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Teaser Tuesday and ARC Giveaway: Pieces of You (Shattered Hearts #2) by Cassia Leo

Posted on 19 March, 2013 by in Cassia Leo, Giveaways, Teaser Tuesday / 80 comments



We LOVED Relentless and can’t wait for book 2 in the Shattered Hearts series titled Pieces of YouPieces of You is expected to release on May 17th.  Enjoy this teaser from the book!  Enter to win an ARC of this highly anticipated book by leaving a comment following the blog post on our website.  A winner will be selected tonight.  Good luck!!

**SPOILER ALERT!  If you have not read Book 1, Relentless, please do not continue reading below!!  Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication. Permission is NOT granted to re-post this content anywhere, so please don’t do it. You may link to this page if you want to share it with others. Thank you.

Chapter Two


I never wanted to be like my mother. And for a brief moment in time I thought I had escaped that fate. But life has a lovely way of reminding you that you are no better than anyone else—even a dead heroin addict.

It wasn’t until three weeks ago I finally understood that being like my mother isn’t such a bad thing. She may have forcibly removed herself from my life when I was only seven years old, but she left behind a foundation for me to have a better life than her own. She taught me how to keep myself safe, which really came in handy as I was shuffled from one foster home to the next for eight years after her death. And, of course, there’s the enormous trust fund she left me.

So I guess things could be worse, but it’s hard to imagine how as I lie here on the twin bed in my dorm doing statistics homework on a Saturday evening while my boyfriend is surfing in Florida. Of course, judging by the tone of the conversation we just had, it doesn’t seem like Adam is really enjoying his trip. Just remembering his words and the sound of voice makes my stomach stir.

“I’ll be there in six days. You can congratulate me then.”

His voice was husky with exhaustion and it only made me miss him more. I want to be there with him in Florida. Instead, I’m stuck in my dorm playing catch-up. This is the price I pay for taking a year off from school.

I glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand between my and Senia’s beds. She should be back from hanging out with Eddie in a couple of hours. The site of the stack of photos on the nightstand makes my chest ache.

Chris came over this morning to drop off some pictures of Abigail on his way to the airport. He could have emailed them to me, but he insisted on bringing the actual photos in case I wanted to put them in a frame or an album. That’s bullshit. He’s trying to get under my skin. He wants me to feel comfortable around him again.

When he left, I laid the photos facedown on the nightstand so I wouldn’t feel that longing every time I glance at my alarm clock and see my daughter’s face. But seeing the pictures turned facedown is just as jarring. It fills me with a stinging guilt that I’m certain has become part of my DNA by now.

Against my better judgment, I lift the stack of photos off the nightstand and lie back on my pillow. The first photo is of Abigail—I don’t even know her last name yet—lying on someone’s bed and smiling at something above her; something out of frame. I can’t help but refer to her as Abigail Knight in my mind. She’s a piece of Chris, and one look at her blonde hair and pouty lips and it’s apparent that she’s a piece of me. But neither of those pieces belongs to us.



Claire Nixon is only twenty-one, but her heart has been shattered and put back together more times than she can count. Finding solace in meditation and a change of location, she thought she had buried her painful secret for good.

Then she met the persistent and sexy Adam Parker. Adam’s pursuit of Claire’s heart and her secret nearly destroyed them, but their love was relentless.

With no more secrets between them, Claire and Adam thought they had it all figured out. Though they knew they’d never be whole again, their love had survived the test. Until Claire’s rock star ex-boyfriend, Chris Knight, came back.

Now Chris has promised to mend the final piece of Claire’s broken heart as only he can. With Claire attending college a hundred miles away from Adam and Adam’s busy travel schedule, Chris’s offer looks more and more enticing.


80 Responses to “Teaser Tuesday and ARC Giveaway: Pieces of You (Shattered Hearts #2) by Cassia Leo”

  1. Beccas Books

    I can’t wait for this second book to come out.. i have been waiting for a teaser, anything since i finished the first book.. i love Clair and Adam and hope Chris can just be a friend..

  2. Britney W

    Ohhhh….. I’m so excited! I haven’t read RELENTLESS yet, but it is next on my list! I have it waiting patiently on my kindle since I have some review obligations, but oh I’ve heard such great things and I can’t wait to crack it and follow it up with Pieces of You. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  3. Amy Malek Concepcion

    Thanks for the give away! I would love to not have to wait til May to read this one.

  4. Brittany

    Cant wait for book 2 in the Shattered Hearts series. Claire is such a powerful character.

