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Waiting on Wednesday: Damaging Me (Savor Us #2) by Emily Snow

Posted on 1 October, 2014 by in Book Spotlight, Emily Snow / 4 comments

Waiting on Wednesday: Damaging Me (Savor Us #2) by Emily Snow

Waiting on Wednesday: Damaging Me (Savor Us #2) by Emily SnowDamaging Me by Emily Snow






From the childhood foster homes he was bounced around to, the one love he lost and hordes of nameless groupies, even his own bandmates—Your Toxic Sequel’s drummer, Sinjin Fields, has been called it all. That doesn't include the names he calls himself. He knows he’s an addict—knows he’s damaged goods. He doesn’t care, though; drowning out the world numbs him. And for Sin, that’s the closest he'll get to happiness.


When a drug-fueled confrontation nearly costs him his closest friend and bandmate, Sinjin is faced with no other choice but to confront each screwed-up facet of who he is and how he got there. What he never expected to encounter was Zoe—an over-achieving, fresh-faced violin prodigy who can’t seem to stay away from him. Not that Sinjin wants her to. She reminds him of the undamaged part of himself. Makes him feel emotions he didn’t know he could feel.






And Sinjin will battle every demon haunting him so he doesn’t have to let that go.




* This book contains adult content and language.

**Although this book features characters from the DEVOURED series and SAVOR YOU, it is a standalone and can be read without reading the other books.


ExcerptMy head reeled at what I was positive Sinjin had just said, and I turned slowly, my heart hammering within my chest. He hadn’t moved from the drum set, but he’d set his sticks down. Giving me a confident grin that belied how drunk he was, he leaned back, silently issuing me a challenge.

“What did you just say to me?” I ground out between my teeth.

“You heard exactly what I said, but if you want me to recap—you’re scared of me. And you’re full of shit if you deny it.” Grabbing his sticks from the amplifier, he pounded them against the drums, each beat a pain in my chest. A fire in my lungs. A new reason to think of nothing but Sinjin Fields.

The man was talented.

Talented and beautiful and frustrating with a capital F.

And by the time he decided to look up, raking his forest green eyes over my body like my modest dress was nothing but a sheer scrap of fabric, I was practically trembling in his doorway.

“Your move, Whitlow,” Sin’s beautiful lips accentuated each word deliberately.

My move, indeed.

Wishing I had some of his liquid courage, I stalked across the room, closing the space between us. He watched me carefully, but his expression never changed. And dammit, I wanted that from Sin. I wanted real emotion.

God, I was starting to sound like my father.

“You look determined,” he said.

“I am.” Plucking the wooden sticks out of his hands, I flung them behind me. “And I’m also not scared of you. Not even a little.”

“Oh, Zoe,” he breathed almost sadly. “You’re still so full of—”

Racing my hands through his black hair, I jerked his face close to mine. The clean scent of soap drifted from his skin, and from where I stood, I could hear the even rush of his breathing. I didn’t realize my lips were trembling until he reached up and circled the center of my mouth slowly with his thumb.

“I’m not scared,” I repeated, and this time he laughed.

“Then get naked. Right here. Right now. Get naked, and show me just how fucking brave you are.”



All Over You



Savor You

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About Emily Snow

Emily Snow is The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Devoured series, Tidal, Wrecked, and Uncovered. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about naughty rockers. Visit her on Facebook, on her blog at, or chat with her on Twitter @emilysnowbks for news, teasers, and contests.

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  1. Staci Pope

    I have been waiting on this book for so long. I am definitely pre-ordering it.

    • momsread

      Unfortunately there is no info on Emily’s page on when this will come out – so sorry we don’t have more info

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