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Empire Exclusive, Review & Giveaway by Rachel Van Dyken

Posted on 24 May, 2016 by in Book Blast, Book Spotlight, Giveaways, Rachel Van Dyken, Review / 65 comments

Empire Exclusive, Review & Giveaway by Rachel Van DykenEmpire by Rachel Van Dyken
on May 31, 2016
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I have lost everything.
My purpose
My love
My soul
Death knocks on my door, I want to answer, but every time I reach for the handle -- the promise I made her brings me back.
So I breathe.
I live.
I hate.
And I allow the anger to boil beneath the surface of a perfectly indifferent facade. I am broken, I don't want to be fixed.
But the Empire is crumbling and it's my job to fix it.
My job to mend the pieces that were scattered over thirty years ago.
A trip to New York, only one chance to redeem a lost part of our mafia family.
The only issue is, the only way to fix it, is to do something I swore I'd never do again.
An arranged marriage.
Only this time,
I won't fall.
Or so help me God, I will kill her myself.
My name is Sergio Abandonoto, you think you know my pain, my suffering, my anger, my hate?
You have no idea.
I am the mafia.
I am the darkness.
Blood in. No out.

EMPIRE releases on May 31st – you can get the first book in Sergio’s story ELUDE now on SALE for a limited time. Enjoy an exclusive excerpt from EMPIRE and read my spoiler free review for a book that is Rachel Van Dyken’s BEST YET from this series. Giveaway below for a chance to win signed copies of Elude and Empire. Good luck!


Ok guys! Guys!!! Listen up!

This book isn’t releasing until next week so I can’t spoil anything about Empire. But I will say this….THIS.BOOK. OMG this book!!! Empire is my FAVORITE in the series to date. Not only do we get to see everyone living their lives, progressing in life and maturing (and let’s not forget the moments that make us laugh and smile) but Rachel manages to pack in the emotion, intensity, heat, humor and the seriousness of the mafia world and Eagle Elite characters we have come to know and love.

And for me who didn’t love Sergio all that much before…well this book made me fall in love with him THE MOST. He is my absolute favorite #SergioIsMine

Please note that you must have read Elude first to fully enjoy Empire.

Empire is a slow build romance. I promise you that it will gut you and you will cry, so have tissues ready. You as a reader will experience Sergio’s internal battles, his reluctance, his fears of forgetting his wife. But the good thing about this book was that there was never anyone wanting to take Andi’s place. Sergio just has to learn that there is room in his heart to love again and it is his time to find his happy.

This broken man has been hurt so many times on his life’s journey – are you ready for him to hopefully find his happily ever after???

Rachel did the unthinkable in Elude and made me fall in love HARD with Sergio. Empire broke my heart and built it back up again. No one deserves a happy more than Sergio and Rachel has outdone herself again by giving us a riveting book full of meaning, destiny, and finding true happiness. Empire is raw and real and completely breathtaking. A beautiful story about a broken man and his second chance at a love he never thought he was worthy of. Another top fave of 2016!

Enjoy a sneak peek into the book below and one click this book. This is a #MustRead for #EagleElite fans!!


He nodded. “Gotta admit, I had a really scary speech for you, it was pretty heartless, cruel, the type that makes grown men cry.”

“Lucky  me.”

“I can’t do it,” he admitted in a stunned voice. “Maybe it’s the dimple.”

Heat washed over my face as I reached up and touched one of my cheeks.

“One day…” He sighed. “You’ll find someone who makes you blush just like that, someone who’s just like the guys you read about in books, you’ll find a man worth fighting for.” He shook his head slowly. ”That man…isn’t me.”

His words stung, and I had no idea why. We were strangers, but rejection is rejection.

“Please don’t try.” He swallowed and looked down at his hands. “Don’t try to get me to fall for you. Don’t try to get me to fall in love with you. No seduction, no angry tears when I don’t kiss you goodnight—I can’t…I just…” His voice trembled. “Promise me you won’t ask for something I won’t ever be able to give you.”

My body was suddenly so heavy—tired. And I’d discovered in the past few days it was possible to FEEL anger in your bones, to feel it wash over you, right along with rejection. I hated it. “You said please.”

“I’m working on my bedside manner.”

“It shows.”

He smiled.

I cleared my throat and glanced down at my hands as I twisted them in my lap. They were clammy. Then again, he made me nervous. Just being around Sergio was like jumping head first into dark water—it was terrifying, yet at the same time still refreshing. “Is it because of me?”

Sergio exhaled a curse as his body tensed next to mine. Our thighs brushed, and I shivered. “No.”

“That’s very…reassuring, please go on and on about my many attributes.” I said dryly.

He laughed again. “Are you always this sarcastic?”

“Yes.” I nodded seriously. “I’m extremely sarcastic in my head.”

“You’re fine.”

The comment stung.

“And,” he continued, licking his lips, “I’m sure you could make any man happy…”

“Is that why you never look at me?” I asked. “You’re not very convincing, because right now I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West minus the magic.”

He didn’t move, but he clenched his jaw, and the muscle twitched as if he was grinding his teeth together. Slowly, he turned toward me, his blue eyes finally locking on mine.

The look he gave me was too much.

And yet not enough.

He didn’t look through me the way other people did.

It was as if, with one simple look, he was able to strip me down to the raw reality of who I was.

To make eye contact with Sergio Abandonato was to know both pain and beauty simultaneously.

I was afraid to speak.

The moment was tense.

Finally, he reached out and cupped my face with both of his hands, then leaned in and kissed my forehead. “You’re very pretty.”

“And here I thought you were going to say young again.” My voice shook, I couldn’t help it. He was still touching me.

With a sad smile, he dropped his hands to his sides and stood. “I’d never forgive myself if I allowed you to believe that you were the issue…I’d rather kill someone at pointblank range then be the one to make a girl feel insecure about her own beauty.”

Was he real?

What guy was concerned about that?

Only perfectly haunted ones who wanted nothing to do with me. Fantastic.

Sergio stood, thrusting his hands in his pockets.

“What was the other speech?” I asked once he reached the door.

Without turning he said, “Try to kiss me, and I won’t hesitate to kill you. Ask me for my love, and I’ll do us both a favor and make your death look like an accident.”

I burst out laughing.

He didn’t.

“You’re being dramatic right?”

He left.

“Right?” I called after him.

Chilled, I rubbed my arms and then marched over to the door and closed it. I eyed the lock for maybe four seconds before turning it.


***Get the beginning of Sergio’s story in Elude on sale now.***

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Book .5 – Enchant

Book 1 – Elite

Book 1.5 – Enforce

Book 2 – Elect

Book 3 – Entice

Book 4 – Elicit

Book 5 – Ember

Book 6 – Elude

Book 7 – Empire



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About Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at

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    Empire is Coming May 31st #ExclusiveAndGiveaway #‎Sergio‬ ‪#‎HeWontFall #TheEagleEliteSeries‬ @RachVD @shhmomsreading

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    Rachel does not disappoint with the most recent addition to the Eagle Elite family. It will move you just as much as Elude and get you ready for the next one too! 5 bullet holes (known as stars)

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