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Holiday Extravaganza and Giveaway Day 3: Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan

Posted on 18 December, 2013 by in Fun Stuff, Giveaways, Harper Sloan / 26 comments

harper xmas
Day 3 of our holiday extravaganza celebrating not only our 1 year anniversary but this special time of year with our families and friends is an EXCLUSIVE scene from the CORPS SECURITY SERIES by Harper Sloan!

Multiple chances to win giveaways below including a special giveaway from Harper below! Good luck!

What a year. We’ve been through so much in the last twelve months that it’s almost hard to believe. Our group of friends have been tried in ways that still hurt to think about, but sitting here with my boys never fails to bring a smile to my face.
I count my blessings daily that I have this amazing life.
It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our first Christmas together. Our first Christmas will forever be one of my most treasured memories. That’s not only the Christmas that I got engaged to the man that’s held my heart since I was a teenager, but it’s also the Christmas that I told him he would be a father.
You never forget the moment you tell the man you love that you created a child with him. A perfect little baby that was created with more love than I ever thought would be possible.
Oh yes, Christmas in the Reid household seems to be a time when miracles come true.
This year, sitting here in a pile of torn off wrapping paper, bows smashed into submission and a toddler doing his damnedest to destroy anything standing between him and his new toys, is no exception. I snuggle my body back against my husband’s warm chest and smile. Life is about to get even more blessed.
“Nate, baby, come to mama and let’s open one more present?” I smile when his adorable face turns my way and with a big smile he comes right over, throwing his chubby little arms around both of us the best he can. I can feel Axel laughing against my back, the sound of his laugh causing my body to warm instantly.
“Iz, don’t you think buying the whole toy department is enough for him?” He’s laughing but I know looking around the living room his assessment isn’t too far off. I went a little overboard for our little guy. Okay, I went WAY overboard. Nate got bored after the second present when the box was more fun than the little toddler style tool bench was. There were easily another twenty boxes under the tree and the majority of those are for Nate.
Laughing, I crawl off Axel’s lap. After giving Nate a big, loud kiss, I place him down on his daddy’s lap and walk over to the tree. My mind on the one present I know is pushed in the back corner so I would be able to tell it apart from the others. I smile when I hear Axel groan and wiggle my butt a little more than needed while I reach for the box.
“You’re so predictable, Axel Reid.” I laugh, walking back to the couch and sitting cross-legged next to my boys. Axel shifts Nate in his lap so that they are both facing me, smiling widely I hand the box to Axel. He just shakes his head at my fake innocence. It’s been a joke since our first Christmas to try and one-up each other. He thinks he won this year when he gave me a simple charm bracelet. He did win points for making me cry happy tears though. His exact words were, ‘something to fill up with memories, Princess. I can’t wait to fill this up with every single moment that makes our life beautiful. It’s just got the Christmas tree for now since this is the first memory we’re making with this one. Love you, Izzy.’
Yeah, my badass, alpha male husband can be a complete sap when he wants to be. If I didn’t have this trump card there is no doubt in my mind that he would have won this year.
“All right, Nate, let’s open this one and we can get back to playing with this mountain of paper!” He smiles at me, completely clueless to what I’m trying to get him to do. He just smiles at me with his father’s smile and giggles before tearing into the paper. Axel helps him pull the lid off and move the tissue paper out of the way. Clearly when he sees that it isn’t a shiny and loud toy, his interest is done. Throwing the box on the floor before climbing down from Axel’s lap and walking back over to his mess on the floor.
Axel laughs at my frown, which just earns him a nice scowl. “Oh come on, Iz. You can’t expect him to be excited about a damn shirt when he has all that going on right now.” He chuckles to himself, bending down and scooping the shirt off the ground. I watch with my breath held hoping that he looks at the words printed on the front before he puts it to the side.
It really is comical to watch my normally composed husband’s emotions play out. He goes from laughing to confused and confused to shocked before his jaw drops and he turns to me with a rush exhale.
“Is this… does this… Iz?” Yeah, my man gets it.
I just nod my head, the tears already falling from my eyes, and wait for him to finish figuring this out in his head. He’s clutching the fabric in his large hand and just looking at me. I know it’s a shock, we only discussed starting to try for another baby a month ago and just like that, we’re pregnant.
“A baby? You’re having my baby?” Chills race up my spine when a rush of deja vu tickles up my spine. Those are the exact words he said to me when I told him I was pregnant with Nate.
“BABY!” Nate screams from his spot on the floor, bobbing his little head and waving his arms in the air. “Bayyybeee. Baby. Mama!”
I smile through my tears at my beautiful boy, “Yes, baby boy. We’re going to have another baby soon!” Nate giggles before returning to his mess, mumbling baby over and over to his paper.
I look over at Axel to see that the shock has completely left his face and the love and happiness I’m used to seeing on him is front and center.
“You’re giving me another baby?”
“I’m giving you another baby.” I confirm, my smile growing with every passing second.
“My baby is in there?” He grazes his warm palm against my stomach and I nod my head. “God…” He doesn’t waste a second before pulling me into his arms and kissing me with a soul possessing kiss.
“You win, but I get dibs on this victory since my boys made this possible.” He laughs, pulling me into his arms and resting one large hand across my flat abdomen. “Yeah, I completely win too.” He whispers against my temple before placing one small kiss against my skin and hugging me tighter.
I couldn’t agree with him more.
We both won.
We spend the rest of the day locked inside our home, the phones off and the fire burning. Just me, my husband and the perfect little products of our love. One playing until he crashed and the other one safe in my belly.

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Series Reading Order
Book 1 – Axel

Book 2 – Cage

Book 3 – Coming December 30th – Beck

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  1. theresa potter

    You need not do anything more everything you do is fantastic. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!

  2. Donna Reynolds

    What an awesome giveaway I would love to win the books the most Thank you for such a great chance Happy Holidays. <3

  3. Judith Lattin

    You are doing a fantastic job, love what you give us to enjoy!!! Keep up the great work and Happy Holidays!! 🙂

  4. Rita Luken

    love the bonus scene and great giveaway. I loved Axel and Cage. Looking forward to Beck

  5. Debbie Price

    I would like to see more angsty romances with happily ever afters (and less cliffhangers. Thank you!

  6. louise Iwanenko

    Wow firstly thank you for these amazeballs giveaways. Kid love to see more bonus scenes and interviews with characters. You guys rock

  7. jamie B.

    Thank you for a chance in the givraway and a wonderful place for all book info you give us.

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