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Three Day EXCLUSIVE Event and Giveaway with Jackson and Vanessa from Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell

Posted on 29 May, 2013 by in Fun Stuff, Gina Maxwell, Giveaways / 5 comments

Becca the Bibliophile and Shh Moms Reading have teamed up again for a special 3 DAY event with Jackson and Vanessa from Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell.

Day 1 starts with an interview with this gorgeous couple followed by some surprises for Thursday and Friday so enjoy the fun and make sure to enter for some amazing giveaways from Gina!!


Reid Andrews 2

Conversation Key
Christine – response in purple font
Becca – response in green font
Vanessa – response in red font
Jax- response in blue font


As Christine and Becca step off the plane onto the tarmac they are hit with the heat and sunshine of beautiful Hawaii. We are so excited and happy that Vanessa and Jackson agreed to do their interview here so that we could enjoy the beauty of this wonderful Island while also going to our first MMA fight!

Christine turns to Becca and says “Jackson better NOT pull that late pick up with us like how he did with Vanessa!
Becca says “oh he won’t…I’m sure that by now Vanessa has taught him well and he knows better!

As Becca and Christine exit the airport, they are met with Vanessa and Jax holding up a WELCOME TO HAWAII Christine and Becca sign! We can’t wait to meet them and ask our questions and enjoy this wonderful weekend they have invited us to!


C:  Jax so we have to ask – what were you THINKING when you decided to go forward with the whole “Let’s pretend to be Reid and Luce hoax” with Vanessa? Did you really think she would fall for it? Did you feel bad not coming clean?

V: He wasn’t thinking. At least not with his brain.
J: [laughs] Guilty as charged. But can you blame me? She was the exact opposite of what I expected and all that sass and fire intrigued the hell out of me. In the heat of the moment I acted rashly for the chance to spend as much time as I could with her. I think at the time I wanted her to believe the lie so badly I believed it myself until she drove off in the cab. As for feeling bad, yeah, I did. I hated continuing to mislead her like that, but every time I thought of coming clean…well, I choked because I couldn’t handle the possibility of her hating me and never seeing her again.



B: Vanessa what did you feel when you learned the truth?

V: Shock, first and foremost. In only five days I’d convinced myself he was the exception to the rule, no pun intended. So when he admitted that he’d been lying to me all week, despite knowing how strongly I felt about dishonesty, it was like yanking the rug right out from under me. Looking back, I don’t think I would have reacted so strongly had I not just gotten the terrible news about my sister. The lie in itself wasn’t really all that bad, and in a way it could almost be considered—
J: Romantic, sweet, charming.
V: [arching a brow in his direction] I was going to say flattering.
J: Ah, yes, that too. [winks and smiles]
V: [rolls eyes while trying not to grin and turns back to Becca and Christine] But, as I was saying, my emotions were already running high when I found out and things just escalated quickly from there.


C: Vanessa why did you propose the fling for 3 days? Did you ever in your wildest dreams think it could potentially last for more?

V: At the time I told myself that if I wanted to have a sexy fling in Hawaii then it would have to be with Jackson, but in reality I could’ve just waited until the next week and hooked up with anyone I wanted. [Jax narrows his eyes and growls. Vanessa absently grabs his hand and squeezes instantly calming his animal reaction.] The truth of the matter was I couldn’t fight the chemistry we had and I was tired of trying, so I gave in. But I never thought it would go past the three days. I thought we’d have a good time getting it out of our system and part ways at the end of the week.


B: Why live such a structured life with these rules?

V: The idea was that the rules would prevent me from falling into the patterns of my mother and the way I was raised. In the end, Jackson helped me to realize that I used them more as a way to protect myself from ever taking chances or getting hurt.


C: Jax did you think you could break Vanessa of her rules? And Vanessa did you think that you could resist Jax?

J: I can actually answer both of those. Yes, I did. And, no, she didn’t.
V: [elbows him in the ribs as he laughs] Wiseass. I resisted you plenty, if you remember correctly, and it drove you crazy.
J: That it did. Seriously, though, it wasn’t a question of whether I could get her to break them, but whether I could do it in the short time I had with her.


B: Jax – With the number of girls you have been with, why was Vanessa different for you?

J: Vanessa didn’t put up with any of my bullshit. None of my usual tricks or charm worked on her. Like she said, in the beginning she resisted every move I made. But instead of taking the hint and backing off, it only made me go after her harder. I love a good challenge.
V: You love a good fight.
J: [shrugs with a wicked grin] Same difference.


C: Vanessa now knowing your background and history – how do you feel being with a guy who uses his hands to fight?

V: I love Jackson for who he is, not for what he does. It took me a little while to realize it, but just because he gets in a cage and fights for a living doesn’t mean he’s a violent person. He’s really just a big teddy bear.
J: Hey.
V: Oh, sorry, babe. A teddy bear with a rock-hard body and killer good looks.
J: Better.
V: And a fragile ego.


B: Vanessa what was the most romantic thing that Jax did for you while you were getting to know each other?

V: He took care of things. I’d always been such a control freak in life and having him show me that it was okay to let someone else handle things once in a while was so refreshing. From planning spontaneous picnics to ordering supplies for a certain drinking game, and even taking care of my hand when I busted it over some jerk’s nose. It all melted my heart.


C: Can you tell us how he proposed?

V: He took me back to his self-proclaimed Maris Falls and while kissing me under the waterfall told me to marry him. I made him give me a few good reasons I should before agreeing. [smiles] I enjoyed making him argue his case.
J: Which she was properly punished for later. [Vanessa’s cheeks flush with color.]


B: Once you get married, how will you decide where to live with Jax’s training in Hawaii and Vanessa’s job in Nevada?

J: I don’t have to stay in Hawaii year-round. I can live stateside for the majority of the year and, if I want to still train with Team Titan for a specific fight, go down there for the two months or so before the event.
V: Which is fine with me because when he’s in training camp mode for a fight, he’s barely human.


C: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
V: Hopefully in a District Attorney position and still cheering for my husband on the side of the octagon as he continues to realize his dream of being a champion MMA fighter.
J: What she said…plus a few babies.
V: [stares at him in shock] Babies?
J: [gives her a sexy half-grin] Yeah. Babies. I want a couple of red-headed girls who’ll grow up beautiful like their mom. And a boy I can teach to fight so he can keep all the guys away from his sisters. You got a problem with that, papule wahine?
V: [smiles wide, eyes mist over] Not at all. But I plan on teaching our girls how to keep the guys away all on their own.
J: [laughing and pulling her into a hug] I’d expect nothing less.

Becca: Wow!  What an amazing couple!

Christine: I couldn’t agree more….sighhhhh….

Stay tuned for Day 2 for more of Jax and Vanessa tomorrow!

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  1. Joy Sadowski

    I love post book interviews!! Jax & V are an awesome couple! Thanks for the give away. And thanks Gina for giving us this such a beautiful couple!

  2. Sheila Schwartz

    What a terrific interview!!! Reading this interview has PUSHED me into purchasing this book!! What a great couple!!

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