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Review of Dangerous Curves Ahead by Tymber Dalton

Posted on 14 December, 2016 by in Review, Tymber Dalton / 0 comments

Review of Dangerous Curves Ahead by Tymber DaltonDangerous Curves Ahead by Tymber Dalton
on October 10, 2016
Pages: 228
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Dr. Justin Rede has just graduated college…and just come out of the closet. During a trip to Florida to visit his sister, Rachel, and her fiancé, Andrew, they introduce Justin to their kinky friends in hopes they can help talk Justin into moving from South Dakota to sunny Sarasota.

Including hunky older, experienced Doms, Wade and Glen.

Wade and Glen are newly married since the marriage ban fell, but have been together for years. Sure they’ve played with thirds before, in the dungeon as well as in their bed. But their standing rule has always been it’s just for fun, not for love.

Until they meet Justin.

Now the two sadistic Doms realize something’s happened they never expected—they’ve lost their hearts to Justin. But can they convince him they’ve changed their minds and want him for life before someone else comes in and scoops their perfect subby unicorn right out from under them?

I so love this series, pure escapism that allows the reader to pop in and out of the series and the blurb will grab you.

And wow did the blurb for Dangerous Curves Ahead grab me. Though I am reader who enjoys reading menage, it is rare for me to dive into a m/m/m menage. Well I am so glad I read this one because the blurb really intrigued me.

Dr. Justin Rede visited Florida or rather had his hand twisted by his sister Rachel to visit her with the intention of getting Justin to stay in Florida forever. The backstory for these siblings is heart pulling.

I adored how Rachel wanted her brother to meet experienced Doms, Wade and Glen. Oh pause backwards I was so happy the reader got a nice look at Wade and Glen alone and saw history of their marriage and play. In the end it is a lot of why the reader understands that Justin is different for them.

OMG I may be all over the place…. Wade and Glen are grown men, men who take great care of Justin; men who know they want him but who work hard to control their sexual urges to ensure they develop a deep bond with Justin.

Oh, no worries – you do get sex and a lot of it is in many various forms but the sex is layered with emotions and connection. The sex develops in a way that you know Wade and Glen are the experienced Doms they are presented as. Justin’s needs come first and in the end how Wade and Glen make this as official as they can given the circumstances touched my heart!

Ms. Dalton truly has me believing that Wade, Glen AND Justin are meant to be together, in the end they each provide the other with something in the relationship, the three of them in this relationship is their forever happy!


About Tymber Dalton

Tymber Dalton lives in southwest Florida with her husband (aka “The World’s Best Husband™”) and too many animals. The two-time EPIC award winner is the author of over 65 books and active in the BDSM lifestyle she frequently writes about.

When she’s not writing or out shooting skeet with friends, she can be found doing line edits or reading or thinking up something else to write. You can drop her a line through her website/blog and keep abreast of the latest news, views, snarkage, and general ramblings she feels like posting when the mood strikes her.

(Also published writing as Lesli Richardson, Macy Largo, and Tessa Monroe.)

I like to write my stories around the characters. I don’t “plot” my stories, I “pants” them. My characters are rarely perfect (and the perfect ones are usually first fodder for the bad nasties anyway). I like real characters, no matter how fantastic the story, that you can relate to and yet still escape with for a while. This means they’ll have warts and all.

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