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Review: Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

Posted on 17 July, 2015 by in Review, Sharla Lovelace / 2 comments

Review: Don’t Let Go by Sharla LovelaceDon't Let Go by Sharla Lovelace
on June 30, 2015
Pages: 352
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Noah Ryan and Jules Doucette had spent every moment of their lives together, first as childhood best friends and later as young lovers. The two had their future all planned out—until one unspeakable decision tore them apart.

Twenty-six years later, Jules is living her life by someone else’s plan. She’s running her mother’s store, living in her mother’s house, following her mother’s rules, and keeping the secrets her mother made her bury.

Then Noah comes home, and any sense of order and structure flies out the window. Noah’s return does more than just stir up old memories—it also forces Jules to see her life in a whole new way and uncover secrets even she didn’t know were hidden. But can the power of first love triumph over years of pain and lies?

Revised edition: This edition of Don't Let Go includes editorial revisions.

Second chance love stories are my absolute FAVORITE! There is something so special that pulls at my heart reading these types of stories, hoping and praying that the love you felt for someone is still there even after so many years have passed, even when there are obstacles in the way – that true love will never ever end when it is the soul mate forever kind of love.

I have been dying to read Don’t Let Go forever…it has been sitting on my TBR for the longest time and when I saw that there was an updated version with an epilogue, I jumped right in because I needed something epic…..and boy did I get it!

I don’t know how I would react if 26 years had passed and I came face to face with my first love..the love that got away and was never forgotten. To be honest, I am not even sure if I would be brave enough to deal with that at 43 years old.  I adored Jules Doucette from the get go. Being in her shoes and experiencing her first love and loss with Noah Ryan was so painful, so unforgettable that it broke my heart completely. You see there was much more to this scenario than I want to say because I truly feel that you need to read this book and experience it for yourselves…even thinking about it days later after reading this book brings me to tears. Let’s just say that besides love lost, there were also choices made that resulted in complete and utter heartbreak and regret. *cue sobs*

And now Noah is back….with a newly pregnant fiance and Jules world is completely turned over, her heart feeling things that she thought no longer existed, the memories and hurt feelings all resurrected.

I have to say that I LOVED the push and pull between these characters because it all felt so true to not only the characters created but to the story line and what I can imagine someone would feel if they had the chance to do it all over again. The emotions, the feels, the heart palpitations I felt reading this story was all encompassing and addictive and I devoured this book because I just couldn’t stop reading. Yes this book brought me to tears but I also found myself laughing and smiling at times too.

Noah and Jules go through a lot over the course of this book but its ultimately the possibility of forgiveness and hope that love will win that makes Don’t Let Go complete and utter PERFECTION.

I have become a hard to please reader of late but this book brought a smile to my face and filled my heart with love that I wanted to shout it out loud and do a happy dance because I was so completely happy. For readers, looking for their next EPIC LOVE, pick up this book – you will never ever forget it <3

I look forward to reading more books by Sharla Lovelace – she is a new favorite for me!


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About Sharla Lovelace

Sharla Lovelace is the bestselling, award-winning author of sexy small-town love stories. Being a Texas girl through and through, she’s proud to say she lives in Southeast Texas with her retired husband, a tricked-out golf cart, and a mutt puppy with ADHD. She is the author of The Reason Is You, Before and Ever Since, Just One Day, Don’t Let Go, and Stay with Me. For more about Sharla’s books, visit, and keep up with all her new book releases easily by subscribing to her newsletter at

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    • momsread

      Megan – this is a must read! you know I have been a book slump for a bit so reading this one really made me happy!!!! <3

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