  5. Karen G.

    I have just purchased Relentless and am looking forward to starting it. I am excited for this series! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. lou gut

    please, please let it be me. loved relentless, can’t wait for this one. thanks

  7. Heather

    I Loved Relentless. Can’t wait to read Shattered. I need to find out how this story ends! Thanks for the opportunity to read this sooner 🙂

  8. Mary Jo Toth

    This is a great tease for the second book. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for hosting a contest.

  9. Laura Mendez

    I Loved Relentless!!!! Shattered can’t get here fast enough. Fingers crossed to win this book early… Bragging rights at saying I read it first 😉

  10. florianne

    Haven’t read the series YET…on my TBR…so I had to skim read thru this teaser…

  11. Lisa A. Quinn-Henke

    I SOOOOO can’t wait! Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks! 🙂

  12. sarah

    Ahh loved relentless and can’t wait for this! Would love an arc copy! Hope she stays with Adam n doesn’t fall back with Chris!

  13. Lexie Mendicino

    Oh man, I can’t wait to read this book! Pins and needles over here!

  14. Tess Maz

    Yay ! I loved Relentless and I can’t wait for book 2. May 17th needs to come faster !

  15. Melissa Candler

    Thanks for the teaser 🙂 Can’t wait for this to come out!!!! Absolutely loved Relentless!

  16. Megan Martinez

    I am just starting Relentless today so I totally skipped over the teaser…. but I am totally excited about it!!!

  17. Tatia White

    I actually just finished Relentless yesterday and LOVED it. Adam helped me get over my Kellan hangover so I can’t wait to read more about his and Claire’s journey.

  18. Kimberly

    I absolutely can not wait for this book!! I just finished Relentless and loved it!

  19. Stacy Clark

    So looking forward to this book. Relentless is a great book, can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

  20. Gaby

    OMG *fans self* I. MUST. HAVE. NOW. I have been waiting to read this book for what seems like forever 🙂
    Hope to win *fingers crossed*

    gaby891 AT YAHOO DOT COM

    • Gaby

      really it’s only been a while that I’ve been waiting for this one since I finished Relentless a few days ago haha

  21. Bayli Lane

    I am waiting not so patiently for this book to come out. Looks so good!!!

    Would love to win 😉

  22. Kristen T

    I literally finished this book 10 minutes ago. And I CANNOT wait for #2! I want more Adam and Claire 🙂

  23. Corinne

    Congrats Cassia with the success of “Relentless” and the upcoming release of “Pieces Of You”…can’t wait!! Thanks for the great teaser and the chance to enter the give-away!!

  24. Fran Swarts

    Ok I didn’t read it. Since I haven’t read the first. But the summaries sound really good.

  25. Roshni

    Absolutely love the first book, so refreshing to read a new series with a brilliant storyline and characters. And what a great teaser.

    I wish book 2 and 3 were released sooner!

  26. Meaghan

    I CANNOT wait for book 2 to come out! I LOVED Relentless, but was left sitting there like, that’s how it’s going to end?! Now, knowing that book 2 will be here soon I can’t wait!

    Hopefully, I can get my hands on an ARC so I don’t have to wait.. I have a thing with instant gratification… need it now!

  27. joanne cowan

    I had to skip down the tease because I’ve just bought relentless and its sitting on my kindle patiently waiting to be read so i tried to avoid spoilers!

  28. Jennifer Noe

    I adored Relentless! You wrote such a beautiful story of learning to live with your choices and making the best of it. I’m definitely anticipation Pieces Of You!!

  29. Shannon

    Loved Relentless. A totally unexpected and original plot line! Very excited to read the next part.

  30. Becky Novelli

    ¤•**´✿Congrats Cassia!!¤•**´✿
    I haven’t read ‘Relentless’ but I have put it in my TBR in Goodreads… I do wish ya much Success with ‘Pieces of You,’ and Thank Ya for the Giveaway… 🙂

    God Bless You and Yours….

  31. Michele Dewell

    Team Chris all the way even with just a little bit of the glimpse we got of him in Relentless.

  32. emy harris

    Ive just finished relentless and it totally moved me in a way that i never expected. I just hope there is a happy ending for Adam and Claire xx

  33. pam proper meikle

    cant wait but i read a few books since i finished relentless i need to screen over it again a have totally forgot what it was about i mean i remember but i need to refresh my memory. but i know it will all be great

  34. Holly Ackoury

    Looking forward to the next book. I love Adam & Claire together! They’re both just so damaged & they fit together perfectly.

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