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Stone Exclusive and Giveaway by S. Nelson

Posted on 27 June, 2016 by in Book Blast, Book Spotlight, Giveaways, S. Nelson / 27 comments

Stone Exclusive and Giveaway by S. NelsonStone by S. Nelson
on June 29, 2016
Pages: 280
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I knew she was destined to be mine the first time I laid eyes on her. Cliché I know, but it was the truth. Numerous obstacles kept us apart, but I vowed to find a way around them, finally claiming her once and for all.

Consequences be damned.

Stone Crosswell, VP of the Knights Corruption MC, was known for his notoriously hot temper. While it served him well when dealing with their sworn enemy, the Savage Reapers, it damaged him in the eyes of the one woman who would redefine his very existence.

His attraction toward her was fierce, his innate need to possess her consuming his every thought.

But would his way of life eventually destroy her?

Adelaide Reins was doing well for herself. Acquiring a coveted nursing position at the prestigious St. Joseph’s Hospital, she thought her life was going exactly as planned. Until the fateful day she was summoned to her uncle’s club, instantly drawn to the one man who would complicate her carefully orchestrated world.

When a cruel twist of fate rears its ugly head, will Stone and Adelaide’s worlds be ripped apart? Or will they overcome insurmountable odds, defying fate and finding their happily ever after?

Enjoy a sneak peek into Stone by S. Nelson! Tough on the outside, Stone Crosswell, can’t keep his eyes off of Adelaide Reins. She knows he’s trouble, and he knows he can’t stay away, both coming from opposite sides of the tracks. But they say opposites attract, right? While the sex oozes off of Stone, Addy is an innocent, fighting the inner turmoil with her heart and brain. Will she take the plunge?

$25 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs and a signed copy of STONED to one winner (US ONLY). Good luck!

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Stone Crosswell was fierce, in every way imaginable. I had no doubt he’d done things during his life he wasn’t proud of, most of them probably illegal. I’d seen a few sides of him during the past year, our pseudo relationship—if you could even call it that—bringing out parts of him I was sure he didn’t show the rest of the world.

He was possessive to a fault, even though we weren’t technically together. We could never be, for various reasons. My uncle Trigger, for one. He would no doubt put a bullet in Stone if he ever found out the man was sleeping with his one and only niece, the apple of his eye. And although Stone had a condition where he didn’t feel pain like the majority of humanity, a bullet could still kill him. And I wasn’t going to endanger his life merely because he wanted to claim me publicly.

It was the thing we argued about the most. Sometimes he made me feel guilty for denying him, but other times he confessed he understood. He’d stated on many occasions how he didn’t want me involved in that life. Except for helping the club out from time to time with some medical assistance, I wasn’t akin to their lifestyle. My uncle wanted to keep it that way, as did Stone… depending on his mood.

Luckily, a lock of dark blond hair fell over his eye when he leaned in to kiss me again. When his hand swiped it back, I made my move. His large frame had been caging me in, but his small movement allowed me the room for escape I needed. Wiggling out from in front of him, I made it to the entrance of the room before he realized what had happened.

“I’m waitin’ for you, Addy, so hurry up,” he called after me as I ran down the hallway to find out why I’d been paged. I needed those minutes away to gather my senses, encouraging myself to stick to the plan I’d talked myself into earlier.

The plan to end things with the man I was falling for.

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**Giveaway now over – congrats to Dee Swan**

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