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Slade to Kate from Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst

Jennifer Probst
Dearest Kate,

You know me as one without a romantic bone in my body. I deal with breakups and heartaches on a daily basis, and when I met you, I swore I knew everything this life could throw at me. I was the smart one. The one who knew that love was an illusion mistaken for oxytocin. I was smug in my assumptions, certain my path was firmly in front of me.

You, my love, blew up the pathway, forced me into the thorny woods, and made me forge a brand new way. You alone broke through my barriers, delved into my soul, and stole it like the thief you are. You wrecked me, changed me, completed me. I didn’t think I was strong enough to take what you were offering.

But I was.

So, on this first Valentines Day together, I give you this. My promise to be the one to hold your hand, pull you down side paths, and fuck you so completely there’s not a shred of you left any longer…only what belongs to me. I will be rude; I will be filthy; I will be devout.

I will be yours.

Open the door. Robert has instructions for you tucked into his brand new Valentine’s Day collar. You won’t need your clothes at this particular event.

All my love,


searching for someday

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