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Shh Moms Talking about…Getting Your Children to Love to Read

Posted on 25 January, 2016 by in Shh Moms Love, Shh Moms Talking / 0 comments

Shh Moms Talking about...Getting Your Children to Love to Read

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Denise here…sharing with you a series that has our 9 years old loving to read.
Last year, JK discovered the Who was / Who is  / What is series published Grosset & Dunlap a Penguin Division.
The first book JK grabbed happened to be Who was Albert Einstein? and from almost that moment he opened it he was hooked!
So we ran back to the library and checked out Who was Walt Disney? and Who was Steve Jobs
JK loved reading about figures who influenced some of the things he loves… Disney World and his Apple Products! It was so wonderful to see him enthralled with learning and reading.
JK was beyond thrilled when his Valentine’s Day Gift last year was Who is Wayne  Gretzky? . This hockey boy was loving a book as his gift (come on moms how often does that happen?!)
After seeing the New Star Wars a few weeks ago, the next book up on his reading list is Who is George Lucas? 
For with children who are football fans… check out this recent release – What is the Super Bowl?  

Be warned that when your child reads this series, you will may be hearing an awful lot of “Mom did you know this? Mom did you hear about that?”

Here are  JK’s thoughts on Where is Niagara Falls?
I liked the book “Where is Niagara Falls” because they talked about what some daredevils do at the falls. For instances some daredevil walked a tightrope with a blindfold, and another person rolled in a barrel down the largest drop of all of the falls. And another person hung his feet over the falls. It was cool learning that Niagara Falls divides the U.S. And Canada.
As a Mom, another wonderful thing about JK finding this series was that this series had our son discovering the App – Who Was? Adventure By Penguin Group USA.
We have now turned screen time into FUN learning time!  
JK loves playing this game and quizzing those around him on all the people he is learning about! 
Download the Who Was? Adventure App today
iPad version: 
iPhone version here:
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Happy Reading with your children! <3

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