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Teaser Tuesday: Defect by Ryann Kerekes

Posted on 26 March, 2013 by in Kendall Ryan, Ryann Kerekes, Teaser Tuesday / 4 comments


We love Ryann Kerekes and are very excited to show you the first teaser from her new YA release DEFECT.  Defect is LIVE now!  See buy link below.






“Sterling, come with me,” Will’s voice is stern, but I swear a see a small look of satisfaction on his face before he turns for the door.


I follow close behind him.  He leads me back to the bunker and when we go inside, it’s more deserted than it was last night. After tonight’s race, everyone must be changing into dry clothes and retiring to bed.


He mutters a string of curse words to himself, and glances at his watch.

“The supply desk won’t be staffed this time of night.”


He leads me back out into the hall. I’m still soaking wet, bleeding  and now also confused.

“Come on – we’ll find you something to wear and get you sheets for a bed in the dormitory.”


Again, his concern for me feels out of place here. It seems like any of the other guards would be fine letting me shiver in my wet clothes all night – or just bring me back to the hospital until this can be sorted out tomorrow.


But Will won’t do that; I’m not sure how I know, I just do. We stand in the dim hallway while he decides what to do with me.


I lick at the edge of my lip again and wince. The skin is raw and split open on the corner of my mouth.


“Here.” Will untucks his T-shirt and brings it to the edge of my lip, gently dabbing at the blood.


We’re so close that I can smell him. His scent is clean, yet musky and distinctly male. I look up and watch his eyes while he works, concentrating on my lip. His eyes flash to mine, and he quickly drops his hand, like he’s been caught doing something wrong. He takes a step back. “Come on.”




Locked in the mental ward on her sixteenth birthday, Eve Sterling doesn’t think things can get any worse.

They can.

After failing the mindscan procedure that predicts future crime, she’s deemed a Defect and subjected to endless psychological and physical testing as the government tries to determine what’s different about her.

The one bright spot is military guard, Will. He’s gentle with her when no one’s watching and suppresses a smile whenever she defies their challenges. Will’s lessons begin to dance dangerously close to knowledge she shouldn’t possess, like what’s beyond the fenced compound. Though it’s forbidden and Will would be killed on the spot if they’re discovered, they steal away moments together. With her very life on the line, Eve has to decide if she can trust the guard she’s falling for.

DEFECT, young adult romance takes place in the near-future.

It is a survivalist love story.


About the Author

Ryann Kerekes
Ryann Kerekes writes young adult novels with a strong dose of romance. She lives in Minnesota with a super cute husband and two puppies, one of which may be part monkey. When not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking, laughing and day dreaming about kissing scenes.

Also writing adult romance as Kendall Ryan.

4 Responses to “Teaser Tuesday: Defect by Ryann Kerekes”

  1. Jen

    I just finished reading this book & I LOVE it! It was like a New Adult book mixed with a little Hunger Games style story.. LOVED it!!

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