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Shh Moms Love…. Disney books that engage Young Readers

Posted on 15 December, 2017 by in Shh Moms Love / 0 comments

Shh Moms Love…. Disney books that engage Young Readers

Denise here… as a Disney Mom I was smiling big when I received an email from Disney Publishing Worldwide offering Jeremy the chance to review for them.

Jeremy selected Suspect Read by  L.M. Elliott (review below), Art of Coloring: Mickey & Minnie: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity  and Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Percy Jackson Coloring Book

It just so happened that Jeremy’s 6th grade class was reading Lightning Thief, (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1) so it was a nice tie-in.

I was THRILLED when Jeremy returned home from school with over a dozen post-its notes inside Suspect Red, things he noted that he wanted to use on his review!

Guest Reviewer 6th grader Jeremy Sprung

Suspect Read by L.M. Elliott

The book Suspect Red is about the time period around World War Two. The main character in the book is Abagail, some other characters are Vladimir, Eddie, Jimmy and Richard.

In this book it talks about events that happened in the USA vs USSR conflict; it also mentioned a couple of other things that happened with the Nazis.

Abagials’ Dad was an FBI agent who helped his friend who got shot and then the Nazis took the plane down and executed both the pilot and copilot claiming they were trying to escape. As a result of this terrible event he rejoined the FBI to make up for the mistake he made of letting them execute them.

I made a connection with Abagail because when she mentioned losing her Grandma in the concentration camps because unfortunately I lost some of my family in this event. In memory of her “ obeh” (Yiddish for grandma) she put up a Mezuzah ( a decorative case and inscribed with specific Hebrew verses from the Torah that is hung on the door jam).

One really cool feature about this book is that between every chapter it shows a moment that happened in this time in history.

For example ” President Eisenhower announces that 1,456 government employees have been deemed potential subversives and removed from their Federal Jobs under his loyalty program.”

I would personally recommended this book to any body that likes books or specifically people who like historical fiction and history.

Thank you to Disney Publishing for these review copies!  The Mickey photo belonged to us and was used for display purposes.

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