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Review: Roped (Guards of Folsom #4) by S.J.D. Peterson

Posted on 19 May, 2014 by in Review, S.J.D. Peterson / 0 comments


SynopsisLife has been known by a series of constants: Violence, anger, drugs, sex, death, heartbreak, pain, fear and the most common, hunger; Always hunger. Not the kind that can be satisfied with food, but the kind born of circumstance. The kind that not only claws within a gut, but settles into a heart, consumes a mind. Deeper—Encircles, penetrates the soul. Hunger for something more, something better, safer. Always just out of grasp—Craving—Starved.
It’s part of me.
Who I am.
Born of blood and violence, hunger is my fate.
Yet, the slightest things can change the directions of a life. An unplanned circumstance, random act—a connection—a chance event, like a lightning strike, fate is trumped.
Jamie is my lightning strike.
Tek Cain

Tek Cain was cultivated from birth to lead the motorcycle gang, Crimson Eight. Jamie Ryan, his best friend, is destined to be his second. But forbidden desires have them questioning everything they know, and an undeniable bond makes them want more than their supposed brotherhood can provide. Their love could get them killed, but they are bound to each other—from the cradle to the grave.

ReviewDenise’s 4 STAR Review!!!

I first want to say I truly enjoy the Guards of Folsom series! And now I will say I love Tek and Jamie!

Tek Cain and Jamie Ryan have been best friends since birth. This books opens with the men as boys; the reader sees them grow up and can feel the deep bond they share. A bond those around them see as a brotherhood due to the motorcycle gang Tek is cultivated to lead.

I loved the moment these two men finally give into their pull to each other. The reader can feel the sexual tension, the conflict and in the end the sense of relief each feels when they learn their feelings are returned. But then, you are left wondering how Tek and Jamie can be together given the situation they live in. The MC will not accept them.

Tek and Jamie were raised around violence and yes that violence bleeds into their lives; I do not want to say much because I want the reader to experience this journey for themselves; a journey that had me rooting for Tek and Jamie to find a way to be together and happy and free.

When the men break free (no I am not telling you how) the moment of them truly being able to enjoy each other; simple touches, allowing themselves to just be themselves brought a smile to my face.

This book ties into the series when Tek and Jamie come to Manhattan as they work to make a place for themselves in the world. Tek applies for a job at the Guards of Folsom the BDSM Club the series revolves around. You by NO means need to read the series to enjoy this book.

Readers of this series get some adorable scenes with Micah from Pup book 1; Micah always manages to make me smile, he truly is an adorable Pup. I personally also enjoyed seeing Tyler as his openness with Tek and Jamie let these men understand acceptance.

This book is not the heavy BDSM as the others in the series but it was a story that felt true to Jamie and Tek; oh and I love loved that the men at the club could feel the pull Jamie and Tek have for each other.

I should also say loved the use of Tek’s diary at the ending of each chapter allowed the reader a look into his mind.

Ms. Peterson did a wonderful job with this story but she did have me desperately wanting BOUND now, Guards of Folsom #5.


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Book 4 – Roped

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