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Shh Moms Talking and Giveaway: The Moms Review the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Posted on 14 February, 2015 by in E L James, Giveaways, Movie Review, Shh Moms Love, Shh Moms Talking / 148 comments

Shh Moms Talking and Giveaway: The Moms Review the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

fifty shades

Denise: Despite living a few miles apart and speaking almost daily, Christine and I don’t see each other often because as many can relate to…. life is just busy.  I am happy to report Christine and I took some Mommy time to attend a matinee screening of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Christine: I was already planning on going to see the movie on Tuesday the 17th but when Denise asked me to go, I figured why not! I love these books and how much fun to see TWICE and with my blog partner!

Denise: It truly was so much fun to attend this together, well fun for us, if you were near us; yes, we were those whispering people during the film.

Christine: I was surprised at how many couples and even people going alone went….I smiled at seeing husbands and boyfriends; wondering what was going on through their minds as they sat and watched the movie that started this crazy phenomenon for so many women! I will say that I definitely didn’t look around when the hot scenes were on the screen…I didn’t want to meet any eyes! lol o.O

Denise: The Fifty Shades Trilogy is one of those books that both Christine and I have both read. If you follow our blog, you know that this is a short list because we read such different things. I want to mention before I continue that we both read the Fifty Shades Trilogy years ago, and purposely did not reread the books as we did not want to continuously compare the movie to the book during the screening. (Though I think in my head I still did).

Christine: Oh I definitely did Denise! I should have re-read because I kept questioning scenes and the order of things happening..I wish that I could go back and refresh my memory. I will definitely do that for the next movie!

Denise: Dakota did a wonderful job as Ana. You truly could feel this naive young woman being pulled to Mr. Grey while still encompassing  her hesitation as Christian opens her eyes to his world; the side never in the press; his Red Room and preferences in the bedroom.

Christine: I LOVED Dakota! When casting was first announced, I wasn’t sure how I felt about her being cast as Ana but watching the movie, I truly felt that she did such an AMAZING job! Her innocence was endearing and so spot on with the character that Ms. James created. I have to also say that her body is to DIE FOR!

Denise: Speaking of the bedroom, I thought the sex scenes were tastefully done. The first sex scene is filled with emotion and as they explore Christian’s “tastes”, the scenes get even hotter. The Red Room and Apartment were masterfully crafted and transported the reader into Mr. Grey’s world, fabulous job by the set design team.  I did LOVE the hint of the  ripping of the condoms!!

Christine: I so agree Denise! Their attraction and connection were palpable and the viewers could really see not only the sparks fly but how Ana was able to break through Christian’s defenses; the wall he has up.

Denise: Jamie nailed the end scene. You could feel the emotions and how torn Christian was.

Denise: The supporting cast in this film was so well casted. Taylor, (Max Martini) Christian’s driver was spot on, and I hope he returns because if you read the books you know he plays more of a role as the story continues. I love loved Dr. Grey, Christian’s mom played by Marcia Gay Harden. Eloise Mumford as Katie, Ana’s roommates and Luke Grimes as Elliot Gray, Christian’s brother were perfect, adding to the feel of the movie and playing right into the connection you feel they share in the book. I can’t wait to see who they cast as his maid and Mrs. Robinson!

Christine: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the movie’s soundtrack…when I hear it on the radio, I am just captivated by it, imagining scenes from the book and to see it on the big screen really made everything come together. This is one soundtrack I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Denise: I agree, Christine! The movie’s soundtrack was outstanding; it truly fit the scenes and added to the feel of the movie.

Denise: Every now and then something comes along that opens up a dialogue, so love the book, hate the book, love the movie, hate the movie. It has opened a dialogue about sex. I think this is a wonderful thing to be speaking openly about – consent, having constructive conversations about pleasure. Ms. James’ creation of a broken man (who we get a glimpse of in this movie), a man readers fell in love with, a man many are enthralled with has lead to an empire – from the books, to music, to sex toys, to wine and more. This empire continues to grow fueled by powerful marketing tools and a remarkable use of social media. So hats off to Ms. James. We respect what you have created and are very much looking forward to continuing to watch this journey unfold on the big screen.

Christine: Denise and I are already planning to attend Fifty Shades Darker in 2016 and can’t wait!!

