A delicious ache formed deep in his gut, in his balls as they started to tighten.

“Jesus, I’m going to come. If you don’t stop, I’m gonna come, Noah.”

Noah looked up at him, kissed the tip of his erection again before saying, “Not yet. I’m not done savoring you. Not done showing you how much I missed you.”

He kissed Cooper’s abs. His tongue flicked at each of his nipples, every part of Noah’s body keeping away from his aching cock. “I want to taste you too,” Cooper rasped out but Noah just kept kissing. Kept licking at every inch of his flesh.

“Not yet. This is about you.”

Briefly, he pulled Cooper’s head forward and took his lips in a quick kiss before he said, “Lay down.”

Heat flooded Cooper’s body. His erection throbbed, knowing what was coming next. “You and that tongue of yours are going to kill me.”

Noah winked. “That’s the way I’d want to go.”

Yeah. Him too. There was nothing like having any part of Noah near his hole.

Cooper laid back, his eyes fell closed, anticipation a livewire flipping around inside him. He let out a deep breath asNoah pushed his legs up, and moaned at the first lash of Noah’s tongue against his hole. “Ah, fuck, Noah. More. I need more.”

“It’s coming, baby. Give me time.” Over and over Noah’s tongue flicked at his pucker. Coop’s hand tightened in Noah’s hair again as he buried his face between Cooper’s ass cheeks.

“Fuck me, Noah. I need you.” Needed to feel him inside of him again. Needed to know that even though Noah didn’t leave him while in the hospital that nothing had changed between them.

“Always so damn impatient,” he whispered, laughter in his voice.

It felt like no more than a second before Noah pulled away, and then his finger pressed against Cooper, wet with lube. As Noah pressed it inside, Cooper’s lungs deflated. Yes. That’s what he needed.

Noah’s finger slid in and out of him. There was more lube and then another pushed in, fucking him the way he hoped Noah’s cock would soon do.

“Christ, I will never fucking tire of seeing you like that. You are so Goddamned sexy, baby.” Noah pushed his finger deep, before sucking one of Cooper’s balls into his mouth again.

Cooper’s eyes jerked open, lust shooting through him. “If you don’t hurry and fuck me, Noah, I’m going to take you.”

“I’d like to see you try. I’m running this show, remember?” Still he stood, pulling his t-shirt over his head. All that golden, tight skin on display for Cooper.

Noah’s pants came next, his long, thick erection springing free. “You’re okay?” Noah asked, eyeing his bandage.

“Don’t even fucking ask that. Just come here.” As Noah came toward him, Cooper scooted up toward the top of the bed so his head rested on the pillows. His eyes engraved every detail of Noah into his brain as he watched the man run a lubed hand up and down his shaft.

“I’ve never been inside someone without a condom,” Noah said as he leaned over him.

Cooper gave him a half-smile. “Finally I get one of your firsts.” Condoms weren’t something they needed anymore.

“I wish you had them all. I’ve been in love with you since I was ten years old. You have the ones that matter.”

And he knew that.

Noah rubbed his asshole with more lube before slowly pushing the head of his cock inside. On instinct, Cooper’s body tensed, adjusting to having Noah inside him again…and loving the hell out of it.

Inch by inch, Noah pushed until he was buried, balls deep inside him…and he loved the hell out of that even more. The feeling of being full, the slide of Noah’s dick as he sent pleasure shooting through Cooper with each thrust. He would never get enough of this.

“Harder,” Cooper gritted out.

Noah did as he said, slamming into him over and over. His balls ached, his orgasm so damn close already.

“I’m not going to last long.”

Noah’s jaw tightened, lust burning in his eyes. “Me either, baby.” And then because it was Cooper’s right arm that was injured, Noah grabbed hold of his erection for him, leaning on one of his arms and jerking Cooper off while he fucked him. Damned if that wasn’t all it took. Thick, white stripes of semen shot out of him, hitting him on the chest and stomach.

Noah’s body went rigid, but still managed to thrust two more times before he came. Calling out as he filled Cooper with his come.

When he fell on top of him, Noah managed to do it without touching his injured shoulder, laying right on the mess between their bodies.

And Cooper wouldn’t have it any other way. He wrapped his arms around Noah, squeezing him as tightly as he could. “Jesus, I love you. So fucking much.”

Noah’s hand rested over Cooper’s bandage. “Love you too. You’re mine, Cooper Bradshaw and no one better ever doubt it again.”

With his fingers, Cooper traced the dragon tattoo on Noah’s back. He wanted the whole damn world to know he was Noah’s and that Noah was his. He’d do whatever he could to make that happen. “Always.”

Leaning up, Noah pressed his lips to Cooper’s once more. “Welcome home, baby.”

Riley Hart is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s a hopeless romantic. A lover of sexy stories, passionate men, and writing about all the trouble they can get into together. If she’s not writing, you’ll probably find her reading.

Riley lives in California with her awesome family, who she is thankful for everyday.

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  1. Stephanie F.

    Wow, going to need a cold shower after that short story, lol. Sounds like a great read, definitely picking it up.

  2. Jamie Lake

    I love it when gay boys and straight boys fall in love. Don’t you? I was completely on the edge of my feet until the very end. Just you wait until the sequel! Noah, Cooper and steaming hot romance and mind-blowing sex. Love it!

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