Denise: P.S. As a side note: many know I am the anti-cliffhanger reader – so yes, deep down I wished I had all three movies so I could watch a Fifty Shades marathon.

Christine: I would SO binge watch with you Denise but alas we have some time so we have to get on some re-reading so we are ready for the next movie!!


Now our question for you is…if you saw the movie – what did you think?? We love hearing your feedback so please post below!



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148 Responses to “Shh Moms Talking and Giveaway: The Moms Review the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie”

  1. Linda

    Loved the movie, hated the book. You both sumed up exactly what I was thinking. Dakota Johnson was a total surprise. I do agree that the soundtrack is epic. Also looking forward to the next movie.

  2. Cristen

    Where to begin.. Fifty Shades to me is more than a book, it was an escape for me. After my mom died very unexpectedly in 2011, I needed to get out of my own head. While out shopping I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey.. I didn’t read it right away. But when I did I found a place where I could go to escape all the pain I felt. Since then I have have felt so protective over the books/story/characters. I was scared about this book being turned into a movie. I had extreme expectations! But they were all meet and surpassed. Jaime and Dakota were amazing I have no words. The comedy that was added was needed to cut the tension and made you love the characters more! I could not have picked a better Christian Grey. For all those critics that thought Jaime’s portrayal of Mr. Grey was stiff or uninterested. Read the books then maybe you will understand. Christian lives in his head. He gives nothing away shows no emotion, does not allow himself to be vulnerable. With vulnerability he looses control, without control he doesn’t know how to relate or communicate with people. Jaime was Christian, he was serious, formal, businesslike. As there arrangement was a contract to be agreed upon like a business deal. It wasn’t until the end of the movie where he lost control.. The power struggle between Ana and Christian climaxed. With the simple word NO.. This is the most important part of their story, the beginning of breaking an already broken man and rebuilding him. This is where the relationship changes. We all have baggage we bring to a relationship big or small, we are all looking for acceptance and love. This is a story of a man who believes he is unlovable and a woman who wants love like she has found in books. They both find love unexpectedly, a love that will change them forever.. If I had to pick out something I didn’t like it would be that I wanted a little more of the back and forth banter between Ana and Christian like in the books.. And the way the film was edited seemed a bit choppy? That may just be the directors style. But if that is all I have to complain about then to me this movie is “more” than I expected and I can’t wait to see how Fifty Shades Darker will be played out.

  3. Christine Gonzales

    Yes I couldn’t agree more with you ladies on the character, Dakota was everything I hoped Ana would be and Jamie was my perfect Christian Grey what are your thoughts for the next movie and do you think it will be an even bigger debut now we get to see the infamous Mrs. Robison?

  4. Lisa

    Loved the movie. Dakota did a fantastic job as Ana. I also think Jamie did a spot on Christian Gray. The last seen was ahhhhhh!!!! You can only fit so much into 2 hrs. Can not wait for Fifty Shades Darker!!!!

  5. Karen G.

    Thanks for the post. I saw this movie this past week with a few friends since my husband wouldn’t see it with me. 🙁 We all read the books and loved them and didn’t know if the movie would be that great but it was so much better than we expected. I wasn’t sure about Dakota but she was amazing. She really was Ana. I thought she was so natural, and embodied a naïve, fun loving girl. James was good also portraying a stuffy businessman/dominant. I thought he did a pretty good job transforming from that stuffy business man to easy going suitor when he let go and had fun. For example when he watched Her cooking breakfast and dancing in the morning, flying in the plane when they were in Georgia, etc. I love his smile. 🙂
    I think they hit the highlights of the book and the 2 hours just flew by.
    I have kids and I can’t remember the last time I saw sex on screen
    And compared to the book, this was tastefully done and done well. I thought
    I would be more like you and cover my eyes but I made it through! Lol
    One thing that I wish I could forget and that is that it started with
    Twilight. I read the books with my daughter and enjoyed them.
    The movies were okay but I didn’t like the acting. :p Unfortunately for me I kept seeing Twilight in this movie and comparing the storylines, so that was a distraction for me. :p I definitely want to see it again tho.

    The music soundtrack was great, thanks for the chance to win!

    • momsread

      Karen you are our winner! Thanks so much for sharing! I will be sending you an email shortly to get your info – thanks to everyone who participated and shared for us! xo

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